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Christmas Colors – Part 2 –

Previously, we had tackled the first part of the Christmas Colors. We had mentioned the color red that symbolizes passion and sufferings. Also, that color means that we should ‘stop’ ourselves in order to reflect with our own selves — about our activities, or anything that makes us lose our current direction to our lives.

In the second part, we shall talk about the color green — what is the meaning of that color in Christmas.

Green symbolizes our love, joy, peace, and happy life. This shall come after the color red, in which we had went through with many hardships, sufferings, and our sacrifices with things that we should accomplish. Therefore, it signals us to ‘go’ on and to move forward towards to our new future, in which we are wishing for.

So then, we have color red and color green as two colors of Christmas.

In the 22nd Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log, we shall be in the time that we should celebrate with love, joy, peace, and happy life, after we had went through with several hardships, sufferings, and sacrifices that we made in the past! So then, shall this Episode be considered as a happy one? Please read this Episode carefully until the very end!


One time, I had encountered several news and happenings in the School Idol Universe, since after the last week’s Episode being published online! What are those? Please read more below to find out!

Aqours ‘New Year’s Eve’ LoveLive!

As teased by the narrator at the end of the Day 2 of Aqours Online LoveLive! -LOST WORLD- paid live streaming, there shall be an online LoveLive! live performance by Aqours, in a form of paid streaming, to be commenced at the end of December 2020!

As you can see in the picture of the embedded Tweet above, this shall be every LoveLivers’ final target. That final target is considered to be the ‘last boss’ of year 2020, and it shall be in a paid online live streaming. In fact, this shall never be missed at all. This online LoveLive! paid streaming is called, Aqours Countdown LoveLive! -WHITE ISLAND-.

This online live paid streaming by Aqours shall be done in two days. It shall be held in December 30 and in the New Year’s Eve. It shall also be the part of their Aqours 5th Anniversary Project. Some further details, and some of my predictions about this live shall be tackled on a separate blog post!

Aqours Livestream – December 9

Also, coming up next week, or this upcoming Wednesday, is the Aqours monthly livestream! It shall be held around 8:00pm Japan Time (UTC+9), and it can be watched on various Japanese video streaming services, and in their LoveLive! Series Official YouTube Channel! They shall talk about their recently-released duo-trio collection album (as highlighted in the last week’s Episode), and their upcoming WHITE ISLAND paid live streaming, as seen above in the previous highlight!

Just remember to still tune-in to their livestream on December 9th, as they might give some upcoming info and updates to the LLSIF rhythm game in the JP Side (also on ALL STARS)!

I hope that these info that I had gathered shall be enough to make you fans happy! I don’t know, but it seems that they are just ready to bombard us with several announcements at anytime soon, just after this Episode was published! Anything that happened today, tomorrow weekend, and in the succeeding days shall be included in the next Episode! For the meantime, let us go to the JP and Global Sides of LLSIF rhythm game! What are the things happened recently last weekend, and this week? Please read this Episode carefully until the very end!


Token Collection Event: Aqours and the Touching Sports Day

In the last three days before this Event ends, I had continued grinding for this Event! While my Event Points Rank is just around the 300s, I had managed to reach my Event Score Rank to just around 5,000-6,500 position.

During the time, when there is only two days left, I slightly rested for a while because my thumbs and fingers are already hurting and shaking. It is due to the fact that I am playing straight for at least two hours, grinding for Tokens. And those Tokens, I must use them in order to raise up my Event Points Ranking in this Token Collection Event.

During the day when there is only 24 hours left, I had gathered enough Tokens, and my Event Points Rank is around Rank 390. When I had used all of my Event Tokens, I just only raised up my rank by around 30 or so. But then, every time I look at my current rank in the Event Home Screen, my Rank is gradually decreasing bit by bit. Also, at the time when I had slept for only two hours, my Rank suddenly decreased drastically. From Rank 350 something, I instantly jumped and dropped to Rank 445. So when I panicked that my Rank is now drastically decreasing, and I might ended up in the Tier 2 position bracket again, I had resorted to use up all of my Tokens in order to lessen the rank decrease. But everytime I play to grind more Tokens, my Rank is suddenly decreasing by one, or even three ranks in a row. And finally, I had used all of my playing energy to grind more Event Tokens as many as I can.

For the last hours of the Event, my fingers and thumbs can’t take it anymore. I am just grinding an Expert difficulty song, which in fact, is the easiest to land a Full Combo finish, and the song that has shorter playtime duration than any other songs of either µ’s or Aqours Sides. Shocking Party by A-RISE is the song at the µ’s Side that has a very short playtime duration than any of the songs known! So then, that song, especially on the MASTER counterpart, has become my Event Token grinding spot! However, by playing that song, even on MASTER difficulty, it has caused my thumbs and fingers to hurt more, and sometimes my tap attacks miss, or even I tap a wrong area or icons. So then, finally, my effortful grind and progress with this Token Collection Event has become a joyful one, and now I can finally relax, a bit.

The conclusion of this Token Collection Event has become a happy ending for me! This one has been concluded since the last day of November 2020, making me claim the Tier 1-1 standing once more. To note, this shall be my 4th Event in the Aqours Side to finish with a Tier 1 standing on both Event Points Rank and Score. And finally, I had finished every single Event type in the Aqours Side!

But then, that does not mean it’s over. I got still one more mission to do, and in fact, it’s my last mission. Since it’s Aqours 5th Anniversary, and the last Event ends in the New Year’s Eve, what could be my one last mission to fulfill before this year 2020 ends?

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Campaign – Episode 9

Featuring the Episode 9 Campaign is Karin Asaka! You already know the rules of this campaign, right? Please do backread from Episode 14, in the JP Side Highlights to find out what are the contents of these!

While the Token Collection Event is still ongoing, I had tried grinding with that song! NEO SKY, NEO MAP! is Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime’s ending song, which is playing once an episode ends. And did you know that I had cleared all of its song goals, including playing and clearing the song 120 times?

Its ending song shall last in the B-Sides until December 26 JST/UTC+9, which I believe is also the date of the final episode airing of the Anime! Please do clear it before it expires!

Live Show Arena Round 2: Sirius looks so Serious

Also, included in this week’s highlight is the start of the second Round of the Live Show Arena Event! The sub-title of this Event is Sirius looks so Serious. And to tell, it shall run along with on-going Events, and Rhythmic Carnival! Expect this new permanent Event to be included in the next version update in the Global Side, to be included somewhere in the near future. So better watch out for this incoming update sooner!

Don’t have any idea what is this new permanent Event function in LLSIF? For newbies who were about to start, you can backread Episode 19 of this segment! Go to Episode 19, and go to the JP Side Highlights, and find the Live Show Arena Intro part there and read!

50 M Players Celebration Campaign: Limited URs Scouting!

And finally, be sure to scout for some limited URs like these in order for your teams to become stronger in Score Rankings in every single Event! These are part of their ongoing 50 Million Players Celebration Campaign. You can also scout for them if you are building a certain team based on your current UR’s Leader Skill, as well as if you are a collector of a certain character’s URs (Oshi-Account or some kind)! Not only the above one shall appear as a limited UR in Scouting!

So far, please do note of these other characters below to appear soon in the limited scouting!

Kanan Matsuura: December 5 (after patch update) until December 20

Hanamaru Kunikida: December 10 to December 25 (Christmas Day)

* All times and dates indicated above are of Japan Time (JST/UTC+9).

Good luck and be victorious with your luck!


Token Collection Event: AZALEA’s Route!

This Token Collection Event featuring AZALEA is the next Event! Event UR to be obtained from this Event is Hanamaru, and the URs to be obtained from Scouting are Dia and Kanan! Secret SSR to be obtained by gaining more Event Points is Riko Sakurauchi!

The featured Token Collection Event song is Love Pulsar, a B-Side song from Guilty Kiss’ New Romantic Sailors album! As you can see in the embedded Tweet above, you can use the ‘other’ Love Pulsar MASTER, and you can use it as a ‘punching bag’ if you are testing your current team for a higher score. Use that advantage in order to plan your Skill Leveling, and to score higher in the Event!

Mostly, the summary about this Token Collection Event was highlighted previously a long time ago, in the Episodes 4 and 5 of this in the JP Side! Better read those previous Episodes to find out what has happened previously in my progress there! But then, my progress in this Event is different from the JP Side previously. So what shall happen this time? Could this be the same fate as in my JP Side? Further highlights shall be in the next week’s Episode! Look forward into it!

50 M Players Celebration Campaign: Limited UR Scouting!

It seems that the Global Side is now catching up with the JP Side. These limited URs were previously introduced also on the same campaign as in the JP Side, and these were introduced in the Live Show Arena Update (Version 8.0 Update). Remember to scout for them if you are needing them for team composition, aside from using their powerful Skills!

The Christmas is near… What shall happen next week?

So right now, we got only three weeks left before Christmas. And did you know that the 25th Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log falls on the Christmas Day, which is on December 25? Well, I am going to make that Episode a very special one, since it is falling on a Christmas Day! And well, I am just giving you a heads-up already about this, you know.

There are still a lot more things to expect, especially the Aqours’ WHITE ISLAND online live is coming closer. Not only that, but we are also expecting their duo-trio album to come out next week on a Wednesday! Be sure to keep your eyes, as well as your SNS tools, open! And anything that comes out new today after this Episode was published shall be included next week! Be sure to tune-in right away!

Thank you for reading the 22nd Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! See you all next week, and happy weekend! Cheers~

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