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Recycle, Reuse, Abuse.

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Overview (Story)
“Those orders can be only cancelled through a customer’s PC!”

Every night of the day, an earthquake is occurring. It occurs from place to place — sometimes only one building or structure among the others is the only affected one.

And then, these people are wishing for a thing that they like, and they visit somebody. And he told them that something within their room shall be delivered in due time during the midnight. Hiro is wondering on what causes the earthquake, in which it involves the people who got their items (wishes) during the night.

When they discovered that website, Hiro tries to do a sample of his own wish by inputting an item that he likes. And then, this is where he discovered a group of Antylamons who were absorbing any surrounding iron materials that is built within a building or structure.

As the Antylamons are excessively using iron materials that they absorb to make an object or material, this would cause only the structures that has metals to rust and to crumble at the same time! It seems that the Antylamons are just hired by somebody to do their gift-delivering items to their customers. And the culprit behind is…

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Let’s head on to the review and impression post! Quite surprising enough that one of the Hero Digimons here are cunning and annoying. And then, would Espimon be a suspect here?

This Episode is somehow a re-used plot from Episode 22, where Jellymon is acting as a cunning villain. Cunning, in the sense that she can act in a prank manner, just in order to fool her enemies, and to achieve any goal by means of doing some evil things to others. But then, what basically happened from that Episode is basically happened again in this Episode. But then, it shall be minus Kiyoshiro, for being out from the action until he appears at the end.

The featured villain Digimon is actually not good nor evil. Just like the other Digimons before, they were neutral in state. And when you command them to do evil things, then they shall do evil things, too. That’s it. So, be careful when you use them in battles, especially if you are planning for something evil — Then something bad or evil will happen to you, too!

Story theme is basically telling us to wish for something good for our eyes and vision. At the same time, we are wishing it in a wrongful way, in the sense that we want to have that thing or gift in us as soon as possible. What are those luxurious things that we wanted to have in our hands? To answer, we want something that we must have, that not many people have. Yeah, and it is somehow called as “greedy wishes”, where we wished for something that we have, but in a wrongful way or manner.

And after I have watched this Episode, I have learned that making our “dark wishes” can make ourselves be happy, while hurting and making other people sad in return. Something that we can get it in due time, or in an immediate time, in the sense that we could get it first before our friends do. And then, it has finally made into conclusion that not everything that we wish for is good for us, nor it is good to the eyes of other people. Sometimes, we must know our own limitations and consequences, and we should not take into consideration that our plans will go smoothly as planned. And then, it is really not guaranteed that all people might agree to your plans — Something that you could even agree for yourself, but for others, they really don’t.”

This Episode is somehow average, if only for Jellymon who don’t act recklessly here, just like in the previous Episode 22.

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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