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Witches VS Jack O Pumkpin

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Overview (Story)
“What are you doing, you stupid pumpkin!?” – Witchmon

It’s Halloween, and people are wearing their favorite costumes, especially the witch costumes! But then, there is this Digimon who turns people, who wear witch costumes, into her own minions in order to conquer the land! First, that person shall be turned into a wicked witch, and then she can search for an another person who could turn her into a witch! And anyone who defies those witches shall be turned into rats, to be eaten by those cats which are coming along on the witches!

It seems that everyone in the city square, who had worn witch costumes, had become victims by this Digimon, named as Witchmon. And so, when they were already in trouble, a sudden long-lost guest has finally jumped in. Guess who’s back to scare?

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A Halloween Episode, since Episode 4! Anyway, let’s head on to the review and impression proper!

Generally, it’s a good run since I had been reviewing this Anime for a year! Did I literally survive the horror for more Episodes?

Okay, characters. Witchmon reminds me of an Anime character who is sadistic and merciless. Think of it: She is colored orange and black, and you already know what that means, right? Of course, those evil laughs of these witches that got turned are already scary for children fans. And guess who’s back to scare? It’s seems that Pumpkinmon has returned to scare more people! But too bad, he might only appear on the next Halloween season. But then, he is calling those people around him “friends” because that’s what he has believed since Episode 4, remember? Overall, Witchmon can be a good Digimon to cosplay because of her wizard-like costume — even in Halloween! Just make sure to add up some scary grin in you, though.

Story. Just as mentioned, it is just the “Part 2” from Episode 4, where Halloween is the theme. Do really witches and Jack O’ Lanterns clash? Maybe not. For the case, in this Episode, this is where I had imagined that some both iconic horror characters are clashing for the first time. But yeah, at least Pumpkinmon did really get his first spotlight here. However, his spotlight got stolen at the end by Gammamon (as Canoweissmon), when they battle against Witchmon.

Every midnight of the Halloween, this is where all of the horrible things are happening. Let’s say… Every midnight of October 31, this is where it all starts. However, when it has reached its end, also in the midnight before November 1, it all ends. Whew, that’s what I had learned! That’s why Halloween is considered as the “Festival of Ghosts” and other scary monstrosities. And to end this review, Happy Halloween!

My rating for this Episode: AVERAGE (3.8/5)

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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