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Inori-D Station Privacy Policy

Effective on January 21, 2019 UTC+08 onwards

I, the owner myself, respect the privacy of people/visitors. All collected anonymous data shall be kept confidential.

Website Login

Only the owner/myself can be able to login to this website. The purpose was to create blog posts, edit website layout, upload pictures, and manage collected data, such as comments posted to my blog posts.

Anonymous Data Collection

Inori-D Station website collects the following anonymous data from visitors.

1. Cookies

Cookies are files stored in your computer made by your web browser when accessing this website. It stores the authentication data when logging in, and also stores data such as comments, e-mail addresses, and your name. They are stored in days until they expire.

2. Name

Full names or actual names are required to write comments in my blog posts. Also, alias or nicknames are also accepted to keep yourself confidential when writing on this field. This data collection from this field can help me identify yourself whether you are a bot or not, and can be used for referential purposes.

3. E-mail Address

Your e-mail addresses are required to post a comment. E-mail addresses are also used to retrieve your current profile picture or avatar (from third-party site, Gravatar). Also, they are used for referential and contact purposes.

Your e-mail addresses are not used to send you some spam or solicitation. If it happens that my website is sending you some, please contact me via my website e-mail. Also, my website shall not send any subscription requests or updates to those e-mail addresses.

4. Website (optional)

The visitors (you) shall also include their website URL if they have any. The field is optional.


Comments are collected when a visitor comments in my one of my blog posts. Your name and e-mail addresses are required to post your comments.

Also, read the Comments Policy for rules and regulations when posting comments to one of my blog posts.

Third-Party Websites and Social Media Websites

Inori-D Station, my website, is linked to social media websites, Facebook and Twitter, and the purpose of them were to share my blog post links posted from my website.

For every blog posts posted in my website, there are share buttons displayed. They can be shared via using third-party websites and social media websites. Also, my blog posts may contain links to third-party websites. It is recommended that you should exercise caution when visiting these third-party websites, since I am not affiliated with those in any way.

This Privacy Policy page was updated since July 19, 2021.