Inori-D Station Comments Policy

Effective on January 21, 2019 UTC+08 onwards

Reading, writing, and sharing are the ways to enjoy my topics. For the comments policy, please read carefully before posting a comment to my blog posts.

Comment Posting and Moderation

Upon completing the required fields (like e-mail and name), the visitor can comment my blog post. However, for every comment form in a blog post, a visitor is also required to solve the captcha given. My website is protected and powered by Google reCAPTCHA to keep out comments that contain spam, most likely visitors who were likely bots.

When the visitor (you) has successfully posted a comment, it will not immediately appear in my blog post. Instead, your posted comment shall be held in moderation or in ‘pending’ status. My approval of your comments will take at least 1-3 days, depending on my availability. Also, there are instances that I might not approve your posted comments on time, depending on the nature and the structure of your words or sentences. Please read the next paragraph for more.

Commenting Rules: Do’s and Do Not’s

Keep your comments/discussions simple and minimal. Do not create a comment or discussion which will flame or trigger others.

In commenting, you should:

  1. Create an encouraging comment which will give others an idea, inspiration, or suggestion.
  2. Keep your sentences in your comment simple and minimal (more of a summary than the actual).
  3. Comment in ENGLISH language only. If commenting in your own language, please include your translation in English below in your comment.
  4. Avoid posting comments in upper or capital letters. It depends on how would you use them. Because commenting in upper/capital letters is considered as ‘shouting’ in the Internet world. There is a 50-50 chance that your comment will not be approved if you go in uppercase/capital letters.

In commenting, you SHOULD NOT:

  1. Create a flame/triggering comments.
  2. Create a comment which involves harassment (sexual and non-sexual), bullying, humiliation, or racism.
  3. Create a comment that has profanity or filth.
  4. Create or share a chain letter.
  5. Share and promote third-party website links (also websites that contain illegal content, such as illegal video streaming/downloading websites or websites that contain illegal or questionable content, such as software cracking/hacking, pornography, and so on).
  6. Create and share a comment that shows death threats, conspiracies, or suicidal notices.
  7. Create a comment which contains fake and misleading news, or likewise hoax info or facts.
  8. Create a comment that contains invalid characters or letters which are considered unreadable.

If there are any suggestions regarding with this Comments Policy page, please e-mail me. Please keep in mind that this Comments Policy page might change and update its terms and rules at anytime with notice.