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What is Inori-D Station?

Inori-D Station is a page/website by me, which tackles about my topics relating to my Anime stuff, Japanese music, video games, Cosplay, as well as my hobby, the Anime figures and toy photography.

It started as a Facebook Page last March 1, 2018, while for the website, it started around at the first day of September, in the year 2018.

What are the things to expect in this website?

First and the most, majority of the topics to be discussed here are my opinions and experiences in the Anime World, as well as its ongoing trends and other memes. I am currently exploring them, and at the same time, studying their methods and their cultures. This is why my website is about My Animation Life, since I am talking about here my experiences and opinions in the Anime World.

Secondly, I shall talk here about music; majority of these are of Japanese music. This includes the Japanese Pop (J-Pop), Anison (Anime Songs), and other Japanese music of other genre. And I can talk about here on how these type of music changed my life being.

Third. I shall also talk about here my ongoing hobby: the Anime figure and toys photography. These type of photography is a trend to figure and toy collectors. I love taking photos of my favorite figures, and not just displaying them in my stable. I can talk here also my experiences —on how did I struggle much on this type of photography.

Fourth. I can talk here about cosplay. Well, I am not a Cosplayer or something, but… I can talk here about my opinions about it — its growing community, as well as its issues and trends.

And lastly, I can talk here about video games of all types, whether it can be an online or the offline one. Majority of the game that I play are offline games, since I can allow myself to play them without using any Internet connection service. Most of the games that I play now are requiring Internet connection. So then, I can talk and discuss here also my opinions and experiences about these.

To summarize, my topics shall talk about my opinions and experiences in the world of Anime, video games, Cosplay, Japanese music, and my Anime figures and toys photography!