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Based from the original light novel series by Koushi Tachibana, and illustrated by Tsunako, Date A Live is a Japanese animation series which came around in year 2013. Animation has been done by several animation studios per season, this Anime series has been spanned for at least 5 seasons, lasting for at least 12 Episodes each season.

Also, concurrent movies and other OVA Gaidens were produced in this Anime, which were not included or documented somehow in this info page.

Series Info
©2023 Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “DATE A LIVE V” Partners
GenreAction, Harem, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Creator(s)Koushi Tachibana (Story)
Tsunako (Art / Character Design)
Based From“DATE A LIVE” Light Novel Series
Published Under KADOKAWA
DirectorKeitaro Motonaga (Seasons 1 to 3)
Jun Nakagawa (4th Arc)
MusicGo Sakabe
Animation StudioAIC Plus+ (Anime International Company)
Production IMS (SEASON TWO)
J.C. Staff (Third Season)
GEEKTOYS (4th and 5th)
Original Airing Date (First Episode)April 6, 2013 (First Season)
April 12, 2014 (Date A Live II)
January 11, 2019 (Date A Live III)
April 8, 2022 (Date A Live IV)
April 10, 2024 (Date A Live V)
Episodes12 (First Season)
10 (Date A Live II)
12 (Date A Live III)
12 (Date A Live IV)
TBR (Date A Live V)
Official Website

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Many years ago, a spatial quake has been occurring intermittently over the parts of Eurasian continent. Because of this, a lot of people had been devastatingly died. This was caused by wandering beings, called “Spirits”, who trigger this such phenomenon. A man named Shido Itsuka is having this strange ability where he can actually see and go closer to these Spirits. This is where he met the mysterious Spirit, and she was named as Tohka Yatogami. Later on, a lot of Spirits have been appeared from this time on, and Shido must need to “date” these Spirits in order to seal their powers by just kissing them on the lips. He was being assisted by the organization or group, called the Ratatoskr, in finding and to suppress the Spirits who were trying to run amok — where only Shido can able to stop them.

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Episodes List and Reviews

Here is the list of Episodes, and Episode Reviews that can be encountered in this Anime (Does not include OVAs and other concurrent movies).

Episode Reviews for Seasons 1 until 3 are not available.

Season 1 (Date A Live)
1April 10
2Close Re-encounter
3A Sword That Splits the Sky
4The Unhappy Rain
5The Freezing Ground
6The Hot Springs of Love
7The Visitors
8Triple Frenzy
9A Raging Nightmare
10The Spirit of Ifrit
12A Thing That Can’t Be Given Up
1Daily Life
2The Child of the Storm
3Two Wishes
6Girls Music
7The Army Destroyer Gabriel
8A Promise to Keep
9The Truth About Miku
3rd Season (Date A Live III)
1The Seventh Spirit
2Can You Find Me?
3You Are Natsumi
5Despair Crashes Down
6The Divided Paths
7A Brought Power
8The Demon King of Descending Darkness
9Five Years Ago, in Tengu City
10Another World, Another Girl
11The Angel of the Starry Night
12Make Shido Itsuka Swoon
The 4th Arc (Date A Live IV)
1Don’t Panic. It’s a Spirit’s TrapA Spirit Mangaka
2So Be It!, 2D It Is!Let’s Make a Doujinshi Manga!
3What’s Yours is MineThe Absolute Inversion
4The Spirit from SpaceLocked Heart
5Fairy TaleA Story Book of Imaginations
6Unlocked HeartUnlocked Heart
7Locked MemoriesParallel Existence
8Key and SwordFriends And Myself Indeed Love You
9The Nightmare’s SeductionTo Pat a Stray Cat
10The Maiden’s TimeGirls and Chocolate
11Crimes of the Past DaysKurumi Insurrection
12The Cycle of SalvationCheckpoint
1The First Signal of War
2The Final Rest
3The Spirit’s Resurrection
4The Spirit of Origin
5The Mother Zero
6The Three Wizards
7The World Tree Falls
Episode Review posts archive here.

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Shido ItsukaNobunaga Shimazaki
Tohka YatogamiMarina Inoue
Origami TobiichiMisuzu Togashi
Kotori ItsukaAyana Taketatsu
YoshinoIori Nomizu
Kurumi TokisakiAsami Sanada
Kaguya Yamai (2)Maaya Uchida
Yuzuru Yamai (2)Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Miku Izayoi (2)Minori Chihara
Natsumi (3)Ayumi Mano
Nia Honjo (4)Hitomi Nabatame
Mukuro Hoshimiya (4)Akari Kageyama
Numbers indicated next to some characters are relative to the Anime’s Season to when they had appeared (i.e. 2 is Date A Live II, 3 is Date A Live III, and so on).

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