FINAL EPISODE: The 9 Oaths of a School Idol

This is the last Episode of this blog post series! Let’s start reading to see what happens!

“Chiharu-chan!” said Aika as she saw that Chiharu is struggling when Mikako grabbed her.

“This is getting so far!” said Takayoshi.

“Hey, just let her go!” said Sho. “She ain’t doing anything wrong!”

“At this rate, we can’t do anything,” said Komari. “I hope that a miracle would happen…”

Mikako finally unleashes her dark energy stored in her right hand. And she is about to kill Chiharu with it.

“Mikako… That’s enough,” said the whispering voice which is creeping within Mikako’s mind. And then, Mikako is struggling with pain.

“ARGGHHHHHH!!” Mikako is struggling in pain, and she finally releases Chiharu from her grasp. Lierre finally rescued her.

“Mikako, I know that your hatred is beyond measure. But I had seen enough, and I had understood,” said that voice.

“Rhadamanthus…” said the struggling Mikako. “You don’t know at all…”

“It is just you who is more evil. They don’t even fight back or hurt me, either.”

“What did you mean??”

Suddenly, the Nega Cell attached to Mikako’s back has been detached, making her to struggle in pain more.

And this is where Rhadamanthus has appeared in front of everyone else, as an appearance of a jet-black flame with red eyes.

“So, you are Rhadamanthus?” asked Takayoshi. “You are the one—“

“Just let me talk first before making other statements. You know, seeing these beings singing and dancing is really fascinating, and they can really make me forget some evil things!”

When Mikako is no longer struggling, and has lost consciousness, she is falling from the air. And then, Saki rushed in, and she finally rescued her from falling.

And so, Rhadamanthus has finally made statement.

“Well, I don’t know about Mikako who is indeed showing hatred towards School Idols, and I understand how she feels. That’s why she has formed her own army in order to suppress them, and I let her did that. But then, I had totally seen what School Idols are. They aren’t bad, after all, and I don’t ever see them as a potential threat.”

“That’s right,” said Chiharu as she stood up saying, “School Idols are meant to dream even more. It is because they are dreaming for many, possible things. And they just inspire and encourage other people to not give up on what they desire. I do even know that! And violence is not an answer to resolve everything! It is all thanks to my friends, who had helped me in achieving this dream of mine. For meeting up with the Legendary School Idols, singing and dancing along with them… I am thankful because the people who are rooting and supporting for me had helped me in achieving those!”

And Rhadamanthus talked to her and said, “You know, it is basically just the same as when I am fulfilling my own ambition to grab the Crimson Sword! As of the past, the Crimson Sword rejected me. And so, I had realized that time when I am still lacking something. So, that legendary sword has burned me to ashes, and I am revived as a wandering spiritual flame of darkness.”

So then, Saki is talking to the fainted Mikako and said, “Mikako, it’s alright now. You are free from your evil self.”

“Haha…” said Mikako and laughed in reply. “You had never changed, Saki, don’t you?”

“Of course. Who is a fellow rival that never visits her rival’s own grave?”

“Don’t make me laugh… Ugh…”

“I had totally missed you, my rival.”

“Tch… So as you are, my rival.”

The other Idol Chasers members and the Black Lace Ribbons don’t have any idea on what are they talking right now, and they could never relate.

And so, Rhadamanthus finally speaks up.

“My conquest for my ambition to get the Crimson Sword shall still continue in the vast universe and galaxies! Therefore, an another Crimson Sword War shall be happening soon, in a distant time.”

Chiharu is surprised about Rhadamanthus’ evil ambitions to conquer the entire universe. And she asked, “Since when this another war shall be happening? Do you have any idea??”

“It shall be happening in… 2,000 years from now,” Rhadamanthus replied.

Everybody were surprised about his reply. They can’t believe that it’s too long, and they even said that they are no longer existing.

“Well, I am about to make my leave. But before that, may I see this beautiful live performance of yours for one more time, you cute and beautiful School Idol?”

Chiharu can’t really reject his words and replied, “Sure thing! We are going to sing and dance for you, right here, right now!”

And so, this is where the Idol Stars League has formed in formation, consisting of Chiharu, Aika, Lierre, Komari, and Mami.

“We are the Idol Stars League! We will show to you what School Idols are made of! Listen to our song, Rusher, Runner, Chaser!”

And then, their live performance has just begun. Everyone is watching them.

Meanwhile, in the present world, Haruka is watching them via a projection hologram. And Maya and others are watching, too.

“Finally, they are debuting as School Idols!” said the other girls who are watching. “Go for it, Idol Stars League!”

The song kept playing in background, as these girls sing and dance.

Antyla wants to attack them. But her hands are already shaking and said, “I just really wanted to attack and hurt them, but truly, I can’t. Just what like that brat has said that violence isn’t an answer.”

“This warm feelings…” said Mikako. “They are shining like a bright sun.”

“Those are one of the things that you don’t even know about School Idols,” said Saki to her.

Finally, their live performance in a middle of a ruined area has ended. And so, this is where their cheerful cheers have ensued after.

Rhadamanthus was impressed a lot and said, “That was an amazing performance! And I am thanking you for that!”

Suddenly, Rhadamanthus’ spirit flames were finally converting its colors. From jet-black-purple flame, it has finally turned into a bright, white flame.

“It is all thanks to you,” said Rhadamanthus. “I have realized my own ambition.”

So then, this is where Rhadamanthus had announced his departure, along with his army.

“So then, you made me realize it! But still, we are enemies. I am going to conquer the entire universe! For now, enjoy your peaceful lives even more. Once the time has come, we will surely conquer again! So long, you creatures!”

“Well, I am going along with this guy,” said Antyla. “We are going to travel together, and we shall be forming a new army!”

Meanwhile, the other Black Lace Ribbons members got their Nega Cells removed from their bodies, and they fell. They were rescued by Takayoshi, Aika, Sho, and Mami.

Finally, these evil forces have disappeared from sight.

“Yeah, those guys will be back,” said Lierre. “And I have to mark that as a reminder.”

And so, the rivalry battle between the Idol Chasers and the Black Lace Ribbons was finally put into conclusion, leaving the Idol Chasers victorious.

Suddenly, the world is beginning to crumble apart and Lierre said, “Since the Black Lace Ribbons are no longer existing, this Parallel World is going to be destroyed!”

Chiharu then finally wielded the Digitariel with her hands. She tries to use its powers to open a Dimensional Pedestal in order for them to transport back to their original world. However, Chiharu is already struggling, and starting to lose strength. So then, Lierre rushes in, and she grabbed her hands to help her to activate the Digitariel’s powers.

“You girls can’t do it alone,” said Takayoshi and he grabbed their hands together. “Let me join in!”

“Me too!” said Aika and she also joined.

“What is an Idol Chaser without helping their friends out?” said Sho, and he also joined in holding hands.

“Well, time to help you guys out,” Komari also joined.

“Let’s do this together!” said Gen and he joins.

“Yeah, School Idols forever!” said Mami and she joins.

Saki is just holding Mikako with her, and she was able to get themselves being engulfed within the Dimensional Pedestal.

And so, the Dimensional Pedestal has expanded further, including the others who were not into it. Finally, they were transported back into the real world, leaving the ruined Parallel World being totally destroyed.

A day has passed, Chiharu has finally woke up, ending her up on a hospital bed.

“You are finally awake, Chiharu,” said Lierre.

“Lierre, where are the others?” asked Chiharu. “Are they safe and sound?”

“Yeah, everybody returned alive. Except, there is somebody who wanted to see you before she leaves.”

“Huh? Who is she, and why is she leaving now?”

“For now, if you are feeling better, come along with me.”

And so, when Chiharu looked better now, she comes along with Lierre.

And then, they went to a park where a beautiful scenary can be found. They had found Saki, along with Mikako who was ridden on a wheelchair.

“Mikako,” said Chiharu. “I know that you are still showing hatred towards School Idols. But then, you should—“

“I understand,” replied Mikako. “Not all dreams are granted nor fulfilled.”

“But then, it made me realize something after I have achieved for that dream, Mikako,” said Saki.

“You do, Saki?” replied her.

“Once you have achieved it, then that’s the time that you can never try it again. It is because you had done it, and you don’t want to struggle yourself anymore. That’s why I had graduated from being a School Idol because I had done it.”

“But then, I haven’t achieved a single dream. Never for once.”

“It is true that we can never try again once we are getting older, as School Idols. But magically, there is a way in order to try again.”

“Trying again…?”

When Mikako realized, something entered on her mind, and she said, “I want to go back to that time.”

Saki got surprised when she said that. And she asked, “I see. You wanted to go back into that time. On when…”

Mikako speaks up to Lierre and requested, “You are a School Idol Oracle that can travel through time, right? I want you to take me back to that time.”

“To what time do you wanted to go back?” asked Lierre.

“I wanted to go back… To the time when I was not yet a School Idol.”

“I see. But then, there is a condition. Once I had sent you there, you cannot go back anymore to this present time. Was this your final decision?”

“Yes. I will definitely go back to that time. I am going to cherish my youthful days there.”

Lierre gets her Digitariel back from Chiharu, and she tried activating its powers. And she said, “This time, I am going to open up the portal in the Interdimensional Space leading to the Ars Realm. The Ars Realm is the flowing timeline, where you could choose to go to the present, past, or to the future time. It is whether you remain there being stuck into the Prison of Eternal Age, or you could even get out from there arriving to the desired time and period of yours.”

Lierre has given Mikako a Blank Charm Item for her to use.

“That’s the only item that you can use in order to get out from the Ars Realm. Of course, there is an option that you could stay in the Ars Realm forever,” said Lierre in her final notes to her.

Lierre finally opened the Dimensional Portal leading to the Interdimensional Space, and then to Ars Realm. Before that, Saki has bid farewell to Mikako, who is about to depart.

“Mikako. Nope… My own rival. Be happy of your other future. What awaits you there, you should cherish it more!”

“Yes I do, my fellow rival. See you on the other side of the time!”

Finally, Mikako has entered the Ars Realm, and the gates were finally closed. Chiharu was sad that Mikako is already gone.

“Farewell, Mikako Kira,” said Saki. “Wishing you your own future.”

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LIERRE: And so, it happened. We are now in the final Episode of this blog post series.
AIKA: Great thing it ended before this year ends!
MAMI: This could be the final Headlines this Episode! Get on into it before this year ends!
SAKI: While this Episode is almost ending, we got some new updates from the LoveLive! Team which is so many… Can you find out what are those when you are reading this?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to celebrate Dia Kurosawa’s birthday in this Episode! Her birthday was on January 1. But since this blog post series was already ending, there is no way for us to give her some birthday message!
SHO: Alright, let’s hear from Saki — her birthday message to Dia!

SAKI: Dear Dia. We just hope that you will be blessed on your birthday. And you had made it this far because of your fans. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful birthday of yours… And a New Year celebration with you! There are still some wonderful things to expect soon as time passes. So then, thank you and Happy Birthday to you, Dia Kurosawa! We fans love you!

SHO: Wow! Happy birthday, Dia, in advance! And Happy New Year!
TAKAYOSHI: So then, make sure to check out her new, upcoming UR on SIF2! Look forward to it!

Nijigasaki Updates

AIKA: And they were back again, ladies and gentlemen!
MAMI: Nijiyon Animation 2 is announced for April 2024 release!
AIKA: And it was announced at the end of the Nijigasaki 6th Live last weekend!
MAMI: So then, watch the trailer video of this one at the end of this Episode — at The Bonus Stage part!

LIERRE: Behold! Another foreseen future for the Team Nijigasaki!
SAKI: Yep, and this was announced along with the Nijiyon Anime 2 last weekend.
LIERRE: Speaking of this project of theirs… We can get to know Nijigasaki even better with this upcoming project of theirs!
SAKI: Which means… Spin-offs… Original works… Legend of Nijigaku!? Will it be happening?
LIERRE: Also, Guren no Kenki… Don’t forget about it.
SAKI: Who knows that there would be backstories for each of these Nijigasaki girls that we don’t even know of?
LIERRE: Let’s find out in the succeeding months to happen! Stay tuned by tuning in to their feeds or upcoming livestreams!

Liella! Updates

SAKI: Today, we are going to celebrate Tomari Onitsuka’s birthday in this Final Episode. Her birthday was celebrated last December 28.
LIERRE: Tomari is a new addition in Team Liella!. But then, did I forget to highlight this one in the previous Episode?
AIKA: Oh, come on! You are the School Idol Oracle, right? You record everything about School Idols!
MAMI: Oh man… How disappointing…
SAKI: Because of that, you shall be giving your birthday messages to her today in this Final Episode!
LIERRE: Ehem… Here it goes. (Steps in front)
AIKA: Okay! Here comes Lierre, with the birthday messages for Tomari Onitsuka!

LIERRE: (Opens Digitariel)
LIERRE: Behold! For you, Tomari Onitsuka, shall be celebrating your first birthday as a School Idol! As a newest addition to Team Liella!, you can finally realize your own dreams as yourself. You are being voiced by Sakura Sakakura, and your birthday is being celebrated every 28th of December. We are indeed looking forward at your debut in the upcoming TV Anime 3rd Season!
LIERRE: And so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Closes Digitariel)

AIKA: Wow….
MAMI: At that’s it for her birthday messages to Tomari Onitsuka, ladies and gentlemen!
SAKI: And make sure to check out her new exquisite UR on SIF2! Are you one of the guys out there who is lucky to get her new UR?

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

TAKAYOSHI: The staff has presented us their New Year’s Resolution for Year 2024!
SHO: This was announced recently, right?
GEN: New Year’s March by Nijigasaki shall become playable on New Year’s Day (January 1), at 2:00 pm JST! And take note that there are two (2) variations/versions of this song, if you won’t notice!
TAKAYOSHI: And then, there’s MASTER difficulty in it. So get ready, guys!
SHO: I am really pumped up this coming New Year’s Day! Let’s go, Taka-Bro!
GEN: I will just do some little rehearsal plays, then I might start preparing for the next Event.
TAKAYOSHI: Please do read the next headline!

SHO: We have to do some Event grinding, even after New Year’s Day!
GEN: That’s our New Year’s Resolution!
TAKAYOSHI: Which, in fact, it’s my turn.
SHO & GEN: !!
TAKAYOSHI: This Event shall be featuring UR Chika as my reward.
SHO: Taka-Bro. I won’t even stopping you for this.
GEN: So as long as your recovery items are ready, then you are ready to battle for glory!
SHO: The Event song is Aozora Jumping Heart! I heard that this song on MASTER is ridiculously difficult. I can’t even land a C Combo for this one!
GEN: And I heard that they had modified the rankings for the Oshimen Ranking as well. Time to fight for honor, Takayoshi!
TAKAYOSHI: I stand ready. Are you ready, Sho and Gen?
SHO: Of course, we are, Taka-Bro!
GEN: This is my last play.
TAKAYOSHI: This Miracle Collection Event will span for at least 11 days until January 10th, from December 31, New Year’s Eve.
SHO: And this could be our last headline for SIF2, since this is the last Episode!
GEN: You have to keep playing to follow the story of the School Idols!

ALL: Stage Start! S.I.F. !!

Other Updates

SAKI: So then, we are almost at the end of the Headlines… Let’s talk about this next! Chiharu and Komari will talk to you this time.

CHIHARU: Hello guys! It’s about time!
KOMARI: Well… It’s about time to talk here! And this is the final Episode!
CHIHARU: Their upcoming Event, the Unit Koshien 2024 by LoveLive! Series, shall be taking place on March 9-10, 2024 JST!
KOMARI: Tune-in to their official page for more details! One hint here to join is via ticket lottery entry! It can be done by purchasing the Blu-Ray volume 4 of the Yohane the Parhelion Anime! And the ticket lottery application will end on January 8!
CHIHARU: That’s one detail! And make sure to tune-in to their feeds, or via their future livestreams for more info!

Official Unit Koshien 2024 Page

KOMARI: And as a final highlight in this Episode, let us show this as well!
CHIHARU: The original LoveLive! School Idol Project was aired and streamed 10 years ago. And so, they shall be having a special event that would commemorate its 10th anniversary!
KOMARI: This series of TV Anime 10th Anniversary Projects have been announced! This event shall be in a form of talk show… And a live orchestra concert!
CHIHARU: Live orchestra?
KOMARI: The Special Talk Session shall be the Part 1! While the Orchestra Concert shall be the Part 2! They shall be happening around February 23-24, 2024 JST and March 30-31, 2024 JST, respectively.
CHIHARU: I wondered on how I could watch these both events?
KOMARI: I heard that there is also a paid live streaming to be given soon to Overseas Fans, or for people who lived outside Japan! Stay tuned at their feeds, or visit the given homepage below!
CHIHARU: Honoka…

Official Page: LoveLive! TV Anime 10th Anniversary Release Project

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Later, Takayoshi, Aika, and Sho have arrived late in the scene. They knew that Mikako Kira is no longer to be found in existence.

They were about to leave. However, Chiharu saw someone who is sitting down on a bench. She then approached that person immediately in existence.

That girl who is sitting down on a bench, she was bit older than Chiharu by a couple of years, and she was still young.

Then, that girl sitting down on a bench said, “Seeing these blue skies… They are as vast as our own dreams.”

Chiharu noticed the colors of the eyes of the girl who is talking to her right now. And Chiharu has said, “Yeah. School Idols can never stop dreaming big. They could ever stop dreaming once they had quitted being one.”

“That’s my line! Where did you learn that quote?”

“Um… Yeah… I have learned that from a fellow School Idol whom I have loved and adored before.”

“I see… She was also my former rival, too. But then, for me, I had realized my true self now. That’s why I am traversing this path myself.”

“Yeah, and I am also traversing this path—“

“My mother has taught me some things. Sometimes, when you had reached your bigger heights, then there is a time that you could even fall down harder when you have reached it.”


“By the way, let me introduce myself. I am Tsubasa. Tsubasa Kira.”

Meanwhile, the others back are listening. And Saki was surprised about that.

“Tsubasa Kira,” said the surprised Chiharu. “You are…!”

“Hahaha! I am just a typical fashion designer. I can make some dress and costumes for my clients!”

“I see now. That’s why, Mikako chose to…”

“Well, I have to go now. I got some calls from my clients, and I got some meeting to attend to. If I have a time, we can meet and talk the other day around, okay?”

“Okay… See you around!”

And then, Tsubasa has left Chiharu behind. And finally, everyone else has gathered along with Chiharu.

“Tsubasa…” said Chiharu. “I think I had heard her name before.”

“It makes sense now,” said Saki. “That’s why Mikako chose to go back to that time.”

This is where the other Idol Chasers members have arrived and gathered.

“Chiharu, it seems that you are only left with one objective,” said Takayoshi.

“And that is… We need to win the LoveLive!” said Aika.

“This is Honoka’s wish for you, right?” said Mami. “I guess there is no turning back.”

“That’s right,” said Komari. “Now that I have found my lost mother, then there is a reason for me to perform as a School Idol.”

“We guys are still around to support you girls!” said Sho. “Make sure to give all of your best until the end!”

Gen is looking on his right hand that is slowly dissolving in air. And he said, “Never forget on what Honoka has taught you!”

“You girls got only one life left remaining to perform on the live stage, and you know what I mean, right?” said Saki.

“That means, this is our final school year as School Idols,” said Lierre. “As Idol Stars League, this is our first and last entry to the LoveLive! Contest!”

“Yeah,” said Chiharu. “Girls, let’s do this!”

And so, this is where Chiharu, Aika, Lierre, Komari, and Mami have joined hands together as School Idols. They were now ready to compete for the LoveLive! Contest next month.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE- – Animatic Roguelite Video Game Trailer

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By chance, she comes into possession of an old mirror.

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Suddenly, she is sucked into the mirror, which begins to glow.

What she finds in the mirror is the “Reverse-Numazu,” which is the exact reverse of the real Numazu!
Moreover, it was a mysterious world where magic could be used with the power of cards.
At the same time, strange things happen to the friends in the real world one after another.
In order to save them, she must go through the “Reverse-Numazu”!
What awaits her?

A world of mirrors that changes its appearance every time she enters.
After countless choices, what is the future that Yohane will choose?
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Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE-

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TV Anime “Nijiyon Animation 2” Teaser PV 1

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Nijiyon Animation 2

Airs on TOKYO MX TV on April 5, 2024 JST!

Check your local Anime licensors for time and availability!

Official Website | Series Info

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