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Finding the Idol Killer

Oshi no Ko (styled as 【OSHI NO KO】 / 【推しの子】) is an Anime series which was based from the Manga Series of the same title published under Shueisha publishing. The Manga series was created by Aka Akasaka, and character designs were made by Mengo Yokoyari.

This Anime series was aired and streamed since April 12, 2023 with its first Episode. The first Episode was aired and streamed as a one-hour Episode premiere.

Series Info
GenreDrama, Japanese Idol, Mystery
Creator(s)Aka Akasaka (Story)
Mengo Yokoyari (Art)
Based From“Oshi no Ko” Manga Series
Published under Shueisha
DirectorDaisuke Hiramaki
MusicTakurō Iga
Animation StudioDoga Kobo
Original Airing Date (First Episode)April 12, 2023 [Part 1]
Episodes11 [Part 1]
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Goro is just a doctor who takes care of his patients when they are sick. Also, being known as an idol fan of the “B Komachi” group, he is watching some previous live performances of the popular idol, named as Ai Hoshino.

The story will be later focused on Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino, who were reincarnated from their dead selves, Goro and Sarina, respectively.

At the time when Aqua and Ruby were finally grown up as kids, Ai was murdered by a stalker at her home, who believed that he is also the same man who killed Goro at first. This is where the story begins, where Goro, who was reincarnated as Aqua, will find the true culprit person, or rather as the “idol killer”, who is really behind with the plot for the death of his mother, Ai Hoshino.

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Part 1 (Season 1)
1Mother and Children
2The Third Choice
3Manga Adaptation Drama
5Romantic Reality Show
6Ego Search
8First Time
9B Komachi
Episode Reviews archive here.
Part 2 (Season 2)

Coming soon in 2024.


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Aquamarine Hoshino (Aqua)Takeo Ohtsuka
Yumi Uchiyama (child)
Ruby HoshinoYurie Igoma
Ai HoshinoRie Takahashi
GoroKent Ito
SarinaTomoyo Takayanagi
Kana ArimaMegumi Han
Akane KurokawaManaka Iwami
MEM-choRumi Okubo

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