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The Weekly Show, with Nijigasaki!

Nijiyon Animation (にじよん あにめーしょん) is a series of Anime shorts which featured “simplistic” characters from the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Based from the “Nijiyon” four-panel comics, it tells about some slice-of-life stories, and some other real-life situational events. It has premiered since January 6, 2023.

Series Info
TitleNijiyon Animation
にじよん あにめーしょん
GenreSlice of Life, School Life
Based FromNijiyon (Four-Panel Comics)
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
Animation StudioSUNRISE
Original Airing Date (First Episode)January 6, 2023 [Season 1]
April 5, 2024 [Season 2]
Episodes[Season 1] 15 (Only 3 are Blu-Ray and DVD Release Episodes)
[Season 2] 15 (Only 3 are Blu-Ray and DVD Release Episodes)
Official Website
©プロジェクトラブライブ!にじよん あにめーしょん
©プロジェクトラブライブ!にじよん あにめーしょん2

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“I can’t just choose any one of you!” – Yu Takasaki

Nijiyon Animation talks about the topics on how a typical School Idol does her daily activities — Exercise and practice, voice and other lessons, and getting other inspirations. It also talks about on how some School Idols do mingle and tag up with others, whether rivals or friends.

It has no definitive plot nor story. It is just a typical situational daily life story, in which they would revolve around Yu Takasaki and the Nijigasaki girls.

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See Anime Streaming Guide page on how to watch this Anime.

1Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
2Lanzhu, Ai, and Cuteness
3Mia, Ayumu, and Horror
4Karin, Shioriko, and the Future
5Emma, Mia, and Song
6Rina-chan RunRuns
7Lanzhu and Joker
8Kanata, Shizuku, and Sister
9Sister King Decisive Battle
10Kasumi, Setsuna, and Surprise
11Yu and Childhood Friend
12Piano and School Idol
13Yu and the Club 1 *
14Yu and the Club 2 *
15Yu and the Club 3 *
Episode Reviews Archive here.

* Episodes 13 to 15 are exclusively released on the Home Blu-Ray/DVD release, which were not aired nor streamed.
1The Club and the Victory Road
2Ayumu, Nana, and the Beginning
3The Club and Hanpen
4Shioriko, Ai, and After School
5Kasumi, Karin, and the Plan
6The Club and the Victory Road 2
7Shizuku, Lanzhu, and Crepe
8Kanata and Part-Time Job
9Rina, Emma, and Communication
Episode Reviews Archive here.

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