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Digimon Ghost Game is a TV Anime series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series or Digital Monsters. It was created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation. This Anime series has begun airing every Sundays of the week, at 9:00 am JST, on Fuji TV, since October 3, 2021, with its first Episode. It is also streaming overseas, also on the same day — about two hours after it was aired in Japan TV.

Series Info
  • "Digimon Ghost Game" TV Anime Promo Poster
TitleDigimon Ghost Game
GenreAdventure, Mystery-Horror
Creator(s)Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
Based fromDigital Monster (Bandai)
Director(s)Masatoshi Chioka, Masato Mitsuka
MusicKow Otani
Animation StudioToei Animation
Original Airing (First Episode)October 3, 2021
Official Website
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

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The story takes place with Hiro Amanokawa, with his partner Digimon named Gammamon, in a world where Hologram Ghosts (transparent, floating digital images) do exist. There is a phenomenon where certain Hologram Ghosts are becoming mysteries, and they are slowly beginning to play and take lives of people.

While many people can’t able to see these ‘phenomenal’ Hologram Ghosts, certain people who has an item, called the Digivice, can able to see them.

These phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that exist in both Digital World and the Human World were called as ‘Digimon’.

With Hiro’s father entrusting him with a Digivice, as well as a Digimon partner, their mystery-solving adventure begins. They step along in a mysterious world where only Digimons live within.

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Episodes List

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1The Sewn-lip Man
2Mysteries of the Museum
4The Doll’s Manor
5A God’s Wrath
6The Cursed Song
8Monsters’ Procession in the Night
9The Warped Time
10The Game of Death
12Chain Letters
13The Executioner
14Zashiki Warashi
15The Fortuneteller’s Manor
16A Maneater’s Forest
17Chill Hell
18Land of the Children
19The Witching Hour
20The Prison of Flames
21A Spider’s Trap
23The Moaning Bug
24Twisted Love
25The Crimson Banquet
26The Cannibal Mansion
27Beauty Serum
28The Face Taker
29Monster Pollen
30Bad Friend
32Who Are You
33Whispers of the Dead
34The Wall Crawlers
36The Labyrinth of Grief
37The Herd of the Dead
38The Diviner
39The Contagion Island
40Spiral Beach
42Human Hunters
43Red Eyes
44Red Rust
45The Ghost Newspaper
46A Queen’s Supper
47Eternal Memories
48The White Bride
49The Crimson Harvest Festival
52The Ayakashi Lake
53Knowledge King
57The Ghost Taxi
60The Water Ghost
62The Strange Floor
64The Calling
65The Black Zone of Death
66The Jet-Black Dragon of Destruction
67The Devourer of All
Episode Reviews archive of this Anime series can be found here.

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Hiro AmanokawaMutsumi Tamura
GammamonMiyuki Sawashiro
Ruli TsukiyonoYu Kobayashi
AngoramonKazuya Nakai
Kiyoshiro HigashimitaraiAkira Ishida
JellymonYu Shimamura
EspimonYumiko Kobayashi
Notes: Digivolved versions of the Rookie-level Digimons are voiced by the same voice actors/actresses. (i.e. Gammamon to Canoweissmon, etc.)

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Additional Info

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About Digimon Series
Digital Monster (Digimon Series) Logo
Digital Monster (Digimon Series) Logo

The Digimon Series is a franchise or series created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo in 1997, and was co-created with Toei Animation (one of the grandfathers of the known animation studios in Japan). It was actually based from the Digital Monster, a virtual pet digital game by Bandai, which was knowingly based from the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet digital game created by the same company, also.

Digimon is a shortened name for Digital Monsters (Japanese dubbed: デジタルモンスター). They are creatures in a digital form in which it can be raised by feeding items and foods, as well as battling with other Digimons (other people) in order to become strong and versatile.

This series has been developed and conceptualized since year 1997, and video games, as well as its Anime counterparts, has been spawned since year 1999, starting with the popular Digimon Adventure Anime series.

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