EPISODE 36: The School Idol Grand Live Show

I am Chiharu Umiboshi, and I am a School Idol!

In order to save our friends, me, Takayoshi, and Komari have travelled all the way to Mikako Kira’s World. Everything has made it possible, thanks to Lierre’s Digitariel!

With the powers of the Digitariel, I had managed to make them realize on who they are by letting them wander inside the Memory Maze, as well as to make them escape from it! Now that they had realized their own selves, it is now the time for us to settle everything!

But then, the Black Lace Ribbons are so intimidating. How are we going to beat them? As a School Idol, I will never lose hope! We are going to save Mikako Kira, at this rate!

When the Idol Chasers are back, they are now grouped together, except with Lierre and Gen. They are standing before the Black Lace Ribbons.

“So, what was that ability, huh?” asked and said Mikako Kira. “We are still standing here, and you can’t even stand a chance!”

“Mikako, this is just the beginning!” said Chiharu. “I am going to show to you what School Idols are made of!”

Suddenly, a projection image of Haruka has appeared before them. It was then followed by several dozen groups of School Idols around them. Appearing right after another, Mikako and the Black Lace Ribbons are greatly surprised.

“Great! Projection success!” said Komari with high spirits.

Haruka finally said, “Let’s do this live performance that our senior School Idols have taught to us!”

And so, the live performance via virtual projection has just begun.

A flashback has been ensued, with Chiharu talking to Haruka, just after they did their first-ever collab live.

“Haruka, thank you for this wonderful collab live with you!” said Chiharu. “I don’t know how I could even thank—“

“Thank you, also, Chiharu!” replied Haruka back. “Because of you, I have learned something new.”

“Learned something new?”

“I would definitely be going to participate in the LoveLive! Contest this winter! It is because, something has motivated me!”

“Yeah, and I am really motivated to win for it this season!”

“Chiharu, we can be friends. But then, when it comes to competing for glory, we are now rivals!”

“Yeah, and I ain’t going to lose either!”

Both of them shaked their hands.

And after that, Chiharu requested something for Haruka and said, “I want you and your group to do a grand live show!”

“Grand live show!?” said Haruka in surprise. “I don’t seem to have confidence yet.”

“I had already cheered for you, sang and danced with you, and supported you! Now, it’s your turn to help and support me!”

“Support you?”

“School Idols, whether friends or rivals, are helping and supporting each other! And that is, they wanted to make their dreams come true, right?”

“Yeah, right…”

“That’s why… Haruka, please help me and the Idol Chasers! Let’s do this on what I call the School Idol Grand Live Show!”

“School Idol… Grand Live Show?”

And so, this is the time back when Haruka requested Maya to do something.

“Projecting your grand live show to them?” said and asked Maya. “Alright, we are going to do it! Good timing that I really gave those remote projectors to Komari then.”

“Yay!” said Haruka. “Let’s save Chiharu and her friends!”

“Seems like it,” said Rika. “I am going to change into my stage costume now. Wait for me, Haruka.”

And back a day then, before Chiharu, Takayoshi, and Komari were being deployed into the Project Link, Maya gave something to Komari for her to use.

“Take these set of mini projectors,” said Maya. “Just place them somewhere in the field where the Black Lace Ribbons are there.”

“For what purpose shall they be used?” said Komari.

“Just in case. Because I had thought of a plan.”

“Plan? What is it?”

“You will soon find out, Komari.”

And then, finally, during at the battle between Komari and Antyla, she then planted these remote projectors secretly into the ground. She was only avoiding the monster Beteldra’s powerful attacks. And after successfully planting them, she had made some few attacks, until she got beaten by them.

And this ends all of these flashbacks.

Mikako and the Black Lace Ribbons were greatly overwhelmed by the spectacular live performances of these dozen groups of School Idols in a virtual projector. They are all singing and dancing at the same time in sync.

“What are you looking and stopping for!?” exclaimed Mikako. “Stop and destroy them!!”

However, the other Black Lace Ribbons aren’t really moving nor making action at all.

“So, these are the School Idols that the little brat is talking about,” said Antyla. “They are so darn cute and happy!”

“They are still so cute and young,” said Mitsu.

“In my opinion, their love is borderless,” said Seiba.

“Sunny Day Song! Whooa! These School Idols are amazing! AMAZING and ROCKING!” said Eru.

“School Idols… They aren’t really bad after all,” said Aru.

And finally, Inverse Lierre sleeps in consciousness, and Lierre finally takes over in her Upgraded Oracle Form.

Gen finally saw these lovely School Idols singing and dancing. He said, “Malice is finally fading out in me, but… I don’t think that I could even exist any longer.”

And so, the final poses of these School Idol Groups have finally done, and their song in background is finished. The Idol Chasers are cheering.

“That live show is amazing!” Takayoshi said in praise.

“Never thought that they are gonna do it again!” said Aika.

“Woohoo! The best live show ever!” said Sho.

“Yeah, how’s that, Black Lace Ribbons!?” said Komari.

“So, this is how School Idols work together, as friends and rivals!” said Mami.

“Indeed, this is really historic!” said Lierre.

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LIERRE: And this is it, ladies and gentlemen. We are about to head into the series finale of this blog post series.
SAKI: Time really flies fast, isn’t it? But still, the story of the School Idols shall continue.
AIKA: And then, as the older ones are beginning to fade out, so does to the newer ones that are ready to replace the older ones! If you know what I mean!
MAMI: Well then, let us finish on what we have started.
LIERRE: Speaking of the Headlines today, what are the things that are spotted during this week?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

TAKAYOSHI: Dia Kurosawa is a girl who seeks perfection. And then, she is always protecting her little sister, Ruby Kurosawa.
SAKI: She is my School Idol Sign, which in fact, I believe, that I almost have the same characteristic as her.
TAKAYOSHI: Her birthday is celebrated every January 1, which is the beginning of a year. Quite a coincidence that her birthday is on a New Year’s Day.
SAKI: So then, I am going to give my birthday messages to this girl, soon. And make sure to check out her new, upcoming Limited UR on SIF2 soon, my dear.
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, and I am looking forward into that!

AIKA: Say, after the Yohane the Parhelion live last weekend, we got some livestream coming up!
MAMI: Really spine-chilling this time, since they did not announce anything from the live event! I wondered on what they could pull out this time around?
AIKA: This livestream shall be hosted by Nanaka Suwa (Kanan), Shuka Saito (You), and Aika Kobayashi (Yohane)! It shall be streamed via known streaming networks on December 26, 2023 at 8:00 pm JST!
MAMI: This time, are we going to get a glimpse about their foreseen Aqours 9th Anniversary? Yep… Something even more spine-chilling, guys!
AIKA: Tune-in to get latest info, people!

SHO: Those people in the West are so lucky!
LIERRE: And to headline this special event, Aqours will make appearance on Anime × Food at Anime Los Angeles 2024!
SHO: The dates are… It shall be on January 4-7, 2024!
LIERRE: Shuka Saito (You) and Ai Furihata (Ruby) shall be introducing and hosting this Event! You can also refer to their official website for more details!

Official page here.

Nijigasaki Updates

AIKA: Just after the Yohane live last weekend, here comes another weekend — this time, on the Nijigasaki Side!
SAKI: The Nijigasaki 6th Live Series, subtitled as I love You ⇆ You love Me, shall be taking place today and tomorrow at Aichi Sky Expo!
AIKA: And also, paid live streaming is also available for fans outside Japan, and for those who can’t make it to the venue!
SAKI: Who knows that there might be some new info? Or otherwise, some big announcements?
AIKA: We shall be finding them out in the next days to come! So stay tuned at their feeds, and watch this live event of theirs until the very end!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

TAKAYOSHI: While we are having a several dozen of songs that are appearing in other group sides, as well as some new MASTER level beatmaps…
SHO: There are some new songs that are appearing in the Yohane the Parhelion Side!
GEN: New songs can now be accessed in the Yohane the Parhelion Side!

  • GAME ON! (Side B of Genjitsu Mysterium)

TAKAYOSHI: Be sure to try out these new songs!
SHO: And these songs have appeared in their recent Yohane the Parhelion Live last weekend!
GEN: Please do try playing with these songs if you got spare time!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

Mirai no Oto ga Kikoeru

Lyrics: Junko Miyajima
Composition: Yasuhiro Obata
Arrangement: Shu Kanematsu

TAKAYOSHI: Mirai no Oto ga Kikoeru is Liella!’s song.
GEN: It appeared as an insert song to the LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO.
SHO: Somehow, this could be their winning song in the Anime! Finally, Liella! got a taste of their victory!
TAKAYOSHI: As a result of their humiliating defeat last season…
GEN: Sho, have you tried playing this song on a MASTER difficulty?
SHO: Yep! And so far, this could be the easiest Level 12 MASTER song I have ever played!
TAKAYOSHI: Why are some other Level 12 MASTER songs so difficult?
GEN: In my case, they had become so many, which in fact, it becomes difficult to memorize all of them at once.
SHO: In this song feature today… This is the last of them!
TAKAYOSHI: At least, we had done it. Liella! got a long way ahead to go.

GEN: And that’s it for this segment in this Episode!
SHO: There are still a lot of School Idol songs out there! It is up to you to discover and learn them as you play SIF2!
TAKAYOSHI: This is the last song feature! Thank you for tuning in for the Song of the Week segment!
GEN: It may be difficult to part. But then, this is the end.
SHO: Just keep playing SIF2 to know more about School Idols and their songs!
TAKAYOSHI: We can see each other again in the near future.

ALL: See you again, someday!

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When the Black Lace Ribbons can’t do anything but cheering, Chiharu finally said, “So, how was it, Black Lace Ribbons? Mikako Kira? This is the power of the School Idols that you have shamed!”

Suddenly, Mikako Kira teleported instantly to Chiharu, grabbing her up with her right hand. Everyone else were surprised.

“So, do you think it had impressed me? You got it wrong,” said Mikako.

Chiharu is struggling, as Mikako is holding her tightly.

“But then, you should not celebrate your victory yet. It is because I shall be building up my own army to suppress someone like you. I shall be back in the next season, and you don’t!”

“Even if you said that, the existence of School Idols shall never be forgotten.”

Mikako finally unleashes her dark energy stored in her right hand. And she is about to kill Chiharu with it. Will this be the end of her as a School Idol?

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE- – Animatic Roguelite Video Game Trailer

While working as a fortune teller in Numazu, Yohane spends her days with her friends.
By chance, she comes into possession of an old mirror.

Worried that her fortune-telling is not accurate, Yohane decides to play “Magic Mirror Fortune-Telling” using the mirror,
Suddenly, she is sucked into the mirror, which begins to glow.

What she finds in the mirror is the “Reverse-Numazu,” which is the exact reverse of the real Numazu!
Moreover, it was a mysterious world where magic could be used with the power of cards.
At the same time, strange things happen to the friends in the real world one after another.
In order to save them, she must go through the “Reverse-Numazu”!
What awaits her?

A world of mirrors that changes its appearance every time she enters.
After countless choices, what is the future that Yohane will choose?
A new story begins in the other Numazu!

Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE-

Available on February 22, 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

Website (English): https://bexide.co.jp/en/yohane

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