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Who Needs to Be Rescued And Protected?

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“I am here to help you.”

Rein’s Party has finally infiltrated Edgar’s Manor, tearing the knights and guards apart of their defenses. As Kanade, Tania, and others have decimated their opponents, Rein finally gets inside a room, where a mysterious strong creature was found captive. She is known as Nina the Fox, and she was held captive by Edgar, noted for the black collar that is attached to her neck.

And then, the rescue for Nina and other captive people was successful. But their busting quest for Edgar isn’t over yet.

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“Another girl, Rein? What’s the meaning of this!?”

Alright, let’s have an Episode Review for this! Let’s see if it can have a better rating this time around.

So, Rein got himself an another girl ally on his stable of (pet) creatures. Yep, just like from the picture above!

It seems that what I had observed is that the MC (main character) is quite the “overpowered” here, than the any known heroes in this series ever! Yep, and he is more than just being a Beast Tamer here, but he is something that got some extraordinary abilities that can able to surpass any difficulties ever!

First, he has acquired some magic of fire. Then, magic amplification. Also, he got some super-strength abilities that can match, even the strongest creature on Earth! Well, this is quite interesting for me, since Rein was able to master and control the abilities that he has acquired from the strongest creatures that he has previously tamed, like Kanade and Tania. And then, he has finally acquired some minimal abilities of Sora and Runa as well, in the late part of the series. And what I really like from Rein is just being cool, without even knowing or having any idea about his true power and strength.

Other characters like Stella the Knight, and some other incoming characters like Nina, didn’t get enough time to get their spotlight. I bet that in the final Episode, they won’t be able to make it anymore, and your only chance to get to know them is by reading the Manga counterpart, it seems. Overall, the notable characters that get some character development here, so far, were the Fairy sisters, Sora and Runa, and the MC, Rein.

Story is basically making me just laugh, instead of being serious. It is because, at the time when there is something happening bad, and it is already finished, these cute characters are beginning to complain and argue — always in a form of ‘chibi’ conversations! Just like that scene where Rein was about to get killed by a deadman’s reaper scythe. This has reminded me of a certain RPG that describes the “status abnormalities” like poison. And this is where I got my minds rolling at the time that the MC is already dead. But when I continue to watch it until the end, this is where I just laughed with some humor. So far, this has made me laughed instead, when I already know that the next one shall be a piece of cake battle for Rein. Who knows? But this one is just really draining out of my excitement in watching the next part.

I have learned that there are people who are ready to save us, at the time that we are already in the midst of dying. We can totally lost hope, but there is always a little chance that hope will eventually save us from total destruction. And then, there can be times that darkness can eventually control us, especially when we are totally fallen for our own greed and desires. And finally, you had seen some of your “long lost” enemy in front of you. Will you ever face him or her in order to resolve your conflict or revenge?

And this ends my Episode Review!

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.4/5)

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Series Info
English Version (Series Title via Crunchyroll)
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. Its TV Anime counterpart was aired and streamed since October 2, 2022.

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