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Aqua × Abiko × Script

NOTE: This is Episode 2 of the Season 2.

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“This script, was it too late for me to ask you about it?”

Abiko Samejima, creator of the Tokyo Blade, has visited the rehearsal area where the other else around are practicing for the stage play adaptation. However, she isn’t satisfied with the outcome, and she wanted the whole script for the play to be revised.

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Review time! Everything about adaptation thing will be revealed!

So then, there’s not much of a storyline here. But it is indeed turned into an “edutainment” segment, somehow!

Speaking of adaptations, as I have said, not everything will be copied one-hundred percent. Basically, it is up to the author of that said source material to decide things for the staff. If he or she ain’t satisfied with the outcome, they must tell the staff to rewrite them. Same goes with some actors who are playing with the characters as usual. From my view of experience, if they ain’t become satisfied with the plot, or with the outcome/ending of the story, they sometimes beg for the producers to change the script because they ain’t happy. And for the author’s side, if he or she wanted to make that character more developed or something, they just request for the producers to lead them into that direction.

“You haven’t seen a stage play, don’t you?”

In other words, a creator can be sometimes the “director” of the adapted material or media. And producers, for me, are just “machines” or “software” used by the creator to have his or her original source material to be adapted into a stage play, or any other form of media.

But what if that machine or software did not follow with the author’s idea, and they just act on their own — basically becoming like AI stuff or something? So then, that process of editing that script is literally explained at the mid-part of the Episode (claps hands).

The rest of the story? Nothing, but an extra chit-chat, where Akane finally takes Aqua on a date. That’s it. And Kana Arima is talking while looking down, seeing something that made her feel embarrassed (I had remembered that child self of hers who licks on a baking soda as imagination lol).

That expression when Kana Arima saw that meme figure of her child self who licks the baking soda.

Overall, not much of a story, but with some so-called “edutainment” about media adaptations from original source work like Manga and novels had made me amazed. Quite useful if you want some tips if you wanna produce your own media! And for my impression… Good to average.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Not much of a story, but with “edutainment” style!
Animation: (4/5) – Abiko’s eyes are fascinating, just like cat’s eyes.
Insights: (4/5) – Good representation on how do original source work adaptations do ever work, which would involve story, characters, and other elements. Just take note of the do’s and don’ts, though.

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