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To Give a Proper Counseling

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Overview (Story)
“Nobody likes to be seen acting like a pampered child.”

While waiting out a month-long cold wave in a small village with her companions, Frieren asks Sein to mediate a quarrel between Fern and Stark. (via Netflix Episode Synopsis)

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Review time. This would be centering around Sein, and the rest is history.

Sein can be one of the characters who is considered “shy”, because he has no interest in talking to other characters, especially Fern and Stark. But then, he can be a responsible “adult” who can able to scold and mediate those two people who are quarreling for senseless topics. Yep, and someone like Sein can able to give advices to people who are having problems in life. And I do really like that representation!

And then, I can see some development around Fern and Stark, especially when they are always together. I do understand that quarreling is a part of friendship, and that’s how a circle of friends form a bond together with the people whom they had talked with. But then, their quarreling can be childish, and I can see that they need some adults like Sein who could scold them and lecture them. Yep, and I can call it counseling! This is something of an interesting topic, where the term “adulting” will take place, where some scolding and counseling should occur. That’s something I have learned from this Episode — the first half!

The second half, meanwhile, is somehow leading to an unknown story arc (it was revealed in the trailer, right?), while showing some scenes where Fern got sick, and Frieren and Stark are on their quest to hunt some ingredients for the medicine. That’s the time when Stark was able to talk head on with Frieren, and that’s one highlight! But then, let’s see if there’s a further character development with Fern and Stark. Will they become a potential couple, or just in a dream? Just a speculation, but I am saying that these can not be true.

Overall, the story in this Episode is just good, in which it is really making me prepared for the next story arc, in which it shall be taking place on the next Episode. But then, will it be Frieren’s turn to go solo this time, just in order to show on who really she is? I hope that the next one shall be exciting, too.

And to announce, I might get delayed in releasing new Episode Reviews for this one. This would depend on the Episodes and story to be released in the succeeding weeks and months. If I need some couple of Episodes to watch before writing a review, then that’s it.

My Rating: BEST (4.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – Story is just right. No inconsistencies, so far.
Animation: (4/5) – Nothing has changed. Except, one of the main cast has left the party, while the rest continued their adventures.
Insights: (5/5) – Something that someone like me could even relate. Adulting is something that everyone should be responsible of, such as giving advice and counseling to young people who had lost their ways.

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Series Info
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
© Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan / “Frieren” Project

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