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Thrills can chill you.

The School Idol groups, µ’s, Aqours, Saint Snow, and NijiGaku School Idols, shall never fail to excite us with their charming, cute, and sexy looks. But aside from that, they shall never fail to excite us fans with their announcements regarding with their upcoming projects and live shows! Talking about thrills and chills… It can be scary because they may come suddenly without warning or expectations! Basically, they are scary because they are ready to drain us with their endless merchandise and Anime figures! Yeah, that’s scary enough.

Since it’s already the Halloween season, expect things (not ghosts or monsters) to be scary as well! Today, I am gonna deliver to you the 16th Episode edition of School Idol Festival Journal Log, only here on IDS! Alright, let’s start!


Talking about the highlights… There are many of them happened in the past week, and this week! Today, I am gonna highlight some of the things happened recently in the past weeks! Are you ready for the thrill? Let’s start!

Birthday Message for Eli Ayase from µ’s

I know it’s two days late, but let me greet her with a birthday message, and I wrote it, just two days before this Episode was published! Alright, here it goes!

Eli Ayase in her Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE costume.

Dear Eli Ayase from µ’s,

You are a diligent, beautiful, and elegant girl. You work as a student council president along with Nozomi, and you keep things up. But then, you had shown us the meaning of hardwork, so as long as you tell us that it is very difficult, if we don’t ever try it for the first time. I know that you got your own weaknesses, but I think you can overcome the odds if there is a time that your friends are needing your help.

Happy Birthday, dear Eli Ayase from µ’s, and from the sub-unit BiBi! As always, we can continue to run towards the another light to the future!

Whew, so much of a birthday message! I hope that it could even reach her and read this!

Also, her birthday campaigns are present in the both sides of LLSIF! Though they had recently concluded today, I got some little highlights for them!


Also, somewhere in the middle of nowhere next week, I shall be highlighting the recent online paid streaming that I saw in a couple of past weeks! Watch out for my special blog post report on October 31st, only here on IDS!

Okay, we are finished. Let’s head on to the JP and Global Sides of LLSIF! Be sure to read this Episode until the very end!


Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Campaign – Episode 3

This week’s Episode shall feature, this time, Setsuna Yuki! Get to know her very well when you view and read her Bond Episodes only in the LoveLive! ALL STARS game (not in my coverage)!

Be sure to login in ALL seven (7) days to receive all of the items, such as her two SRs! And to repeat again, you can get an SSR Exchange Ticket when you login at least 7 Days straight in your LoveLive! ALL STARS game! Finally, her song shall appear on your B-Sides for a limited time, and be sure to play it before it expires!

Round 45 Score Match: Aqours and the Autumn of Sports

Ongoing right now this week is the Round 45 Score Match, which shall take place between October 20 until 31st! The Event shall last for at least 11 days, which is somehow longer when it lands on the months which has 31 days. So then, you know already the rules of this Score Match Event. If not, I am going to give you some highlights about it next week!

Concluded: Eli Ayase Birthday Campaign

In the past week, her new and old Birthday URs had been released in a 100-member Scouting format. Good for you if you managed to Scout for her Birthday URs if you are a fan of hers! It has recently concluded at the end of her birthday on October 21! And finally, I am wishing you a Happy Birthday once again, Miss Eli Ayase!

Incoming: Rin Hoshizora Birthday Campaign

Announcement of Rin Hoshizora Birthday Campaign, as of October 23, 2020.

Also, incoming next week is the Rin Hoshizora Birthday Campaign! And yeah, it shall start on the 26th of October, and shall last until her birthday on November 1st! This shall also be happening in the Global Side soon! More highlights of it shall be tackled next week, and look forward into it!


Token Collection: A New Kind of Valor, a New Kind of Song

This Token Collection Event has been started since October 16th last week. This Event shall feature 7 SRs, 2 of them which can be obtained by placing higher in the Event Points Rankings! The featured Token Collection Event song shall be A song for You! You? You!!, and it is of Smile attribute this time. It seems that the MASTER difficulty version of this song is quite deadly, so try playing at your own discretion, unless if you are skilled enough to navigate these kind of hard MASTER songs, especially if it is of a Swing/Swipe type. As usual, your Score in this difficulty shall be counted in the Score Rankings. So earn more Event Points, defend your Score Rank, and be victorious!

For the highlights of this Event, here it goes!

What I did throughout this Token Collection Event was to grind more EXP points, since the ongoing live show modifiers, EXP x 5 and Bond Points x 3, are also sidelining. You can read the sub-highlight later in this Global Side Highlights!

During this Token Collection Event, since there are available MASTER songs which are playable on the B-Sides, I used that time to play on some songs that I haven’t managed to land a Full Combo Finish. My recent Level 12 MASTER song that I had managed to land an FC finish was SUNNY DAY SONG. There are still parts of this Swing/Swipe MASTER song that I don’t even get it. So then, I had used up all of my wits and strategies to beat this song, somehow. But the good thing is, since I am using a Perfect Lock team, I had landed not just a Full Combo, but an All Perfect finish! Whenever I can, I tried revisiting some other MASTER songs that I haven’t tried landing an FC finish yet. But then, I should not forget about my EXP grinding, since it is also ongoing with this Token Collection Event!

Also, I had used this time to max out the Bond Points of my existing Ns, SRs, and SSRs in my members stable. And that is, to unlock their Side Stories in order to get a Love Gem out of them. I am doing this, since there is an upcoming update for Goals in which you need to max out Bond Points of additional members! Also, I am beginning to max out the Levels of each members due to the fact that the upcoming Goals update is also coming.

So then, grinding on the featured Token Collection Event song, especially on MASTER, is pretty hard for experienced players like me. One time, I had this strange aura around me, and I was able to land a higher combo count on the Token Collection Event song, and I was able to get a higher score. But then, on the succeeding days, my aura just disappeared, and I am always getting a low combo count, until there was no Combo Rank at all.

This Token Collection Event shall continue until the 26th of October, and the final highlights of it shall be revealed next week!

Live Show Modifiers: EXP x 5 and Bond Points x 3!

Also, sidelining along in this Event is the modified EXP x 5 and Bond Points x 3! Wow, that was a great opportunity to max out your existing members’ Bond Points in stable! A great acquisition of Bond Points is a plus when you play MASTER songs!

Since the Event is still ongoing, it shall be a bloodbath Event! And yep, it shall end with the ongoing Token Collection Event on the 26th (before maintenance), and be sure to use up all of your time in order to increase drastically your Player Rank! Good luck and be victorious!

Concluded: Eli Ayase Birthday Campaign

Yep, and it has been concluded in the JP Side, also. I wasn’t able to give you highlights on this one, sorry! But then, I can give you some points to have an idea!

First and the most, they had removed the Step-Up Scouting now. What’s left now is the 100-member Scouting Box, which includes her Birthday 2020 UR, and some of her previously released Birthday URs! So then, if you are really an Eli-lover, you should scout!

There is also a mini-game in which you shall have to clear it in order to get some of her previously-released Event SRs! Basically, it is just the same as in the previous birthday events, like from Kotori and Ruby.

Signed URs Limited Scouting!

Also, this week is the limited scouting featuring Signed URs! And yes, they were featured before in the JP Side! As usual, it uses the Stamp Card Scouting system, in which you can get awesome items, like Sugar Cubes, when you Scout with 50 Love Gems! At this rate, you may get a Signed version of her idolized UR when you scout! But then, it’s a 50-50 win-lose situation, since picking a UR can be either signed or not! Scout in these boxes if you are lucky enough!


Today, I am going to reveal to you the answer to the question of the week, which was posted to my Facebook Page two days ago, before this Episode was published! Here it goes!

Which of the following is NOT the weakness of Eli Ayase?

A. Cats and Dogs
B. Ghosts and Mosnters
C. Blackouts and Darkness

The answer is… Letter A! Cats and Dogs!

For the remaining choices above, that’s Eli’s weakness! Alright, let’s explain it!

LoveLive! ALL STARS – Eli Ayase Bond Episode 4

As seen in the TV Anime, and in her Bond Episode 4 of LoveLive! ALL STARS, Eli is scared at the dark, especially on some freaky ghosts, and other haunted house monsters. You know, it’s Halloween and I believe it’s her weakness, though.

In my opinion, Eli’s weakness has been originated since, maybe, at her childhood, which in fact she is really scared in the dark, especially if she is only alone in a room. This is maybe the info or opinion that I can give, but there are other facts along with the side stories of her can further explain it.

Though I had revealed it in this Episode, I would like to apologize. Eli, I am very sorry for this…

Next Episode shall be a Spooky one!

That’s right, it’s the month of horror, and you know what I mean! Spine-chilling moments, and some hair-raising surprise announcements are the things to expect this weekend, and on next week! Yep, and Happy Halloween to all of you!

The thrill shall start next week on School Idol Festival Journal Log! I hope that you drop by and read the next Episode next week! See you next time and cheers~

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