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Darkness in the Deep

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Overview (Story)
“You must move forward, regardless whether anyone is with or not with you.”

In the second part of the First-Class Mage Exam, the applicants must need to go in the deeper part of the ruins dungeon in order to pass. This is where the parties had parted and separated their ways in order to go inside.

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Review time! So, you wanna know what’s gonna happen next?

Finally, in the part two of their ongoing arc, this is where the people had split up just in order who’s gonna be the first one to pass… or to fail.

Fern is smiling around.

Fern finally joins with Frieren this time around, and they were traversing this dark dungeon, where they need to go deeper. Also, one funny thing about Frieren is her “weakness” to mimics, where her upper body is swallowed by the mimic chest. Also, learning the fact that in order to eject herself from the mimic, she just need to go deeper, and… Wow, she eventually made it out! But hey, I had learned somehow this insight! You can read this at the end of this review post!

Wirbel, ready for battle.

But hey, the meetup of Wirbel with Stark is just really temporary in the previous Episode, after all. Wirbel is finally back with his teammates to conquer the deep dungeon ruins. Of course, they shall be returning back to their usual style of battling, just like in the previous part of the exam.

So then, since the Episode had split the character groups around, I definitely expect that there would be more dialogues per group — namely for Frieren’s group, Denken’s group, and around Wirbel’s group. Making it difficult to compact in just one go, I expect that there would be more Episodes to be spanned in order to resolve the current plot. And the plot progression is just right. So then, I haven’t seen on what has happened to others, namely for Kanne and Lawine, and the group of Ubel. Those are the things to expect next time.

And overall, this Episode is just really fun to watch, especially when Frieren got swallowed by the mimic, and Fern tries to pull her out from the jaws of it. So far, that’s the only funny scene that I had watched, and at the same time, it got a meaning.

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Story is just right with proper pacing in plot progression. It’s filled with conversation per group that makes it interesting and busy.
Animation: (3/5) – It’s just average. The animation scenes are just looking good. No character development, somehow, is spotted.
Insights: (5/5) – It is really good that we should continue on what we are doing. Once we are in, we cannot go back until we lose or die. Sometimes, you just need to go further in order to find something that we are looking for. And once we had found our answer, then that’s the time that we can end our struggles by letting those things around us push us out from the inside. It is a fact that we had become successful when we go out, right? So then, it is important to let yourself struggle in order to be successful.

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Series Info
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
© Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan / “Frieren” Project

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