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The Sakura Tree and the Sea

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)

“If you got hurt here, so does in the real world!”

Kiyoshiro and Jellymon had put up a business about a therapy in sleeping on a near Sakura tree at the outskirts of the town. Ruli and Angoramon have become their customers. It seems that they were using a sleeping Digimon, named Pillomon, in order to make the people who visit in their booth to fall asleep. The sleeping Pillomon blows some bubbles (which its special ability) and once it touches a human or Digimon, they shall put into a deep sleep.

What Kiyoshiro and Jellymon didn’t know is that something strange is happening to Pillomon, causing it to blow darker bubbles. And the people who got trapped in its dreams were drastically hurt or injured not just only in the dreams, but also in reality! While they were trapped inside their own looping nightmares, what should they do in order to break out and escape from their such looping nightmares? Pillomon shall be their clue here, while the evil SkullGreymon is just keeping to appear and attack in front of them!

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Finally, after at least three (3) weeks of inactivity (They are doing re-runs instead), let’s get to review this Episode! So far, what were my impressions, as well as some lessons that I had learned within this Episode? Let’s find out!

Talking about nightmares… And yes, they were always playing an important role in some famous horror movies! Sometimes, good dreams can turn into nightmares, or even nightmares can even turn into miracles, where things, such as heroes or idols, or anything which is beyond imaginations, can be appearing right away to save you from your deep sleep! That’s why the Japanese kanji reads as akumu (悪夢), and each kanji represents “evil” and “dreams”, respectively. Sometimes, the word nightmare can be an alternative word for “bad dreams” (悪い夢/warui yume). But then, those words have the same meaning, anyway.

Sometimes, nightmares can be deadly, since that can be an indication on when can you have a “heart failure” while you are sleeping. And the other causes can be an old folklore or legend that prevents a person to open his or her eyes, or likewise entering a state where they can’t even move their body nor open their eyes while sleeping! Rather than nightmare, you can search this term on the Internet: “Sleep paralysis”!

And going back to what happened in this Episode, it seems that Jellymon is having a big head again, where she is doing things ahead of Kiyoshiro, and he has no idea on what and why are they really doing it. They really dragged Ruli and Angoramon into further trouble, in which they are late realizing that something terrible is already happening without any notice.

So then, Hiro and Gammamon are off from the action scenes, while seeing them somewhere far from where Ruli and others are. Sometimes, main heroes can take breaks, I think?

They had finally introduced a new ending theme song and ending animation, in which it can be played on the succeeding Episodes when it is finally finished airing or streaming. So far, my impression for the animation stills can be only average, but when it comes to music, it just tells me to look forward into the next Episode. And then, unlike from the other ending themes that I had heard from the other Anime series that I am also reviewing, this one is catchy and energetic (I like rock music). I had really observed that some ending theme songs can be boring, or likewise they can bring your motivation spirits down, especially if that Episode had ended in a “To Be Continued” or “cliffhanger” scenes. To tell you, for me, Digimon Ghost Game’s ending theme songs can’t really make your spirits down, just after an Episode ends, whether in a To Be Continued / cliffhanger or not.

And to end this Episode Review, I had already learned at least two (2) things.

  1. Do not be boastful and reckless. Sometimes, you just need to slow yourself down at some things. When you can flaunt at anything, make sure that it is really going smoothly as planned. Not all plans are going smoothly as planned. Or else, you shall be saying those phrases, such as “Hey, what’s happening? We ain’t encountering something like this before!” or even “What the? Do something, dammit!”. Otherwise, blaming and swearing can be the end point here, somehow. Look at Kiyoshiro and Jellymon for making that such mess, in which it has involved a lot of people, especially their friends, whom they had victimized.
  2. Not all of your plans will work properly. Sometimes, you have to face your own consequences, if that plan of yours have already backfired or failed. Such as Jellymon has used Pillomon to make people asleep and be relaxed in their dreams, only to be ended up in a mess where Pillomon is already caught up on its own nightmare — shooting nightmare bubbles at people, making them asleep and be trapped inside Pillomon’s nightmare world.

Hope you had learned something in this Episode! Tune-in next time for another Episode Review of this Anime series! Thank you for reading!

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Series Info
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Notes: The change in ending theme song is also the start of the third cour of this Anime series.

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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