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The Saga Goes On.

Life is like a story book. Everyday, we create our own stories in this world. Things, such as posting on social media, are examples of creating our own stories that everybody else can see.

For everything we follow, they had their own story and own origin. Those stories can be long or short, depending on how well the author can write it very well according to his or her feelings. Those long stories can last up to many years, even over five decades! However, not all long stories can last forever. Sometimes, stories can depend on how long people can live long until he or she dies. So then, once a thing or living thing that exists ceases to live longer, then that’s how a long story or legend will end. But then, that story will tell about his or her past memories and experiences when he or she was still alive.

Also, we have our own story that tells about our past, and we go back to recall our memories. But not all of our past memories can be seen or to be remembered anymore, and they should be forgotten forever.

So then, let us continue the story of my journey in the School Idol Universe, where the goals of these School Idols of fulfilling their dreams never end. Let us begin the 14th Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log!


There are some things to happen aside from the Episode 2 airing of the TV Anime Nijigasaki High School Idol Club this weekend! Check this out below!

EVENT TOMORROW: Aqours Online LoveLive! -LOST WORLD-

Coming up this weekend is the awaited Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! -LOST WORLD-. This was announced several weeks ago, along with the upcoming Saint Snow’s 1st GIG performance (You can read the last week’s Episode for details about the Saint Snow’s live). Overseas paid streaming was also available in certain territories, which means Japanese fans outside from their territory, as well as some other fans in other selected countries, shall receive a paid streaming Event.

What could the live performance be like? Just imagine it is just like from the recent Nijigasaki 2nd Live.

Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! -LOST WORLD- shall be commencing tomorrow, now or never. For those people who were able to get a virtual streaming ticket online and bought it, have a great time and enjoy! Estimated performance time shall span at least 3 hours on Day 1 (and Day 2), and somehow will end just before the Episode 2 premiere of NijiGaku Anime.

So then, let us go to the JP and Global Sides of LLSIF! Remember to read this Episode until the very end!


Round 25 Challenge Festival: Start-Up! µ’s Cheerleaders!

Ever since October 5, this Event has already started. The Challenge Festival Event shall feature UR Kotori Minami as reward that can be obtained by getting more Event Points in the Event itself! Meanwhile, URs Nozomi Tojo and Hanayo Koizumi can be obtained by Scouting! Scout them so that you can get a Yell Units Event Points acquisition boost when you play in the Challenge Festival Event! Don’t forget to grind more Event Points in the Event itself so that you can get awesome rewards, such as the Secret SSR Nico Yazawa, and some other returning Event SR members!

You already know the rules when you grind at this type of Event! As usual, my highlights of this Event shall be tackled next week right here in the JP Side highlights of this game, LLSIF!

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Campaigns

Last week, they had introduced an Event campaign which shall commemorate the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club‘s TV Anime series premiere! So then, expect something like these in the future. Which means, there would be some sort of login campaigns every week! Make sure to login in all of the days to receive all of those items, which includes the limited promo SRs of these Nijigasaki girls! And finally, don’t forget to play some limited songs which shall appear on your B-Sides every week!

If you are playing LoveLive! ALL STARS in the JP Side, and you link your SIFID account with it (where your SIF game data is also linked), you can get an SSR Exchange Ticket where you can use it to exchange with one of the nine girls of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Remember to login at least 7 days to receive one, and it shall work only on people who has LoveLive! ALL STARS account in the JP Side!


Round 40 Score Match: Rainy Day Series

The live show is not yet over. And so, this Score Match Event still continues. I am going to split this highlight into two parts. The Part 2 of this one shall be highlighted next week. And to mention, this Event will be ending tomorrow, about less than 30 hours from now.

One thing that I had observed in the ongoing Score Match was that there are only few active players that are playing, namely whalers or any powerful Elites in the game. So, every time I enter a Score Match matchmaking process, my matching player list is always empty. And that happened since in the past few days, when I am just trying to grind more Event Points until I had reached the point mark goal (getting all of the reward items).

There are things you need to know when you encounter no opponents, but CPU players. When you face them, it doesn’t matter how well you score, or to land higher Combo counts. There are chances that their score is higher than your score, or even your score is higher than them, or even your score is almost matched with another CPU player. Basically, your current score is just the ‘average’ score of the other three CPUs in your play.

So what if there are two CPUs, and a player in the matchmaking? What could be the result is that you can outlast the other player in your play, but consequently, you may lose to another CPU player that has got a higher score than you. There are many combination factors and possibilities, and you can even get a 4th position for that, especially if your opponent is an Elite or a whaler!

I am just trying to keep in mind that it is okay for me to grind higher in this Event. I must also remember that Score Match Points of mine should be a priority here. I would eventually lose more Score Match Points if I keep losing with those whalers or Elite players, especially if my selected team is not powerful enough to produce more Score Points. Yep, that’s the thing I should watch out. Otherwise, I would lose my Tier 1 Score Match Points Ranking position in process.

Upcoming Version 7 Update!

There is nothing much to discuss here. But in case you do not know it yet, there is an upcoming major update in which shall take place after the Score Match Event. I don’t know when, but it seems that KLab Games had already given us some spoilers of the Version 7 Update.

I had already given some of the spoilers of what can you expect to encounter on the Version 7 Update of LLSIF. It was already highlighted and mentioned last Episode 12! Better go to that Episode and go to the Global Side Highlights! You can find some of the pointers and spoilers there!

Answer to the Question Posted!

From the question above, what could be the answer? As promised, I am going to reveal it today!

“What makes Setsuna do more School Council President work than being a School Idol?”

The answer is… Letter C! Her strict parents!

Why her strict parents? This was explained very well in her Bond Episode 2 in the ALL STARS game!

LoveLive! ALL STARS: Setsuna Yuki Bond Episode 2
LoveLive! ALL STARS: Setsuna Yuki Bond Episode 2

Setsuna has two personas. One is being a School Idol, and the other is her persona of being the School Council President, under her name Nana Nakagawa. Her parents are very strict when it comes to extracurricular activities (School Idol activities like practice), and they don’t want Setsuna to be obsessed too much on it. They are doing it just because of Setsuna’s sake for her academic future, which is the main reason why (Nana) she is doing more School Council President work than being a School Idol who trains and dances everyday.

So then, my trial of this question and answer part of this Episode somehow looked successful. In fact, before every Episode ends, I shall give you a question, and the answer shall be revealed at the end of each Episode! So, expect something like these next week! There are no perks or prizes at all whether you get a wrong or a right answer. The question and answer part of this Episode is more like a quiz! And the purpose was to give some people a trivia, as well as some little edutainment experience!

For the succeeding questions, they shall be given every week, just same as on every publish of my Episodes here in IDS. To give you a heads-up, the question of the week shall be given every Wednesdays of the week, just two days before an Episode shall be published online! Got it? The given questions shall be about LoveLive! Series. Aside from referencing some scenes and moments from the Anime series, its prequels and game-only stories, I shall be giving questions about their character and personality. So then, look forward into it! Thank you very much!

To Be Continued! In the Next Episode!

Since there are many stuffs that are going to happen around this weekend, especially the login campaigns that shall commemorate the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s TV Anime release, most probably they are going to be highlighted next week. And once again, I can’t give you some highlights in the ALL STARS game, which is indeed not in my coverage, sorry.

Just remember to tune-in to IDS for the School Idol Festival Journal Log next week to find out what’s happening! If you had purchased an online streaming ticket for the Aqours Online LoveLive! performance, then enjoy watching it with your friends this weekend! And also, don’t forget about the Saint Snow’s 1st GIG performance which shall take place next weekend after the Aqours live. In fact, I shall give you some further details about it next week at the Pre-Episode highlights!

And that’s all for Episode 14 today! Thank you for reading! Cheers and see you next week for the next School Idol Festival Journal Log! Happy weekend!

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