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What is Inori-D Station?

Inori-D Station is a page/website by me, which tackles about my topics relating to my Anime stuff, Japanese music, video games, Cosplay, as well as my hobby, the Anime figures and toy photography.

It started as a Facebook Page last March 1, 2018, while for the website, it started around at the first day of September, in the year 2018.

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Current Active Segments

Here are some current segments that are currently running and published on Inori-D Station.

See the "Schedule" on the Top Navigation of this Website for more information.
Episode Reviews

Episode Reviews

Contains blog posts which tackle about Anime Episodes that I have watched --- My Reviews and Impressions about them!

The Spotlight

The Spotlight

Featured every Tuesdays of the week! Every week, we feature a character, whether it is from Anime or a video game!

Snapshot Wednesday

Snapshot Wednesday

A weekly segment that tells about a certain screenshot of an Episode of an Anime Series.

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