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Operation Yohane

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Overview (Story)
“We’ll work together this time!”

Yohane gets caught by a mysterious dark cloud which was flowing around in the forest that she is walking around. Until, she was rescued by the three girls in masks. The trouble gets only escalated when these infected animals grew stronger with the dark clouds, and until Dia finally gets into the scene to stop them.

As they battle, they got a lot of misunderstandings. How they are able to beat them all, when Yohane was just only standing around watching them fight?

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Review time with a sense of communication! That’s a tool to understand!

It seems that they had totally skipped the opening credits here, just in order to give way to the action scene, where the primary subjects are Chika, Yohane, and Dia. Also, just in time that they form here the “trio unit” from their infamous WHITE ISLAND live event (from their previous Aqours live events).

The action scenes are looking great here, especially with Dia being donned as the Scarlet Delta here, while Ruby acts as the engine of her machine. Chika is also doing great in her fighting stance with her other sisters! Yep, something that I can see on a regular Tokusatsu Sentai show. And that music which is playing along with the action scene is really energetic here — well, that’s the only thing I like most when I watch either an Anime or a Tokusatsu show, when these characters do fight. And overall, my eyes can’t take out of them!

Basically, the hype goes down when it finally reaches the other half of the Episode, where it finally talks about the next arc of the story.

This is Mari, your cool-headed overlord demon.

Mari? Something like she is an average character that you can see in some “isekai” series, as an “Overlord” character. Looks scary, but that’s a characteristic! And did you know that “Warshimer” is just a parody name from the actual “Awashima”, to give a trivia? And to go back, Mari is just being cool-headed here, instead being an overlord demon who is very aggressive and more evil.

Story in this Episode is just really something half-half, when it comes to plot. It just really hyped the fans from the cold opening until the middle, but not anymore when it has really gotten past from the half part. But overall, both of these plots were able to get resolved without ending in a cliffhanger. Amazing!

And again, what I can learn from this Episode is “sense of communication”. Yep, and socialization is the theme, remember!

Overall, my rating can be an average. But when I watch this Episode until the very end, my rating will be…

My Rating: GOOD (4.2/5)

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Series Info
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE)

This series can be streamed on Crunchyroll (Worldwide, excluding Asia).

This Anime series premiered on ABEMA TV earlier by a week since June 25, 2023, with a Japan TV broadcast on July 2, 2023.

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