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Will dreams be always dreams?

We have our own ambitions and objectives in life. In other words, we have a dream to achieve. But then, everytime we dream, we are always expecting that it will always happen in the future, and we see it in our own eyes. Not all of our dreams can be achieved by any means no matter how hard we try. However, with the help of our family and friends around us, we can possibly achieve it! When a border between our dreams and us pass by, it can hinder us to achieve it. The only thing that we can do is to struggle the hardships when you cross that border. And on the other side of the border is our dreams that we wanted to achieve.

That’s how our dreams to be achieved. And that’s is the concept of real hardwork and perseverance. All of our dreams will not be always just dreams. In fact, our dreams can become a reality! You can make this a reality given if you are really persevere and diligent enough to overcome all odds!

Achieving dreams can be endless. But then, the School Idol Festival Journal Log will never stop to have everything happening in the School Idol Universe to be recorded and written in the page of a history book! So then, let us begin the 15th Episode of this segment in IDS!


EVENT TOMORROW: Saint Snow 1st GIG ~Welcome to Dazzling White Town~ -Part 1-

Coming this weekend is the Saint Snow’s first ever live performance, in a form of Gig Live! It shall take place at Pia Arena MM, in Yokohama, Japan. This is just the ‘Part 1’ of their 1st GIG performance. ‘Part 2’ shall be in Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Both Parts are going to be made in weekends. Part 1 performance shall be in October 17 (6pm) and 18 (1pm and 6pm), 2020. And Part 2 performance shall be in November 7 (1pm and 6pm) and 8 (2pm), 2020. All times indicated are in Japan Time (JST/UTC+9).

Also, paid streaming is already announced for overseas fans outside Japan. It shall be using the same video streaming service as the previous Aqours live last weekend.

So then, are you interested in watching the Saint Snow’s first-ever live? If you are eager and interested, then you may do so! Enjoy if you had already purchased their tickets online!

Aqours LOST WORLD Post-Live Announcements!

So then, after the recent Aqours paid live stream last weekend, they had bombarded us with tons of announcements! See below!

To summarize things above, they had announced new stuff, events, as well as their upcoming projects!

At the end of their LOST WORLD Day 1 performance, they had announced the home version of SIFAC game for PS4, and they had also announced the exhibit event in which it shall take place at Numazu City, in Japan (some sort of collaboration event).

At the LOST WORLD Day 2, in their MC and announcements part, it is just the same as above. But this time, it has included three upcoming events and projects! First one is their new animation PV single project, which in fact is considered to be their next 5th Single (next to MITAIKEN HORIZON). The second is the ‘restart’ of AZALEA’s sub-unit first live performance. Remember that AZALEA was unable to commence their first live performance because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic today, thus cancelling it totally. I hope by next year, they were able to commence it on mass-gatherings, if not, in the Online Paid Live Streaming again. And finally, they had announced an upcoming Online LoveLive! Event, under the title WHITE ISLAND. The narrator then teases us with the ‘Next Episode’ title card at the end of the Day 2 paid streaming event of LOST WORLD. What I had expected is that LoveLive! Series is now becoming a sort of ‘Cinematic Universe’, just like Marvel’s Avengers.

Alright, we are done with the pre-Episode highlights! Whew, that was too long! Let us go to the JP and Global Side highlights of LLSIF rhythm game! So then, what were the highlights encountered in the past weekend, and this week on LLSIF?


Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Campaign – Episode 2!

It’s the 2nd Week or Episode 2 of the Login Bonus campaign for the TV Anime version of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club! This time, it shall feature Kasumi Nakasu this week! Login in all of the days to receive all of the items, such as Kasumi’s SRs! Also, if you had linked your ALL STARS JP Side account to your SIFID, where your LLSIF JP Side is also connected, you can receive an SSR Exchange Ticket in which you can use it to exchange with one of the 9 Nijigasaki SSRs! And yes, this was already highlighted last week!

Aside from that, the ending song of the Anime itself, the NEO SKY, NEO MAP!, can be played on your B-Sides until December 26 (which I believe is the final episode airing date of the Anime)! Don’t forget that every week, one solo song from the TOKIMEKI Runners album are also appearing on your B-Sides! So play with them, if you got spare time!

Round 25 Challenge Festival: Start-Up! μ’s Cheerleaders! (Results!)

This Challenge Festival Event grinding is either an ups or downs for me. Basically, it is just the same vibe as in the previous Challenge Festival, which was highlighted previously on Episode 9. It is just going to be the same as this one. If I can feel that I can’t constantly land a Full Combo finish, especially on the easy Expert and Master songs, I can consider resting a bit. But then, I have to play constantly in order to defend and to keep my ranking position high!

Had struggle with some other songs on the Ultra difficulty (Master-only songs). Since Smile attribute is my forte, my meta songs can vary depending on their Combo count. While I can land a higher Score on Puwa-Puwa-O! on Round 4, PSYCHIC FIRE is insanely difficult to navigate for me. I can still survive with that song without any healing skills, but consequently I always get lower score, which in fact, lower than Puwa-Puwa-O, despite it has a slight lower Combo count than PSYCHIC FIRE.

What I did throughout the duration of the Challenge Festival Event is that I used this time in order to max out the Bond Points of my existing N, SR, and SSR members in stable. I put them one at a time in my Perfect Lock team. If the next song is not my meta song (non-Smile attribute song), I use this team. Otherwise, I use my strong Smile Team.

Despite that I had regularly gaining Event Points in this Event, it has concluded, thus placing me in the Tier 2-1 standing.

So then, what makes me not grind in this Event too much is due to the lack of µ’s members in my stable. I am just saying that my JP Side account is focusing only on Aqours members, therefore my JP account is dedicated for Aqours only. Yeah, more like of Aqours-Oshi account (as same as to others having an account focusing, for example, for Chika Takami members only, or in short, Chika-Oshi account).

Limited Scouting: The Return of the 7th Anniversary URs (µ’s and Aqours)

Sidelining also is the return of the Anniversary URs in the Scouting menu! Those URs are limited and they can be scouted and obtained only for a certain duration, per group and school year interval! But then, these are not in a form of 100-member Scouting box, but a Stamp Card Scouting box! Yep, and these Anniversary URs can be difficult to obtain this time, since they can randomly appear along with the previous Standard URs, as well as some other URs that can be obtained in the previous Events! So, then, Scout at your own risk, unless if you really needed it. You are eligible for a MAX Up Jewel item acquisition when you do 11x Scouting with 50 Love Gems.

Eli Ayase Birthday Campaign

Also, ongoing is the Eli Ayase‘s Birthday Campaign! It has started since October 15th. You know the rules already, right? As usual, you shall have to Scout for either of her Birthday URs, whether the old or the new one! Also, try to play with her solo song on the B-Sides. It shall be available for a limited time, so don’t miss it! My birthday greetings for her shall be put on the pre-Episode highlights next Episode! Look forward into it!


Round 40 Score Match: Rainy Day Series (Results)

There is nothing to highlight that much in the second part of this one, since they were already highlighted last week! So then, this Event was ended at the day after the last week’s Episode was published. My final standing is in Tier 1-1 position. So far, I had successfully defended my Score Match Points Rank, despite that I had become lazy in grinding more Event Points!

Here it comes: Version 7 Update!

Since Tuesday, before this Episode was published, the Version 7 update (a.k.a. the Happy 7th Anniversary Update) was finally available on the respective app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)! So then, are you ready for the next level of School Idol Festival? In fact, this is already the dark chapter!

In the previous Episodes, I had already given some of the spoilers regarding on what to expect to encounter in this Version 7 update. Since this is a new version, expect things to get hard as well! Good luck, and be victorious!

Token Collection: A New Kind of Valor, a New Kind of Song

Today, the next Event shall take place after the three-hour maintenance, just about or approximate 11 hours from now, just after this Episode was published.

The featured Token Collection Event song shall be ‘A song for You! You? You!!’, a song from the latest album single of the legendary School Idol group, µ’s. 7 Event SRs can be obtained from this Event, 2 of them can be acquired by placing higher in the Event Points Ranking. You know the rules on how to play and grind in this kind of Token Collection Events already, right? This time, it shall include a MASTER difficulty of this song, so expect things to go harder as well. So then, earn more Event Points, defend your Event Score Ranking, and be victorious!

As usual, more highlights of it shall be tackled next week here in the Global Side!


To answer the question given two days ago, here is the question for the week!

What is the name of Rina Tennoji’s pet cat?

The answer is… Hanpen! Or in English version, Fishpuff!

LoveLive! ALL STARS: Rina Tennoji Bond Episode 15
LoveLive! ALL STARS: Rina Tennoji Bond Episode 15

This was well told in the Episode 15 of Rina Tennoji’s Bond Episode. Or rather, in the Episodes 14 and 15 of her Bond Episodes in the LoveLive! ALL STARS game!

The time when Rina was able to have a pet cat is that she saw it wandering around in the Nijigasaki High courtyard grounds. She said that the cat seems to be lost, and it is just staying in one place. She also said that if the cat’s parents don’t ever go back, she would decide to take good care of it. She named her cat, ‘Hanpen’ (Fishpuff in the English version). She was going out just when their School Idol training is over, and she goes to the place where the cat seems to be staying alone. That cat is somehow only staying on the Nijigasaki courtyard grounds, with the bushes as its shelter. She was trying to adopt and take care of the cat, but the only thing is that she can’t bring it in her condominium where she lives, and not even on Ai Miyashita’s home which is a restaurant. So then, Rina is trying her best to find and give Hanpen (Fishpuff) a permanent home.

That was very detailed! Whew! Well, so much good for a quiz, isn’t it?

Failed again? Better luck next Episode!

We can always try again, if we failed, but not until we die in real life. Remember that there are always chances, in some points that it may come without any expectations!

Basically, it is just the same when we got cliffhangers in some Anime or other TV shows that we watch per week, or a day. So then, don’t expect too much for the TV Anime’s storyline or plot. Instead, you should be eager to study and understand of what is going on. Finally, what comes out today is really our future or fate — We should really fear for the future! There is a saying that, “Beware the past, fight the present, and fear the future.”

And that’s for the Episode 15 edition today! I hope that you had read too much info of what’s going on in the School Idol Universe, as well as in the LLSIF games! Finally, we can see each other again in the next Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log next week! Saint Snow’s 1st GIG is just around tomorrow, so for those who had bought tickets online for their paid streaming, enjoy!

Happy weekend and see you next week! Cheers~

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