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Trick or Treat!

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.


It’s Halloween and they were busy preparing for the party! And there is this Digimon who is disguising himself as one of Jack-o’-lanterns! He puts a big pumpkin on the heads of the people he victimized, turning their heads into Jack-o’-lanterns! And that Digimon is looking for… a friend?

As Hiro and Ruli are finding out the cause of the people who were disappearing in their place, Hiro is then studying the other features of his Digivice, aside from turning his Digimon partner into ‘invisible’ mode.

At the chance when they saw that Digimon popping out somewhere, Hiro finally follows the trail of where that Digimon is hiding.


Usually, what comes into your mind when you heard the word Halloween? Basically, the common item that is present in most Halloween celebrations is the Jack-o’-lantern, where most of the pumpkins are having a carved, scary faces in it. So then, let’s head on into the Episode Review proper!

It seems that in this Episode, we are somehow being educated a bit. Angoramon somehow gave a brief summary about Digimons, as well as the parallel world that exists in the Human World, called the Digital World. Good for some people who were beginning to follow the Digimon Series, or to some people who don’t know Digimon yet!

Well, the conceptualization of the parallel Digital World is somehow taken from the previous Digimon Series, in which Digimon users use their Digivices to shift in between two dimensions of the worlds. Yep, and instead of transporting from the Human World to an another world (We call this as ‘Isekai’, in Japanese term), the another world itself is residing within the Human World, which is parallel to each other. Just imagine you have two exact copies of ad flyers in your hands. Your right-hand copy is accidentally stained with some ink! But then, your left-hand copy remains unstained. Do you understand what those last two sentences mean? It is basically, then, the concept of the parallel Digital World that resides along within the Human World!

So why did this Jack-o’-lantern become a popular icon in most Halloween Celebrations? Maybe this article from Wikipedia can allow you to find out.

The featured Digimon of the Week is Pumpkinmon! Yep, and I am going to feature him in the intro corner later after this review!

I can say that this Episode (also on this series) is no longer children-friendly, for me. In fact, this Digimon Series is horror-themed on its appearance, and definitely not for younger audiences who were easily scared. There are actually scary scenes in which it involves the use of scary and sharp objects, like knives, for example. But then, just don’t chicken out on some scary scenes in which you can actually watch it until the end, especially if you are watching alone.

To end this Episode Review, of what Angoramon has said before, Digimons pass through a digital hole, in which they were considerably being thrown into the Human World without them knowing. And these Digimons were eventually “human emotion-controlled”, and their feelings do change according to the surroundings and environment around them. With these, they can go bad, crazy, or even evil. Or sometimes, their own personal desires and greed can turn them evil, too. Just think Digimons are creatures that consists of an entity, without any info or data in them (blank data). The data that is being put into them are the emotions of people around them, as well as the surrounding environment around them!

What a Digimon that you can instantly befriend with! When you turn your backs in, they become suddenly evil, and that’s scary! Yep, and that’s so scary than going into a haunted house!


It’s time to introduce another Digimon here!

Pumpkinmon (Pumpmon)! A puppet doll Digimon that has a head of a Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin!

Name: Pumpkinmon (Pumpmon/パンプモン)
Type: Puppet
Attribute: Data
Level: Ultimate
Special Attack: Trick or Treat

Info from:

Pumpkinmon has an axe stuck on his head! You can’t really tell what his emotions are, since they are all inside in his Jack-o’-lantern head!

His special attack is the Trick or Treat! He attacks by shooting big pumpkins at his enemies!

It seems that his costume can be doable! You just simply don yourself in white suit, and then you put a giant pumpkin in your head! Now, you have a costume for Halloween party!

About Digimon Attributes

You just noticed that Digimons that appear are having special traits, called as attributes! To educate you further, let’s talk about them!

There are at least three different attributes of Digimons that you can see! Namely, they are either Data, Vaccine, and Virus attributes! Each of these attributes has their own strengths and weaknesses! So it is important to know these very well so that you can have advantage against with someone’s Digimon, especially in some video game counterparts!

Data annihilates Vaccine, Vaccine annihilates Virus, and Virus annihilates Data! Remember that! By knowing the weaknesses of your enemy Digimons, you can eventually beat them with your only weaker Digimons!


Digimon Ghost Game (2021) is an Anime Series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series (dubbed as Digital Monsters). It has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas with its first Episode since October 3, 2021.

The story takes place with Hiro Amanokawa, with his partner Digimon named Gammamon, in a world where Hologram Ghosts (transparent, floating digital images) do exist. There is a phenomenon where certain Hologram Ghosts are becoming mysteries, and they are slowly beginning to play and take lives of people.

While many people can’t able to see these ‘phenomenal’ Hologram Ghosts, certain people who has an item, called the Digivice, can able to see them.

These phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that exist in both Digital World and the Human World were called as ‘Digimon’.

With Hiro’s father entrusting him with a Digivice, as well as a Digimon partner, their mystery-solving adventure begins. They step along in a mysterious world where only Digimons live within.


The Digimon Series is a franchise or series created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo in 1997, and was co-created with Toei Animation (one of the grandfathers of the known animation studios in Japan). It was actually based from the Digital Monster, a virtual pet digital game by Bandai, which was knowingly based from the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet digital game created by the same company, also.

Digimon is a shortened name for Digital Monsters (Japanese dubbed: デジタルモンスター). They are creatures in a digital form in which it can be raised by feeding items and foods, as well as battling with other Digimons (other people) in order to become strong and versatile.

This series has been developed and conceptualized since year 1997, and video games, as well as its Anime counterparts, has been spawned since year 1999, starting with the popular Digimon Adventure Anime series.

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