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Featured image is from Digimon Ghost Game – Episode 9

A lot of new and good Anime shows, whether it is a regular or seasonal Anime shows, are appearing both left and right. Basically, being an Anime fan myself does not really mean that I am able to watch them all in one go. Sometimes, I have to pick one instead of the other. It is not just because I don’t want to pick up that title, but because what interests me first is my priority.

So then, I had been watching few Anime shows lately. And did you know that most of the Anime shows that I had been watching are all ongoing or the sense that they were the latest?

And to answer that question, the kind of Anime shows that I had been watching is mostly any Anime shows that I could enjoy watching it for fun. And at the same time, I could learn “valuable lessons” from it, such as learning from the characters, as well as some scenes or events with those characters. Valuable lessons, in the sense that I can learn some, in which I can apply them in real-life situations. Such as that character is being bossy or something, and he has ended up losing in a competition because of his reckless attitude and his “big headed” or boastful character.

Something like those, I had been writing them down and they are included on each of my Episode Reviews.

To give you some examples, here are at least four (4) Episodes from different Anime shows that I had watched previously.

Example 1: Puraore! Pride of Orange
Episode 6: debut

Yu Kiyose is a newly-transferred player in Nikko Dream Monkeys. At the time she was playing along in an exhibition match with a guest ice hockey team, the Women’s Ice Bucks (Originally, Ice Bucks is the name of the real ice hockey team in Japan, where Nikko Dream Monkeys is based from), she is showing that she can outbest anyone by just shooting the puck by herself, without any assistance from her teammates. The end result? Her team lost.

It is basically shows that teamwork is important, especially if the game is requiring everyone to work together. It is because if you go on ahead, and you become boastful and arrogant, you are just going to end up losing. And at the same time, you are bringing your teammates down with disappointment and frustration.

Example 2: LoveLive! Superstar!!
Episode 10: Check It Out!!

If you had that offer or opportunity, in which it was waiting for you all along, are you willing to take it? Generally, what holds you back is the bad experiences that you have in the past. In which Sumire Heanna have that bad experience, despite that she can excel at anything, such as cooking and as being a multi-talented girl, she ended up being in a lower class of character (stock character) in some stage plays that she is acting or playing.

Sometimes, being overconfident in some things don’t really guarantee us total victory. But then, Sumire can achieve something higher than the clouds, only if her own expectations in life and everything aren’t very high. In other words, be humble and don’t expect too much of a victory or satisfaction.

Example 3: Shenmue the Animation
Episode 6: Dignified

Ryo tries to learn the Wude in order to ask some questions where he could find Yuanda Zhu, a person that has connections with the death of Ryo’s father. When he is learning the first Wude, called Gon, he has learned that martial arts aren’t for hurting someone else when they try to attack and hurt you.

Also, in that Episode, it shows that all things should not be done in a rush or hurry. Basically, it makes you ask some question that, “What are you going to do next when you had totally got it?” When you got that thing in your hands, what was truly your objective to use it? And to end, just be patient and don’t rush at anything.

Example 4: Digimon Ghost Game
Episode 21: A Spider’s Trap

Hiro, Ruli, and Kiyoshiro were invited by a mysterious woman to visit their exhibition hall, in which it has something to do with technology and animals. But then, the three just ended up being trapped into an abandoned building, where also the evil Digimon has appeared and captured them. Having no choice but to get eaten, GulusGammamon appeared, and blowing the evil Digimon’s mouth up to pieces.

It is really important for us, people, to be extra vigilant and secure from any people that we are talking, especially strangers (And to people who are pretending to be someone else working on an organization or company.). Sometimes, they do really have a motive in order to do criminal things at you, such as kidnapping you and locking you up for ransom, or even setting up a trap in order for them to capture you and to give out sensitive information.

Though that some of the Anime shows that you had been watching can have a confusing storyline or plot, by watching and understanding it very well, you can find out the meaning of that plot, and can make you to formulate some sentences and questions in mind. You can also replay that Episode in order for you to notice the details (by just reading subtitles), in which it can make you notice that some parts or scenes can able to give you an idea about that theme or story on that Episode. So then, it is really important to pay attention with the characters and the story itself.

Finally, you have find out that I had been watching a few Anime shows lately — not all of the newer Anime shows that I am able to watch. It is really up to me if I could watch that show or not — it all depends on my favoritism. The thing is that I must watch that Anime show not just for sexual entertainment or anything distracting or useless, or pleasure. It is because I wanted to watch that Anime show, in which I can learn valuable lessons, or in the sense that there is always a “moral story or lesson” on that Episode of that Anime series.

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