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The Calm Before the Storm

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
The final battle begins.

Shido, Tohka, and others are now preparing for the upcoming attack by the DEM, as warned by Kurumi to him. And now that the DEM has appeared, what could be their other plans to decimate their enemy fleet?

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Review time. Are they ready for the saishuu kessen (final battle)?

As usual, the story plot progression is way too slow, despite it’s exciting.

At the start of this Episode, it’s just nothing but some excessive talk before the story goes on. Something like fillers, in which it has nothing to do with the plot at all. And based from my overview above, it’s just it. They are just preparing themselves for the final battle. And then, the plot just paralyzed when it has finally reached the climax of the Episode.

What did Miku Izayoi saw? Maybe your latest photo in the photo gallery might be the thing she was surprised of.

It is true that it can never take my eyes off from this Episode. But on what I had observed when I was watching, the plot seems to not go very well, despite it’s exciting. I have no problems with the other characters, since they had done their part in making their audiences laugh a bit, just like me. And yep, there are a bit of innuendos there.

My thoughts in this Episode is just bad to average. It is because the plot progression of this Episode made me lose patience, and I have to wait for an another week to see what happens. Although it’s bad, then I will see if I could give it a high rating this time when there something significant happened. But as of now, there’s nothing happened, as if I had watched it, I had seen nothing at all.

Not enough insights to see in this Episode, but I got something at the end of this review. And overall, this Episode is a patience-loser, even though if I could combine the previous Episode into this one to get a high rating.

My Rating: BAD (1.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (1/5) – Just a simple plot about preparing for the final battle. Nothing significant has happened here, and it’s all talk. Basically, the rating is still low, even if I could combine it with the previous Episode.
Animation: (2/5) – The animation quality used to be more colorful and solid in animation. But then, as of the current season, the animation is full of shades and gradients. I ain’t used to like some animation which is full of gradients and shades anymore, because it wasn’t the same DAL season that I had watched before.
Insights: (2/5) – Something to learn is about preparation and foresighting. When you foresight on what’s gonna happen unexpectedly is that you should be prepared for the backup plan, just in case when your main plan has failed.

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Series Info
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