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The Ultimate Live Stage Begins!

Though the timeline is constantly changing, whether we alter the past and future, we are always ending up with the same history. But then, everything can be possible if you just work harder to reach for that goal!

And so, it has finally happened. We are now entering into the Dark Chapter of this game itself, and it shall never be the same again. The ninth Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log has finally came to life!



To summarize things above, the release of the LoveLive! Sunshine!! First Solo Concert Album Series continues! To follow with Chika’s release last August 1st, it shall then be followed by Riko Sakurauchi and Ruby Kurosawa. Their solo albums shall be released at the date of their birthdays.

The names of their bonus tracks included in their album are already named, and it shall be previewed in the official streaming platforms just days later after this Episode was published!

So then, let us go to the JP and Global Sides of the game to view and read the highlights!



And so, the struggling grind to victory is finally over. The Round 24 Challenge Festival has ended last August 31.

On the results shown above, I had finished this Event with a Tier 1-1 standing. And so, I had make it to the Rank 1-500 mark in the Event Points Ranking for the very first time! Seriously, I had a struggle when it comes to grinding and playing continuously with this Challenge Festival Event! Especially, if your opponent song is a MASTER, you are going to have your fingers and thumbs to be stressed out because of the fast movements and dexterity of the attack notes! Just make sure to take a break in between, if you are playing continuously for at least two (2) hours straight!

This could be the last time that I could land myself in the Tier 1 Event Point Ranking. And to spoil you, you shall need at least one hundred (100) Love Gems to survive and defend your rankings in the Tier 1 cutoff position! And playing continuously can help you to fight for it! Just, again, remember to rest in between your grind sessions, if you feel that you can’t land a Full Combo finish to some hard songs, especially on the ‘easy’ MASTER songs.


Remember the Jumbo Lottery Ticket that you have obtained in your previous login bonus that occurred at the mid-August? You can win as much as UR Scouting tickets, as well as other Scouting Tickets of other rarities! I got 3 SSRs as my consolation prizes for using also 3 SSR Scouting Tickets as my prizes obtained from the Jumbo Lottery Ticket. Remember to use that item before it expires (Date is already indicated next to that item)!


Also, sidelining within this week is the Limited Series Scouting in Aqours Side! It shall follow the Stamp Card Scouting system, in which on every 11x Scout (50 Love Gems Scout), you are rewarded with some item per stamp, and a Max Up Jewel! Reaching the 5th and the 10th Stamps will guarantee you at least one UR.

But then, this Limited Series Scouting is special. Aside from getting the featured Standard URs of each character in a series, there is also a little chance that you can get that UR which has a sign or signature of that character in the Aqours Side! It’s a great opportunity to have these in your members list stable! But then, these can be hard to get, so it’s a win-lose situation here. Though you can get a guaranteed UR on the Stamp Card Scouting system, there is a chance that you can get a signed UR, or not. And finally, these Signed URs are already idolized.

There are dates in when a specific series or set shall appear. Refer to the official website, or even in your in-game notifications of the game, to find out when those specific series or set shall appear next! If you have a certain character that you are looking for, then do so by saving more Love Gems!

Is your luck suitable for this limited scouting? Try it if you can!


If you are a Kotori Minami fan, then her new Birthday 2020 UR shall begin to surface in the Scouting area starting on September 6! It shall be available 7 days until her birthday on September 12! Are your current resources enough to win her?


Since it’s the first half of the month, most probably, the next Event shall be on the µ’s Side. Just after this Episode is already published, the next Event shall be announced later. When it is announced, it shall be highlighted at the next Episode. So please, look forward into it!



And so, we have already entered into LoveLive! SIF’s darkest chapter, where it shall never be the same again. Starting with this Token Event above in the embedded Tweet, it shall include 7 SR members as rewards (previously in the recent Challenge Festival, in the prelude Event), as well as having a MASTER difficulty included in the featured Token Event song! Your Score in the MASTER difficulty of the featured Token Event song shall be counted in the Score Rankings! It is time to show them your true power! Get ready for the Ultimate Live Stage!


Basically, it is just these Limited URs that appeared in the JP Side before. They also have appeared in the game’s current splash screen.

See those above? These shall be talked about in the succeeding paragraph below, along with the Tweet in it.

If you have a particular character and Skills that you are looking for which is relevant to your current team’s build, then go scout! Make sure that you won’t deplete too much Love Gems, or you can’t grind in the current Event (unless if you have some free recovery items like Sugar Cubes)!

These limited boxes shall last until September 16! If in case you failed to get your favorite Aqours character with your current resources available, then that’s the time that you should start grinding for any Love Gems that are still obtainable, such as clearing unfinished MASTER songs, and by maxing out Bond Points to unlock her Side Story!


This is something for me to watch out. Since next week, the current Token Collection Event shall end, and some new surprises, such as limited MASTER songs on the B-Sides and some Live Show modifiers (Bond and EXP multipliers), shall surface! That’s right! This is something that I should be active on, especially if the given live show modifier is for increasing my Player Rank! Therefore, I shall look forward into that!

To Be Continued… In the Next Episode!

And that’s it! We have it. LoveLive! SIF shall never be the same again. In fact, this is just the first step of the Ultimate Live Stage. If you are a long-time player of this game, remember the things that you have learned in your thousand gameplays. In fact, we have already grown stronger at this point. We had already overcome the trials that stops us from reaching our goals. Right now, we are in the darkest chapter, wherein it is the time for us to show and prove of who and what we are!

Everything can happen, and everything shall be revealed in the next Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Tune-in next week! Cheers~

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