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Beyond the Journey’s End

Alternative title is Sousou no Frieren (葬送そうそうのフリーレン).

It is Manga series created by Kanehito Yamada, and was illustrated by Tsukasa Abe. It was published under Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in April 2020, spanning for over 10 volumes in total.

A TV Anime version of it has appeared, and it has broadcasted and streamed since September 29, 2023.

Series Info
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
© Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan / “Frieren” Project
TitleFrieren: Beyond Journey’s End
Sousou no Frieren
GenreAdventure, Drama, Fantasy
CreatorKanehito Yamada (Story)
Tsukasa Abe (Illustrations)
Based FromFrieren / 葬送そうそうのフリーレン
Manga Series published under Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday
DirectorKeiichiro Saito
MusicEvan Call
Animation StudioMadhouse
Original Airing Date (First Episode)September 29, 2023
Official Website

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Fifty years later, after the Demon King was slain by the hands of the heroes party, consisting of Himmel, Frieren, Heiter, and Eisen, Frieren returns to the capital, while her former companions have aged older. Himmel dies after seeing the last era meteor shower with Frieren. She expressed her guilt for not attempting to learn more about his background life as a hero in her party. And so, Frieren has received an invitation to travel to the far north — to where the resting souls are gathered. She embarks on a long journey, along with her new companions, while still pursuing her passion in learning some new magic — in which it was her hobby.

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To watch this Anime series, please refer to the Anime Streaming Guide page for more info.

1The Journey’s End
2It Didn’t Have to Be Magic…
3Killing Magic
4The Land Where Souls Rest
5Phantoms of the Dead
6The Hero of the Village
7Like a Fairy Tale
8Frieren the Slayer
9Aura the Guillotine
10A Powerful Mage
11Winter in the Northern Lands
12A Real Hero
13Aversion to One’s Own Kind
14Privilege of the Young
15Smells Like Trouble
16Long-Lived Friends
17Take Care
18First-Class Mage Exam
19Well-Laid Plans
20Necessary Killing
21The World of Magic
22Future Enemies
23Conquering the Labyrinth
24A Perfect Replica
25A Fatal Vulnerability
26The Height of Magic
27An Era of Humans
28It Would Be Embarrassing When We Meet Again
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FrierenAtsumi Tanezaki
FernKana Ichinose
StarkChiaki Kobayashi
SeinYuichi Nakamura
HimmelNobuhiko Okamoto

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