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First Half of the Year is a Challenge!

Interesting, but challenging! In fact, I had reviewed a lot of Episodes in some Anime shows that I had watched! So then, what are those Anime shows that I had watched, whether introductory or seasonal, this half of the year?

NOTE: All Anime shows shown below are the ones that I had watched around the date range, as seen from the post title. All, except Digimon Ghost Game, are listed around the date range.

Anime Shows Watched and Reviewed Within the Date Range

Here it goes! Here are some of the Anime shows that I had watched for the past six months, this year 2022!

Series Info | Episode Reviews

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.1/5)

Shido Itsuka can really inherit the powers of the Spirits that he has kissed and sealed powers with. He has met with some new powerful Spirits there, which would include Nia and Mukuro. Along the way, he meets the Nightmare Spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki, again. This time, Shido is really understanding that Kurumi is time-travelling in some different parts of the timeline, just in order to save Shido from dying.

And so, the fourth season has ended with a cliffhanger, with many problems unresolved. A fifth season (DATE A LIVE V) has been announced for production, and announcement for release shall be revealed at a later future.

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club SEASON TWO
Series Info | Episode Reviews

My Rating: GOOD (3.9/5)

Their next term has started, after the events and happenings where their first-ever School Idol Festival event has become a successful one. Yu Takasaki is busy with her ambition to enter a music course, where she is taking her musical exam.

While Ayumu and others are almost having trouble with the promotion of their next School Idol Festival event, here comes this girl, who believed to be visiting the Nijigasaki High School open campus because she is interested in School Idols. And so, she steps into the stage, and she has shown everything that most girls are impressed about. Her name is? Lanzhu Zhong can be a solo School Idol with some impressive talent in singing and dancing!

And so, others like her, Mia Taylor and Shioriko Mifune, have joined because bonds have put them together. Will their joint forces will actually make people be inspired, and to follow their own dreams? Not only their live show can really touch the hearts of people in Japan, but in other parts of the Earth.

Extreme Hearts
Series Info | Episode Reviews

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Hiyori Hayama got terminated from her talent agency, due to her poor performance and sales of her own media. And then, her agency told her via mail message that they are offering her to join a sporting game competition, called as the Extreme Hearts. Extreme Hearts is a sporting game event, where most people who joined and played are idols and artists, or anyone who appeared to be as aspirants. And the winning team shall be having their chance to debut as idols or artists, and as well as to perform their awesome live performance!

I like Hiyori doing her own best to become an idol with fame, rising from nothing. And so, with the help of her friends and rivals, Hiyori was able to rise up, and to grab those dreams that she wanted to have! Of course, she needs to traverse anything in order to get an triumphant victory!

LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO
Series Info | Episode Reviews

My Rating: ABOVE AVERAGE (4.3/5)

After witnessing their defeat in the LoveLive! Regional Finals, the Liella! group, led by Kanon Shibuya, are aiming for their win in the next LoveLive! Finals, within their next school year.

And then, there is this girl, named as Kinako Sakurakoji, who got lost in making to the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School until she finds it. And so, she found out that it was the school where the Liella! group is in. And so, when she went upstairs to the rooftop, she meets with these girls.

And so, the other girls have finally joined later the Team Liella! to be a part of the group. These girls wanted to reach for Kanon and the other four girls (Who were now second years) and to be at the same level as them. At the same time, they wanted to help these girls to win on their next LoveLive! competition.

FUUTO PI (Fuuto Tantei)
Series Info | Episode Reviews

My Rating: GOOD (4.0/5)

Based from the Manga Series, which appeared as the direct sequel to Kamen Rider W, Shotaro and Philip continues to solve the irregular mysteries and investigation cases that are only happening around the city of Fuuto.

One night, Shotaro has met this mysterious girl, named as Tokime. She is believed to be a runaway target (also she handles a mysterious broken Gaia Memory) by those hostile Dopants, who were revealed as the remaining remnants of the Gaia Memory users, from the fallen organization known as the Museum. And so, Shotaro and Philip, and the members of the Narumi Detective Agency are continuing to bust up the criminals who were bent in threatening the city’s peace and harmony.

But then, there is this new group of enemies who were residing into the shadows that lie within the cities of Fuuto. That mysterious parallel city is called as the Another Fuuto, where more hostile Dopants, which were led by a man named as Yukiji Bando are there. And so, an another major case is about to be solved by the hands of Shotaro and Philip themselves.

And so, these are the only Anime shows that I had watched so far in the half of the year 2022! I guess these are very good to watch, as usual.

But then, I know that there are still more good Anime shows that I had missed that time. Maybe because not only I ain’t interested to watch it, but because of my lack of time watching them all, perhaps?

Maybe next time, I could even watch more. And then, let me share some of my Episode Reviews of them — what are my own thoughts and words from these shows! Also, not just I give them some reviews and impression, but to learn something out from them!

And this ends my reporting!

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