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Two Guys in One Detective

Fuuto PI (ふう探偵たんてい / Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the sequel manga of the hit TV Tokusatsu Series, Kamen Rider W. It was created by Riku Sanjo, and illustrated by Masaki Sato, on the Manga part, and was published under Weekly Big Comic Spirits, a Shogakukan label. The TV Anime was animated by Studio KAI, and its first Episode was aired and streamed (also on overseas) since August 1, 2022.

Series Info
©2022 FUUTO PI Partners
TitleFuuto PI / Fuuto Tantei
GenreAction, Mystery, Detective
Creator(s)Shotaro Ishinomori (Original Creator & Concept)
Riku Sanjo (Story), Masaki Sato (Art)
Based FromKamen Rider W by Shotaro Ishinomori (Ishimori Productions) and Toei Company Ltd.
DirectorYousuke Kabashima
MusicKotaro Nakagawa
Shuhei Naruse
Animation StudioStudio KAI
Original Airing (First Episode)August 1, 2022
Official Websitehttps://www.kamen-rider-official.com/fuuto/

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When Shotaro and Philip has finally solved the difficult investigation case, as well as defeating their powerful enemy from the original Kamen Rider W TV Series, what else is going to happen next in the story when it continues to move forward into the new direction?

This is basically on what in this Anime series is about, when the story of the Private Investigators of the Narumi Detective Agency, Shotaro and Philip, continues — What’s going to happen next, and what is their new investigation case.

Shotaro Hidari, one day, has met this mysterious woman somewhere as he is bystanding on the harbor. Lately, this woman is causing some incidents to other people, such as stealing some money from men, while stealing clothes from the other women.

And now, Shotaro, along with his sidekick partner, Philip, is now back to do some investigation of this all-new incident, in which they shall be happening around in the windy city of Fuuto.

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Episodes List and Reviews
1Beware of t / The Man Who Loved a Witch
2Beware of t / The Culprit is Already There
3Beware of t / The Masked Guardian
4The Worst m / Wings That Called Death
5The Worst m / The Informer
6The Worst m / White Fang
7Closed k / The Deserted Duo
8Closed k / Chained Malice
9Closed k / The Extreme (Ultimate) Twos of One
10Superhuman r / A Passport to the Other Fuuto
11Superhuman r / Searching for Connections
12Superhuman r / The Ending… And Then
Episodes Review Archive can be found here in this link.

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Shotaro Hidari / Kamen Rider WYoshimasa Hosoya
Philip / Kamen Rider WKouki Uchiyama
Akiko NarumiMikako Komatsu
TokimeAkira Sekine
Ryu Terui / Kamen Rider AccelMakoto Furukawa
Yukiji Bando / Aurora DopantDaisuke Ono

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