EPISODE 14: Find the Prism Card!

“I may be Lierre. But it is just me who is talking to my other self who is sleeping right now in my arms.”

Inverse Lierre speaks.

“So then, a group of people, who were known as the Idol Chasers, had been transported into a mysterious Parallel World. Maybe, because the Digitariel has acted wierd when my other self is gone, right? Not my fault, either. So then, I think they are looking for something in order to get back into their precious world, isn’t it?”

Finally, Inverse Lierre made her final words to the readers.

“Oh my, they should be warned. I know that some problems may do appear randomly without knowing. And I think that they had a new enemy hiding in the woods. The Idol Chasers should be careful, though!”

And this ends her speech to the readers.

The four girls had begun walking, and they are scouting the deserted land.

“Very good in doing our School Idol Training here,” said Chiharu. “And yet, there are no people or anyone besides us.”

“What are you even saying??” asked and said Aika to her. “This land is deserted, and we do not even know what danger awaits us here!”

“Somehow, we should really be careful here, Chiharu,” said Mami. “I think this place that we are in is considered as a danger zone already.”

“Not only we do our scouting here in this place,” said Komari to them. “We are here in this unknown Parallel World because we are looking for an item!”

“Oh, the Prism Card! It looks like I am out of my priority!”

“Should we set aside our training in order to finish this mission, perhaps?”

“Well, and we are really signed in to compete for this year’s LoveLive! Event, and we aren’t even starting from scratch.”

“We just need to realize that our current mission is now our training regimen, from now on, as Idol Stars League! Got it, girls?”

As they continued to walk and stroll, they had remembered the conversation during their briefing with Saki, Honoka and the other Idol Chasers members.

“So then, it is decided that we should be working separately,” said Saki. “In fact, we should not come out from the maid cafe all at once for just this one mission!”

“Saki is right, everyone!” said Honoka to them. “In fact, some of you must go out and scout the area, while the remaining of us shall be staying here, if something happens in the maid cafe!”

“That’s it. And I will be deciding on who’s going out, and who’s staying here.”

And then, Saki has decided on who are the members that are going out, and who are staying in the maid cafe.

“Chiharu, Aika, Komari, and Mami shall be scouting the area. The rest shall be staying here in order to guard the maid cafe if something happens bad.”

“Go girls!” said Sho to the selected members by Saki. “We shall be supplying you some communication devices! Use them to contact here in this HQ!”

“Just leave the guarding to us,” said Gen. “And we don’t exactly know what will happen next when the Black Lace Ribbons made their stealth attacks on us!”

“Chiharu, Aika, Komari, and Mami!” said Honoka to them. “You just need to find where the Prism Card is! The Digitariel said so! I am just here to monitor on what’s happening on the Digitariel, and so far, nothing is happening weird yet.”

Chiharu finally asked and said, “How about on Lierre? No… Inverse Lierre! Should we also find her?”

Saki replied to Chiharu and said, “For now, we have to forget about Lierre, and I am sorry for that, Chiharu. For this time being, we need to find that Prism Card in order to get to the next Parallel World!”

And so, the mission was really confirmed, and the four girls finally head out. And this ends the flashback.

It was already mid-day, and the four girls continued their scouting and searching.

“Still, we haven’t found any traces of Prism Card here,” said Chiharu.

“And still, we don’t have any idea on where is it located, though,” said Aika.

“But then, brisk walking is training, though!” said Mami.

“I am really tired walking now,” said Komari. “Should we take a break?”

As they are about to take their next step in walking, a voice was heard somewhere saying, “Quite unfortunate that you can’t even find anything.”

When they turned around, it was just only Inverse Lierre who is distracting them.

“Inverse Lierre!” said Chiharu. “Did you find any traces of the Prism Card?”

“Haven’t yet,” she replied back. “But then, I saw a strange aura flowing around on that area.”

“Really? Then let’s go to that area!”

“Okay, but don’t expect something safe this time around. Otherwise, let’s go with caution.”

And so, the girls had finally started moving to that location that Inverse Lierre is referring to.

As they are about to check out that flowing aura around, somebody’s voice was heard from somewhere.

“You girls might be the Idol Chasers, don’t you? Well, this is going to be your dead zone.”

Someone who donned in a black magical girl-frilled dress has appeared before them.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” asked Chiharu.

“I see… The traitor of the Eidonian Tribe has returned,” said Inverse Lierre. “So, what’s your business now, Antyla?”

“Huh, did you know her, Inverse Lierre?”

“Antyla… She betrayed our homeworld, and she joined on the dark side. So much like that witch Mikako Kira.”

Antyla laughs and finally speaks to them, “Inverse Lierre… So much with your identical copy! You know, things are just getting too hard if you don’t just stop planning to visit our world.”

“Whatever plans that you are doing,” said Chiharu to her, “we School Idols can’t be stopped!”

“Let’s see if you can well stop this one,” said Antyla. “How far did your School Idol powers can go?”

Antyla summons a monster, and yelled, “Annihilate them, Beteldra!”

This monster creature, Beteldra, is a human dragonoid, and has appeared before them. The girls were somehow intimidated by its appearance.

Komari draws her pistol and started aiming and shooting at Beteldra. But then, the damage is nothing.

“For now, we need to run!” said Inverse Lierre and she used her teleportation powers to escape.

“Whoa!” said Antyla. “Is that really Idol Chasers made of? And they just escaped! Are they cowards or something?”

And so, Antyla just stands and continues to guard the area along with her monster Beteldra. And later on, Antyla just noticed the flowing aura that is gushing out from somewhere.

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LIERRE: And we are back in the scene! It seems that things have changed here.
SAKI: What did you mean that things have changed here?
LIERRE: A lot of changes have been made starting with this Episode onward!
AIKA: And we are going to bring the party in!
MAMI: Yes, and they have finally joined us!
TAKAYOSHI: Surprised? And starting from this Episode onward, we shall be joining in the Headlines!
SHO: Yep, and we are here, since our section has been finally dissolved!
GEN: Looking forward into the further Episodes, if that’s the case!
LIERRE: As you can see, updates for μ’s, since they were not enough, have been removed from this Episode, and in the succeeding Episodes! Instead, they shall be moved into the “Others” section. Meanwhile, the Games Updates were finally removed, and the SIF2 Highlights shall be included here!
SAKI: So, those are the changes, I see…
AIKA: Let us not make this any longer!
MAMI: I know that the fans are waiting already!
TAKAYOSHI: Alright, let’s get started!
SHO: This time, we shall be tackling on what has happened this week on LoveLive! Series!
GEN: So far, what are the things that are encountered?

ALL: This is the Headlines!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episodes 2 and 3
Happy Birthday, Yohane!

LIERRE: Sho, I think this section is now all yours for you to celebrate Yohane’s birthday.
AIKA: We had already given her some birthday messages! You are the only one left!
TAKAYOSHI: Go for it, Sho! It’s your chance!

SHO: Dear Yohane. I was once fazed by your beauty. The violet eyes, and your deep blue hair…Thank you for everything. Once we had meet together again, let’s fall together into the depths of the universe! Happy birthday, Yohane-sama! Your real name is Yoshiko Tsushima, in the Aqours side! Happy birthday, and take care! I will keep going on to support you… as your Little Demon!

AIKA: Oh… How sweet…
SAKI: Also, guys. Don’t forget that her Third Solo Concert Album song is now out in Japan stores, and on some music streaming sites!
TAKAYOSHI: And please, listen to her new song!

ALL: Please hear it! MABOROSHI wing!

Click here if the time jump doesn’t work.
Yohane’s Livestream (July 18, 2023)

TAKAYOSHI: Sho! Have you been watching this Anime show lately since when it was first aired?
SHO: Of course, Taka-Bro! I have been watching this up to the latest!
AIKA: And to mention the livestream guys, it shall be done on the 18th of July! Hosts are Aika Kobayashi (Yohane), Shuka Saito (You), and Nanaka Suwa (Kanan)!
TAKAYOSHI: Remember to tune-in to their livestream for some latest info with their Anime! Also, they might give out some other updates, like their merch, live events, and some content updates for the SIF2 rhythm game!
SHO: Can’t deny it more, Aika, Taka-Bro! I will definitely watch them!
AIKA: Alright! Let’s get into this!

Nijigasaki Updates

Tomorrow: NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series (Hokkaido)

SAKI: This is it! Their final stop!
AIKA: NIJITABI! Fan Meeting Tour Series, Part 6!
MAMI: This last part shall be held on Hokkaido, at Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru!
LIERRE: Hosts shall be Coco Hayashi, Mayu Sagara, Moeka Koizumi, and Akina Homoto! You know their counterparts, don’t you?
SAKI: Tomorrow and Monday shall be their Day 1 and Day 2, respectively. It seems that they are conflicted with the schedules, huh?
AIKA: But no matter what, we are going to attend, since that would be the last!
MAMI: Let’s go and watch them, for the last time!

Liella! Updates

Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series for Overseas Tourists!

SAKI: It seems that they are now starting to accept foreign tourists outside of Japan in order to see their live.
MAMI: It seems. And now, it’s your chance to see them live in person! And this could be interesting!
SAKI: Details of their 4th live has been revealed since the previous regular Episode. You could find it, if you can’t find it!
MAMI: Foreign tourists, huh? This is really exciting! And mass-gathering events are now back, ever since from the global pandemic!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

New Songs to Challenge!

TAKAYOSHI: It seems that there are some new songs for us to challenge, huh?
SHO: No matter what are those, we are going to take them right away!
GEN: What are those songs? These, so far, are:

  • Sentimental Lemonade [Aqours]
  • SINGING, DREAMING, NOW! [Nijigasaki]
  • Wawawa☆What’s Up! [Nijigasaki]
  • Hoshizora Monologue [Liella!]
  • Blooming Dance! Dance! [Liella!]
  • Free Flight [Liella!]

TAKAYOSHI: There are at least 11 songs added in the songs library! You can refer to your in-game notifications to find out the rest!
SHO: Let’s get ready, while the next Event isn’t starting yet!
GEN: Why not? I am ready.

Nijigasaki Multi Live

TAKAYOSHI: That’s it, an another Event coming up!
SHO: Yeah, and it is starting later at 2:00 pm JST!
GEN: Event UR reward here is Kasumi Nakasu. Play and earn more Event Points to win her!
TAKAYOSHI: And also, the two new URs that can be obtained from Scouting can be more likely to increase your score a lot when you finish a live show! Use that as an advantage to score ahead from your rivals… and friends!
SHO: Taka-Bro, I am ready to battle!
GEN: If that’s so, then get ready to gear up yourself with enough LP recovery items to defend your Event Points Rank!

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When Inverse Lierre and the other girls had escaped for safety, they had talked.

“Antyla was hired by the Black Lace Ribbons, perhaps?” asked Aika.

“No doubt about it,” said Komari. “And my pistol bullets aren’t inflicting it any damage.”

“How about the area that we are about to explore?” asked and said Mami. “Since Antyla was there with her monster, what are we going to do now?”

“And then, there are chances that the Prism Card that you are looking for might be there in that area!” said Inverse Lierre.

While thinking on what to do next, Chiharu finally speaks out and said, “We are going to go back there! No matter how dangerous, we must need to get that Prism Card!”

Everybody were surprised.

“Chiharu! Are you trying to risk our lives!?” exclaimed and said Komari. “And we are just not facing dangers here! We are also facing…”

“It’s alright,” replied back Chiharu. “It is because, I believe that I can overcome things. No, we can overcome everything!”

Inverse Lierre stands up and said, “Oh my… Alright. Chiharu shall be deciding everything. But I cannot guarantee total safety, if you girls did screw up!”

“You seem to be hot-headed today, huh?” said Aika to her. “Okay, we will do it, but make sure to cool yourself out.”

“There’s nothing will happen if we don’t start moving,” said Mami. “Chiharu, we shall be with you alongside! Just tell us on what to do!”

“Alright!” said Chiharu. “Let’s go back to that zone! This time, let’s make Antyla settle down!”

And so, Inverse Lierre, Chiharu, and others are preparing to go back to the place where Antyla is there standing along with her monster, Beteldra.

On the other hand, Antyla did follow the flow of the aura. Until, she ended into a place where she saw a strange platform in front of her.

“What is this place? Something like a stage platform?” asked Antyla to herself. “And then, this platform is ruined somehow. The question is… What’s in this stage platform that is crumbling apart?”

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

Follow your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

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