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Things to know about Yohane and the Parallel Numazu.

Yohane the Parhelion is now streaming on ABEMA TV (Japan), and on Crunchyroll (Worldwide, except Asia).

One thing that hooks me to watch this is that when the School Idol Group, Aqours, has recently teased me about their upcoming Anime series project, in which it was just initially an “April Fool’s Day” Anime project. And then, it has came into reality that this AFD Anime project has finally materialized — from being just a comic series published under the LoveLive! Days Magazine, up to the time that it has finally become an Anime series for real. Of course, I know that Aika Kobayashi (VA of Yohane) is already crying with joy.

So then, there are at least five (5) reasons of mine that why you should check out this cute and fantasy Anime series, Yohane the Parhelion. Of course, aside from being just cute, filled with lovely girls, there are also things that you could learn out from it.

  1. Watching the original “Aqours Anime” is not a requirement
  2. It teaches about socialization and communication
  3. Cute and interesting characters
  4. Mixed Action and Drama
  5. Soothing Jukebox Music
Watching the Original “Aqours Anime” is Not a Requirement
“Let’s deliver these letters, Errand Girl!”

Basically, Yohane the Parhelion is based from LoveLive! Sunshine!!, which is literally a part of the LoveLive! Series. And then, the Yohane Anime is really the “Parallel Version” from that said Anime. Going for the reason above, is it a requirement for people to watch the Aqours Anime first before watching the Yohane the Parhelion? To answer that question, for me, no. It is not a requirement for people or Anime fans who are indeed entering the LoveLive! Universe for the first time. Yohane the Parhelion is still a part of the LoveLive! Series. But then, although that it has the same characters from its original Aqours Anime counterpart, then the flow or the direction of the story is indeed different. And finally, do not treat LoveLive! Sunshine!! as a prequel Anime, or a requirement, nor Yohane the Parhelion as a sequel to LoveLive! Sunshine!!. Just remember that the story flows of both of these Anime are different, to repeat — you will just be confused. And to end this reason, the titular character, as opposed from the original Aqours Anime as Chika Takami, will be Yohane this time. Also, the cast ordering from the original Anime is a lot different.

Teaches About Socialization and Communication

The theme of this Anime series is about “socialization” and “communication”. Finally, we have Yohane as the star of the story.

Yohane is a young girl who was grown with many unfortunate moments and bad luck in her life. She travelled in a far, distant places just in order to prove herself being a popular and well-known girl to everybody else. In the end, she has failed, making herself be sad in despair, and also the fact that she can be loudy and arrogant at times. When she has returned to Numazu, with her goals left unfinished or failed, she learns that something is happening weird in the town where she ain’t used into. She was then guided by the talking big dog, named as Lailaps.

Yohane and Lailaps are working together in order to resolve some problems, especially with Yohane who is really in trouble on how to stand up from nothing again, after she lost everything. She then meets with various girls along the way, in which they are significant in her quest to find out on how she could save the town which is, in fact, secretly in danger.

And to go back to the topic, the theme is about socialization and communication. It teaches the viewers on how they must convey their own words to someone when they talk. It is about on how people are able to get together by just talking, and sharing their mutual feelings with one another. They can encounter various understandings and misunderstandings, where Yohane’s words can sometimes be erratic, in the sense that her words might hurt someone’s feelings. And then, the talking Lailaps shall be her guide or hint in order to solve and work things out, especially when Yohane can sometimes put herself in danger. But in the end, it is their mutual feelings or bonds that will put them together in order to traverse odds.

Cute and Interesting Characters

Like any other LoveLive! Series, Yohane the Parhelion is an all-girl main cast, parallel to its original Aqours Anime counterpart. But then, having the same first name doesn’t really mean that they are of the same character after all. Of course, Yoshiko Tsushima will be always Yohane, Hanamaru Kunikida will be always Hanamaru, and so on. Except, this time, there are random male characters appearing, either as voices or a character in person. But of course, they can be only either stock or some characters that would act as “backup dancers”, to joke around.

Hanamaru will be always an adorable, cute girl, whether on her original counterpart, or on her current Parallel Numazu one. Zura!
Riko in the Parallel Numazu will be always Riko from the original counterpart.

Cute girls can be interesting to hang out with, especially with the adorable, light-hearted Hanamaru, the cute, squeaky fairy, Ruby, and the tough, professional captain, Dia. Of course, you will notice that some characters are indeed contrary from their usual counterparts in the original Aqours Anime. But since there are still room for their further character development, then it is still an early judgment whether you could either love them, or hate them, in terms of their character, aside from their cute and bit-sexy appearances.

Kanan is really different from her counterpart, Kanan Matsuura from the original Aqours Anime, possessing with her engineering skills.

LoveLive! fans can have no problem in comparing with these girls to the original Anime. But for the fans who are new to this Anime, or otherwise are non-LL fans, then they could really think whether they must watch first the Aqours Anime before watching this one. But then, characterization comparison is really not a requirement, for fans who are new to this Anime series. Otherwise, it can only give them some headaches.

Some characters, like this Mari, can eventually change moods when she is strolling with Yohane and Lailaps!

And then, finally, though that all of the MCs there are girls, I can find nothing of any Ecchiservice. Except on some scenes where Yohane, or some other characters, are able to expose their own fetishes, if you know what I mean! (Especially on Yohane’s solo MV part of the first Episode) Overall, these main characters are indeed adorable, or unless hated.

Fetishism with armpits can never go away.
Mixed Action and Drama

In Yohane the Parhelion, since this is a fantasy genre (with some magic and bit machines), there are things to expect. One is that the plot can be unpredictable. Depending on what Yohane does could really affect the flow of the story or timeline. Somehow, it can be similar when playing some adventure RPGs, when there are some multiple endings. But then, since this is an Anime with linear plot, then try sitting down, while watching and hearing what the characters are saying.

They are ready to battle! Give them orders!

One thought about this Anime is that it is not really boring to watch. It can be boring when you just focus on what are the characters are doing, especially when it is already in a drama part or scene. When you pay attention to what they are saying (in subs or their original language, if you can understand), it can convey the message to the viewers about a “lesson” or “value”, wherein it is really true to the real life. Sometimes, we can pick something of a good lesson, wherein we could either learn something from Yohane’s unfortunate moments, or in any situations where she is already screwed up with her plans, while the people around her are there to help her up. And we can be like Yohane, who can be a loser in life, while she can be growing stronger from the mistakes that she has made.

And since it is a fantasy, it is quite unpredictable on when these either action or drama cut-ins will surface. Of course, you can’t really take out your eyes from what’s happening around, especially when Yohane faces trouble.

Soothing Jukebox Music
Yep, and they feature some stills in their insert song MVs.

Finally, Yohane the Parhelion offers some music collection, wherein it plays one MV or music per Episode, or at any other Episode. Of course, the School Idol group Aqours shall be the main vocals here to back up the Anime at all costs. And at per song, they are sung by either 2, or even 3 members — something like a duo-trio unit per song (with the exception of the Episode 1 insert song). Both the opening and ending themes are fantastic, and they give something of a magical fantasy vibe. And of course, LoveLive! fans are able to play these songs via the SIF2 rhythm game. And then, these Aqours songs in the Yohane Anime are varying of genre, where it can range from calm pop, up to the heavy metal rock (where Dia is donned in her metal armor). Overall, I can say that they are all, equally beautiful.

Ending Remarks

So then, you finally have an idea about on what Yohane the Parhelion has to offer to its Anime fans. Especially, if you like cute and adorable Anime girls, then this one shall be for you. You also got an idea on what to expect to encounter soon in this Anime — just keep your eyes sharp and stay frosty.

“You can already foresight my future!?”

But then, the cold opening, which was shown at the beginning of the first Episode… Will it be the ending where Yohane ended up meeting with some bulk of friends? That might not be the ending, but… Who knows that the story might be heading into a different direction? Yep, and it is really up to Yohane to alter it, though, with her actions in the Anime.

Will this cold opening scene in the first Episode be the ending for the Final Episode?

So then, I am really rooting more for this Anime series, wherein I could really start to see the loser Yohane grow stronger in character.

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