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The fun and drama never stops!

For every fun and laughter, there is sadness and drama. Sometimes, we win and sometimes we lose. We can be lucky or unlucky. And most of all, we can be diligent or lazy. Everything shall depend on our efforts — the outcome or the result of our vision or goals!

Today, we are heading into the twelfth Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! But then, this Episode is definitely the last Episode for the month of September! Next Episode shall fall onto the month of October, which is next week! Let us not make it any longer! Let’s proceed!


LoveLive! Superstar!! Update

Last week, they had made several campaigns, such as voting for the new group’s name, choosing a candidate emblem design, and many more. Their latest voting campaign shall involve the design of their jerseys, the clothes they used to train (most likely a uniform they can use at school for their P.E. class).

This new School Idol Group shall be called as Liella! What we were expecting for more days to come of who shall be the voice actresses (girls who were chosen at the ongoing voice audition) to be chosen for the LoveLive! Superstar!! Series. Make sure to tune-in and follow since they might be posting updates randomly somewhere!

TV ANIME: LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

The new TV Anime series shall be premiering next week from now! Since September 26 is the LoveLive! ALL STARS JP Side’s 1st anniversary, they might announce new stuff, such as the new major update which will change the game’s view and experience, and many more. Also, after that September 26, next week shall be the TV Anime’s premiere on October 3rd, in the year 2020!

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club shall be premiering on October 3rd, following the LoveLive! ALL STARS 1st Anniversary release! For overseas and such, you shall have to check your local Anime licensor or distributor for its time and availability in your area!

So then, let us go to the JP and Global Sides of LoveLive! School Idol Festival Game!


Day 1,200 Login Streak Achieved!

I just forgot to include it last week. But then, I have reached the 1,200 day login streak in the JP Side! It has been a long run, ever since. I hope that I can go for more days to come! In fact, it shall continue to run endlessly!

Round 18 Companion Match: It’s Our Time to Shine!

As seen from the embedded Tweet above, the next Event shall be a Companion Match! Last Episode, I had predicted that the next Event shall be CYaRon! themed. Since we have AZALEA on the second half of July, then Guilty Kiss on the second half of August, we shall have CYaRon! today on the month of September, second half!

Featured Event UR shall be Ruby Kurosawa, and she can be obtained by earning more Event Points! Chika and You shall be acquired through Scouting. And finally, Yoshiko (Yohane!) Secret SSR shall be acquired by also earning more Event Points!

If you have a certain meta song to grind within the Event to maximize your Score, then do so in order to place yourself higher in the Score Rankings! Good luck and be victorious!

This Event has started since the 20th of September and shall last until the last day of September next week! Further highlights of it shall be included in the next week’s Episode!


Autumn 2020 Campaign Daily Missions

Ever wondered why you were getting the same missions in your Goals list? This is because of their ongoing Autumn 2020 Campaign Event! Those daily missions will give you out some Support SR members which can drastically increase your UR’s Skill Levels in stable! Just remember to do them daily in order to keep your teams stronger! And yes, they shall last until the end of September. So use this opportunity to grind more Skill Experience, and to increase your Skill Level of your current URs!

Round 13 Companion Match: Teru-Teru Bozu Series

So then, my highlights for this Event is just easy, unlike on the JP Side which requires me to use all of my play time to defend my Event Point Rankings. This is due to the fact that the ‘revamped’ update is not coming yet. But then, it will come soon enough just in a few days.

However, this Event is quite hard to grind than before. Since MASTER difficulty is included on every future Events now, most likely, it gives out more Event Points than playing on EXPERT difficulty. So then, MASTER difficulty is now a thing in both Global and JP Sides, and get used to it. For experienced players like me, this is the ‘new normal’ of Events in School Idol Festival. So then, be ready for the ultimate live stage, and win for your honor!

Going back above on the embedded Tweet, sometimes, the results tally may be screwed up. Showing the result, I should be in the 4th position. But then, the player that has the higher Score than mine was placed in the last position, instead of me. This is how some rare bug or glitched program line code was detected due to the random circumstances, like the coding algorithm, network stability, and so on (IT and software stuff, haha).

The Event has ended last September 24, just before this Episode was published. I finished the Event with a Tier 1-1 standing, and I was able to get my revenge back in the previous Token Event.

Version 7 Update (a.k.a. The Happy 7th Anniversary Update in JP Side)

With regards to the upcoming Version 7 Update in the School Idol Festival game, it shall never be the same again. So then, what I mean ‘shall never be the same again’ , in the previous sentences, as well as in the previous Episodes, is that it shall be added with more complex features, such as additional Skills to master to increase Scoring efficiency, and such. And at the same time, it shall become more harder to play from now on.

Here are some of the photos and some of the things below to show on what can you expect to encounter in the Version 7 Update of LLSIF.

Do you want more fun and drama? How about next week?

So then, we are heading to the next month, which in fact the month of suffering and hard times. Also, next week is something special. In fact, I had been a LoveLive! fan since year 2016.

When you read the last sentence above, and the photo above before this paragraph, it has something to do with my LoveLive! fandom today! And that’s one of the minor spoilers to be talked about next week! Tune-in next time for the next Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log next week to find out! See you and cheers! Happy weekend, everybody!

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