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Beyond the Ten-Year Quest to Defeat the Demon King

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“How many years do you think we’ve traveled together?”

Fifty years later, after the Demon King was slain by the hands of the heroes party, consisting of Himmel, Frieren, Heiter, and Eisen, Frieren returns to the capital, while her former companions have aged older. Himmel dies after seeing the last era meteor shower with Frieren. She expressed her guilt for not attempting to learn more about his background life as a hero in her party. And so, Frieren has received an invitation to travel to the far north — to where the resting souls are gathered. She embarks on a long journey, along with her new companions, while still pursuing her passion in learning some new magic — in which it was her hobby.

Frieren, along with her new companions, Fern, Stark, and Sein, travel together in a distant, far north, in order to reach the place where the souls are resting. Their travels are somehow filled with many quests, while encountering various dangers and other troubles. During those ventures, Frieren is then reminiscing some of her memories along with her former companions in their adventures to defeat the Demon King.

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Alright! Review time! It’s about time that I could really do marathon on a single Anime show that I haven’t watched yet. But the thing is… this one is still up and ongoing — since Fall 2023 season!

I am not really used in watching some Anime shows in a medieval time or setting, where technology did barely exist. But then, unlike those previous medievel-themed Anime shows that I have watched, this one has taken me into a new level — where it really defined the nature of a typical fantasy Anime. So then, let me break down those things that I had observed when watching this Anime in a marathon of 16 Episodes (before the later one).

Firstly, the titular character, Frieren the Mage. Yep, I totally understood on where did Frieren came from. She belongs to the Elf Race, and was found by a powerful mage when her home was finally destroyed by those vicious demons. Definitely, a good backstory (tale) explanation on how did Frieren able to develop her powerful magic in order to suppress her foes along the way. And then, I had seen Frieren’s slight change of character, ever since when Himmel died when he was old. The biggest regret that Frieren has is she never gets to know the hero very well, who has definitely saved her and the party many times during their adventures to defeat the Demon King, and she never gave him a farewell upon passing. Because of that, Frieren will do everything to put everything on a resolve. But then, of course, she can’t do that without some companions or friends at her side.

Fern. She was Frieren’s apprentice mage, who later becomes a companion in the party.

Second. For the secondary characters, for my case, Fern. Fern is somehow an apprentice mage of Frieren, who wants to learn powerful magic. At the time when she has grown up, she was able to train with Frieren, and was able to master some magic. Especially when she was able to defeat a powerful demon who can annihilate an entire army with just its powerful, shield-defying magic. Fern can be one of my favorite female characters here because she can be soft and modest. And at the same time, she can be a tough woman, especially when she can able to carry either Frieren and Stark, whenever they are tired or sleepy in their adventures.

Stark. He was Eisen’s student.

For the tough male character, Stark. His red hair color reminds me that he is a type of a brave warrior who could act as the “frontline” hero in order to defend and save the weak. For some descriptive details, here it goes! Usually, main male characters do really start in their childhood as “weaklings”. Or in the sense that they are “try hards”, where they will do anything in order to surpass their masters. And they usually use their anger and violence in order to resolve them, but failing in the end. Of course, Stark do really have a sad tale where he must need to run away when he can’t do anything to save his town that is about to be burned in ruins. But more than that, there is some other of his tales where he was able to train under with some of Frieren’s old allies (Eisen of course).

Sein the Goaty Priest. He finally realized his own hero name.

Lastly, we got Sein the Goaty Priest (that was his given codename lol). Sein got a backstory where he was on his search for a friend, who was codenamed as the “Gorilla Warrior”. So then, he traveled along with Frieren’s party — in his quest to find that one who had made promise with him to meet again.

So then, let’s highlight some “temporary villains” in the series during my marathon. But did you know that there are some villains out there in which it has become my favorite, somehow?

Aura the Guillotine was the cute, yet insane patootie demon that I have encountered in any Anime ever. Her words as a demon being can be deceiving, and can really make your fists clenched.

This Anime series does really show the importance of bonding with your friends whom you had been with through the years while you are still alive. So then, there are still a lot of things to learn, such as traversing the odds, while quarreling each other along the way. And of course, there are some several character developments where some characters are changing their ways, while they are venturing this long, yet dangerous adventures going to the north.

Of course, some drama may ensue along the way, in which it can trigger some on what we call as “tear jerking”, and you know what that means, right? Something that many people can relate, with regards to their social status in life.

And so, it has never failed to amuse me, with some minimal innuendos and other funny scenes and moments along the way. And that is — in order to balance the mood and flow of the story! Yep, and that’s what I had been looking for!

So then, watching the 16 Episodes in marathon can be worth it, for me. Yep, something in which it could allow me to watch more, whenever the plot is not enough. And overall, it has made me impressed a lot! That’s why it is considered as a high rating, for me.

My Rating: BEST (5/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – Story flow isn’t really wasting its time to convey the backstories (tales) of each of the main characters, like Frieren, Stark, and Sein. The mood of the story is just balanced and just — not too funny, and not too violent. Of course, more drama still prevails!
Animation: (5/5) – Yep, the animation is just right for viewers like me to enjoy. Especially when it is played on a high-spec TV monitor (4K win).
Insights: (5/5) – Yep, there are so lots to learn from this one. Especially when it would involve friendship, memories, and long-time bonds — something that each and everyone of us should give it a value. Of course, we could reminisce over them as we grow old.

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Series Info
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
© Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe / Shogakukan / “Frieren” Project

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