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What’s Left Standing

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
Here comes the ultimate finishing move!

With Mio finally summoning her Angel, Ein Sof, engulfing the entire city in the death zone, Kotori’s Ratatoskr fleet was left no choice but to get through. Meanwhile, Shido is facing Isaac for the final showdown.

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Review time! More Spirits casualties here, as expected!

Talking about desparate move… It’s Kotori’s time to make her final decision. With Reine (Mio) betraying them, this has caused her to be compelled for revenge. Maybe, due to the fact that she was already driven by anger and revenge, what was happened to her is what ended her up along with her other Ratatoskr friends.

And then, Shido goes on a final duel with Isaac Westcott here. From a giant sword battle, it finally become a… Hadouken-styled attack?!? That made me impressed, and at the same time, laughing.

Here comes Miku Izayoi! For her last scene here.

It’s a good thing that I had seen the last moments of Miku and Natsumi here, since I haven’t seen them a lot during at the previous Episodes. Seemingly, they do battle, but I haven’t seen them too much in the previous Episodes.

And what’s left now with Shido? Himself. Can he possibly save himself and Mio by just using one particular Spirit power that he has absorbed? I bet it would be from Kurumi. If not, there’s something else. Like that he has learned that Hadouken-styled move.

My thoughts in this Episode is quite mixed, again. It is either I am sad because the remaining Spirits got eradicated by Mio. Or even I am happy because Isaac got obliterated finally by Shido. And Kotori and Nia should still be alive here, if they never step into Mio’s deadly Angel, Ein Sof.

Overall, this Episode is kinda intense, yet frustrating and exciting this time. It is because no more unnecessary “Ecchi” and lewd scenes here anymore, since it is mostly action-driven now where everything is on the line.

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Mostly, action and dialogue driven. The story is intense, where you could never take your eyes off from the screen when there’s something happening.
Animation: (4/5) – Just right. I have no more comments on this one.
Insights: (4/5) – Never get driven by revenge. Only, death awaits at the end when you were so blinded with your rage and anger.

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Series Info
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This Anime series can be watched on the following platforms:

  • Crunchyroll [Worldwide, except Asia]
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