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Idol and Sports

Extreme Hearts is a TV Anime Series. It was created by Masaki Tsuzuki, directed by Junji Nishimura, and was produced by Seven Arcs, an animation studio. It premiered in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

Series Info
©Project ExH
TitleExtreme Hearts
Creator(s)Masaki Tsuzuki
Director(s)Junji Nishimura
MusicEFFY (FirstCall)
Animation StudioSeven Arcs
Original Airing (First Episode)July 10, 2022
Official Websitehttps://exhearts.com/

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Set in a future timeline in Japan, where Hyper Sports is the new generation of sports. With the use of the sporting items, called as the Extreme Gear, people can able to traverse any impossible actions or movements, that not an ordinary sporty people can do.

This new Event, called as the Extreme Hearts, is a Hyper Sport Event where girls (idols) and artists compete for stardom through with the means of any kinds of sports — from basketball up to soccer. And the winning team shall make their chance to be on the spotlight to perform on the stage — as a debut idol group or a victory live concert!

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Episodes List (Reviews)

Episodes list shall be tabulated, and Episode Reviews shall be listed as a page archive.

2Something I Can’t Give Up
3Rise Up Dream
4Meeting a New Face
5Samurai Heart
6Sword of the Heart
7Stand Up & Fight
8Summertime Vacation
9Snow Wolf
11Run for Victory
Episodes Review archive of this Anime series can be found here.

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Hiyori HayamaRuriko Noguchi
Saki KotakaMiho Okasaki
Sumika MaeharaKana Yuki
Yukino TachibanaAyaka Fukuhara
Lise KohinataAri Ozawa
NonoChinami Hashimoto
Hazuki SakuraiRika Abe
Tomo MiyasiroSaori Onishi
Yuriko SuemuneYou Taichi
Chihiro HondaKaede Yuasa
Teena MerkiesTomomi Mineuchi
Michelle JaegerKana Ichinose
Ashley VancroftAsami Seto

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