EPISODE 35: Memory Maze Series ~Saki’s Last Live Show~

Chiharu and her other friends were finally trapped in the Black Lace Ribbons’ World, along with Mikako Kira. Having no option but to surrender, Chiharu finally uses the power of the Digitariel in order for them to break out. And then, the Digitariel’s power has engulfed them into a realm, called as the Memory Maze. The other Idol Chasers must remember and realize their memories in order to get out from the Memory Maze.

It seems that the other Idol Chasers had managed to get out from the Memory Maze. This time, it’s Saki’s turn to realize herself next!

This is the LAST PART of the Memory Maze Series. Don’t give up reading!

Saki is seeing her younger self, and she knows that she was still a School Idol that time.

After her glorious victory, along with her own School Idol Group, in the LoveLive! Finals, Saki has said, “We have finally won. I have finally reached for my own dreams.”

When the Event is finally over, Saki is talking to her other girls in her own School Idol Group.

“What are we going to do now?” said the Girl A.

“Now that we are the year’s LoveLive! Winners, then we should celebrate!” said the Girl B.

“Yeah,” said Saki. “And I am just worried on what has happened to Mikako right now after she had witnessed her second defeat.”

“Mikako? Don’t mind about that person anymore!”

“In fact, she was your rival now, previously as your partner.”

“I know. So then, let us just do our last live show.”

“Last live show??”

“Does it mean we have to…?”

“It is because, this is our last school year. And we just need to give it all!”

This is where Saki has decided where she could able to graduate from being a School Idol, really soon.

“I have my own dreams to be fulfilled, too. Not only I have to stay like this forever. Sometimes, we need to excel on other things, too!”

The present Saki knows on what will happen next. She then transports into an another scene or memory. And she said, “Yeah, our group didn’t really win here. It is because for the sake of doing our own, last live show.”

On the regional finals of LoveLive! Contest, Saki’s group didn’t manage to qualify for the finals, but the School Idol Group from Yuigaoka did.

“Is it okay that we just accept our defeat?” asked the Girl A.

“It seems that we had already become winners previously in the LoveLive! Finals,” said the Girl B.

“Yeah, that’s the point,” said Saki. “At least, we had already done our part.”

And so, this is where Saki had finally done it. And she steps at the live stage.

“Congratulations to the winner of this LoveLive! Regional Qualifiers for the LoveLive! Finals!” said Saki. “For this day on, we shall be passing on the baton! And also, today, we are announcing our graduation, as School Idols!”

The audiences are surprised.

“It is because I had finally realized my own dreams, and I had achieved higher heights! Basically, I have a new path now for me to go, as a School Idol! For the fans, thank you for always loving and supporting us!”

This is where the present Saki has shed some tears, knowing that she graduated on purpose.

Also, the School Idol Saki Kitagawa said, “This is our last live show! Please listen to our song!”

And after that, the scene has faded to white.

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AIKA: … I had almost lost my voice…
MAMI: That Ijigen Fes Event last weekend was totally a big-bang.
SAKI: Not bad in my own age. But then, I can still move my muscles to work!
AIKA: … Ehem… And I am still recovering my voice, though, after that loud cheering with my favorite idols on the stage.
LIERRE: And to give you heads up, everyone… This blog post series is heading towards the season finale. Nope… Series Finale!
LIERRE: But as we are heading towards that, I am sure that there are tons of updates coming from our sources.
MAMI: I am sure that Team Aqours and Team Nijigasaki are still up and ready for their upcoming live shows in the next consecutive weekends!
SAKI: For this time on, I am awaiting for their sudden announcements.

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

SHO: Looks like I had finished watching this live event on Day 1 yesterday! And it was fantastic!
TAKAYOSHI: Sho. That’s why I am eager to watch on the last day, which is tomorrow after this Episode.
SHO: Really? Then, let me join you this time, Taka-Bro!
SAKI: About time for them to perform for another time, huh? I am sure they ain’t resting, even after that recent Ijigen Fes last time.
TAKAYOSHI: Right now, this live event, the Yohane the Parhelion -The Story of the Sound of Heart- is taking place at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena today, and in tomorrow!
SHO: And if you haven’t watched it yet, you still got chance! Just go to their official page for more details on how to watch their paid live stream!
SAKI: Just like what you said before, my dear Takayoshi, will there be new announcements?
TAKAYOSHI: More likely. Just keep our eyes open for this possibility!

Official page here.

Nijigasaki Updates

SAKI: You guys don’t even know what’s coming forth after this live, isn’t it?
AIKA: !!!
MAMI: That’s a road leading to their foreseen Movie Trilogy Series!
SAKI: That’s right. And since that can be fairly far from this Episode, let us discuss the details of their live this time.
AIKA: Take note that this is just only the “Part 1” of their 6th Live! The Part 1 shall be taking place next weekend, at Aichi Sky Expo at Aichi, this coming December 23-24, 2023 JST!
MAMI: And the Part 2 shall be on January 13-14, 2024 JST, at K-Arena Yokohama, at Kanagawa.
SAKI: Overseas paid live streaming is now available for fans outside Japan! Make sure you could watch this live until the very end, since there would be some announcements afterward!

Official page here.

MAMI: And in this Episode… It is special because…
AIKA: Today is Kanata Konoe’s birthday! Yay! Happy birthday, Kanata!
MAMI: And Lierre shall be giving her birthday messages to her today in this Episode! Let’s read it!

LIERRE: Dear Kanata Konoe. During the days, you can be a sleepy sheep. But during the nights, you are an active worker. I understand that you prefer working harder during the nights rather than the days, where most people are active. But then, you chose to be like that. However, you acted significant to the other girls of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, since you had helped them in their tasks — something that you can do, that others can’t do. There is always a benefit when you try sleeping around with your pillow, while relieving yourself from various problems. I am sure that you got a hidden talent where it can help you and others to traverse problems as School Idols. And to greet you, continue on what you are, and on the things that you can do in order to excel greater heights. Happy Birthday, dear Kanata Konoe from Team Nijigasaki!

MAMI: And that’s it for Lierre greeting Kanata a happy birthday!
AIKA: And for people who play SIF2, be sure to check out her new Limited UR! Are you guys lucky enough to scout it?

SAKI: This Livestream shall be hosted by Aguri Onishi (Ayumu), Mayu Sagara (Kasumi), and Akina Homoto (Lanzhu)! It shall be taking place on December 19, 2023 at 9:00 pm JST!
GEN: You got to tune-in for content updates, live event and merch updates, and other media updates! Also, you got to tune-in also for the serial code to be given for the SIF2 rhythm game during the stream!

Liella! Updates

LIERRE: So then, their main visual has been revealed for their upcoming 5th Live Event on the year 2024.
SAKI: Their event title is Liella! 5th LoveLive! ~Twinkle Triangle~
LIERRE: So, what can you say about their new live event key visual?
AIKA: It’s just Liella! standing with space and stars as backdrop.
MAMI: Great, Aika! You also study photography, don’t you?
AIKA: Uh… a bit, but not my hobby…
MAMI: Of course, I am one of those people who could master the art of space photography! Nope, any kinds of photography will do for me!
LIERRE: This live show event will take place on at least two (2) venues across Japan, on January and February 2024. Stay tuned at their feeds for more updates!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

SHO: Taka-Bro! It seems that some newer songs got their MASTER beatmaps already!
GEN: As far as I have known, that would be the Ijigen BIGBANG, and the game’s theme song itself, the MIRACLE NEW STORY.
TAKAYOSHI: MIRACLE NEW STORY? If I had a hard time landing an FC finish to its EXPERT counterpart, how much more to its MASTER difficulty counterpart?
SHO: I know that you are aiming for perfection, Taka-Bro. But then, remember what your master has taught you.
GEN: That’s right. I might try to exercise my fingers as well for these MASTER songs.
TAKAYOSHI: Alright. So then, it’s time to put my championship skills into use again.
SHO: Remember to check out and play these songs on the MASTER difficulty! There is always a Rehearsal Mode, if you think you want to do sparring first.

TAKAYOSHI: Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka have joined the party.
SHO: Looks like a notification from an RPG huh?
GEN: To summarize, as of December 15, 2023, at 12:00 pm JST, Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka SRs are now added to the Members Scouting pool.
TAKAYOSHI: They are just only SRs. But who knows that they might get their own URs soon?
SHO: Hahaha…. Expect the expected. So then, welcome to these new Liella! 3rd Gen Members!

TAKAYOSHI: Lock and Loaded. I am ready to rumble.
SHO: Yep, and this Multi Live Event is now on! This time, Liella! Side shall be in favor!
GEN: You already know the rules on how to play, right? Just enter a random public room. Matchmake. Play. Win. Earn more event points. Repeat. That’s it. Don’t get disconnected during a live show play, or you will get a penalty!
TAKAYOSHI: Event UR to be obtained from this Event is Shiki Wakana! Other two URs can be scouted from the new Scouting Banner! Make sure to put them into your current team to boost your score greatly, right after every live show play!
SHO: I see… So I can’t beat these guys without these new Event URs equipped! So, it’s better to have them, rather than nothing!
GEN: This Event shall end on Christmas Day. Hoping that I could get a higher Event Rank before this Event ends.
TAKAYOSHI: Alright, then. Let’s go, guys! Stage Start!

GEN & SHO: S.I.F. !!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

Yume ga Bokura no Taiyosa

Lyrics: Aki Hata
Composition & Arrangement: Shun Aratame (HANO)

TAKAYOSHI: This song is for the ending theme song of the Nijigasaki Anime SEASON TWO.
SHO: This song is looking fine with me! But then, I don’t seem to like the animation video that much, when it is playing on the ending credits of the Anime.
GEN: This song has also appeared on the LLAS game, which was recently closed down.
TAKAYOSHI: Remember Ryoran! Victory Road, which was featured in our segment last time? That song was its coupling song!
SHO: This song can be boring to play. However, when it comes to Ryoran! Victory Road, then it’s never boring!
TAKAYOSHI: A matter of fact… Mood balance.

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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“I see,” said Saki. “I know that the maid cafe that I had established is because it is made from my own dreams as a School Idol. Even though that I am older now in my age, I can still teach the younger generation about the values of being a School Idol!”

And then, at the front of Saki appeared the Idol Chasers, Chiharu, Takayoshi, Aika, Sho, Komari, and Mami.

“Everyone… I have finally realized on what really makes me!” said Saki.

“It is now the time!” said Chiharu. “Miss Saki, you have to face reality now!”

“That’s right. I have to defeat… No, I have to save Mikako Kira!”

“Let’s go together! Let’s go to the reality now!”

And so, this is where Chiharu and the Idol Chasers have travelled back to reality, escaping from the Memory Maze that was created by the Digitariel.

When the Idol Chasers are back, they are now grouped together, except with Lierre and Gen. They are standing before the Black Lace Ribbons.

“So, what was that ability, huh?” asked and said Mikako Kira. “We are still standing here, and you can’t even stand a chance!”

“Mikako, this is just the beginning!” said Chiharu. “I am going to show to you what School Idols are made of!”

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE- – Animatic Roguelike Video Game Trailer

While working as a fortune teller in Numazu, Yohane spends her days with her friends.
By chance, she comes into possession of an old mirror.

Worried that her fortune-telling is not accurate, Yohane decides to play “Magic Mirror Fortune-Telling” using the mirror,
Suddenly, she is sucked into the mirror, which begins to glow.

What she finds in the mirror is the “Reverse-Numazu,” which is the exact reverse of the real Numazu!
Moreover, it was a mysterious world where magic could be used with the power of cards.
At the same time, strange things happen to the friends in the real world one after another.
In order to save them, she must go through the “Reverse-Numazu”!
What awaits her?

A world of mirrors that changes its appearance every time she enters.
After countless choices, what is the future that Yohane will choose?
A new story begins in the other Numazu!

Yohane the Parhelion -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE-

Available on February 22, 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

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