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Overview (Story)
Go back once again to where her memories are.

Shido finally went back into time where the battle between Ratatoskr and DEM isn’t beginning. He must date Reine in order to conquer Mio’s existence.

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Review time! The time has been reversed in order to undo the course of story.

Since I ain’t paying attention to the original source of the Anime, the light novel, I can’t really figure out Reine’s existence (Assuming she is part of Mio Takamiya). But then, let’s focus.

I can’t believe that Shido is actually dating a woman, who is believed to be ages older than him. And yep, that can be possible in real-life, too. For Reine, who is very unnoticeable in some previous Episodes or seasons, she was finally given a spotlight along with the MC.

She can be an opposite from Mio, in terms of personality and coolness. Reine is mostly silent and serious-minded here.

Also, the other Spirit characters had made appearance here, just after from the previous Episodes that they were killed one by one by Mio. They were back because of the time reverse, it seems. Also, not to mention, that their main male villain has already revived here. Yep, and it is really going to be more exciting to see them in the middle of the battlefield once again. What’s gonna happen next is going to be more exciting, for the climatic part of the season.

And for the dating part, it has reminisced me of the previous seasons, where Shido was able to do that in the other girls. So then, it’s just the usual dating stuff — going to mall strolling, onsen, and even going to the beach to give it some good ending.

My thoughts? Might be looked like a filler when it comes to the dating part. But then, the story is still significant because it gives a viewer like me to know more about Reine’s character. Yep, and I am always noticing her lower eyes being in black (A state where she is always working overnight, and doesn’t get some sleep). And my thoughts are that it gives a viewer like me to be prepared for an another action-packed Episode next time. Yep, and this Episode is like an another “calm before the storm”.

Overall, this Episode is good enough. So much to know about Reine’s character, since she is really a part of Mio Takamiya’s existence. But her existence as Reine is still questionable for me (Educate me about this!).

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – More of a calm-before-a-storm Episode, where Shido must use his chance to try again, and to undo the things that happened in the distant present time. Story-pacing is just right, and the Episode ended properly.
Animation: (4/5) – Just good and right.
Insights: (4/5) – It is better to use the chance to try again, and to make things right. What if the chance that you are taking might be the last, and there is no more restarting back when you fail again? In other words, time to correct yourself.

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Series Info
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  • MUSE Asia YouTube Channel (South East Asia)

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