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A Hero with a Cat Girl and Animals.

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. The novel series that was published on year 2018 was adapted into several media, which included a graphic light novel published under Kodansha, a Manga Series published under Square Enix’s Manga UP! Magazine, and a TV Anime series that ran since October 2, 2022.

Beast Tamer can be watched worldwide on Crunchyroll (for NA-US/EU territories) and on MUSE Asia YouTube Channel (for SEA and other territories within Asia).

Notes: Nekomimi (ねこみみ / Cat Ears) is a term for calling any human beings that has ears of a cat, which is embedded along the top of their heads, on their head hair.

Series Info
TitleBeast Tamer
A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party
Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl
CreatorSuzu Miyama
DirectorAtsushi Nigorikawa
MusicYuki Hayashi
Alisa Okehazama
Naoyuki Chikatani
Animation StudioEMT²
Original Airing Date
(First Episode)
October 2, 2022
Official Website
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

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Rein is a member of the Heroes Party who got expelled, noted for his uselessness in the party, whenever he is under attack by some strong enemies, in which it always ends his comrades to be also in danger. Noted for his weak combat capability, Rein is called as the Beast Tamer, who could tame any beasts or creatures, thus forming a temporary contract with him in order to help him to carry his own tasks.

As Rein was carrying out his first quest in order to become an adventurer, after his expulsion from the Heroes Party, he meets this Nekomimi girl, named as Kanade, who believes to be originated from the Cat Tribe, one of the strongest and rare races ever found in the lands. Rein finally forms contract, as a Beast Tamer himself, with Kanade, in order for him to become stronger in his adventures. And then, this is where Rein can able to learn and realize that taming some animals and creatures could allow him to access their abilities in order for him to become stronger in battles.

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1Meeting of Fate
3Another Strongest Being
4A Dragonoid’s Power
5Beast Tamer VS Hero
6The Lost Woods
7The Imprisoned Fairy
8Let’s Create Some Weapons!
9Beast Tamer VS Beast Tamer
10Horizon’s Darkness
11Black Waves
13A Home for Everyone
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ReinShoya Chiba
KanadeAzumi Waki
TaniaRumi Okubo
SoraMinami Tanaka
LunaMaria Sashide
NinaMarika Kouno
StellaRie Takahashi

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