EPISODE 24: Komari’s Existence

We have travelled through several Parallel Worlds, wherein they have connections with the School Idols.

And then, what was written in my Digitariel is the adventures of Chiharu Umiboshi, a School Idol who is ready to become a winner in the LoveLive! Finals, together with me and with the other girls.

And so, the last page in my Digitariel is completely blank after I had seen it for the last time. Which basically, it tells me that the history is going on to a different direction.

Now, that Honoka has returned to her own original world, that Parallel World is no longer accessible to enter. Same goes to the other Parallel Worlds that we had previously visited. And that is, we have to make our way to the Black Lace Ribbons’ lair, which was led by Mikako Kira.

What else can I do? And my surroundings are darker than it seems.

This is Lierre, the School Idol Oracle, speaking to you, reader. Let this Episode begin!

Komari Ohara is sleeping, and she is dreaming of something. Something in which it has connections to her past. And in her dreams, she finally saw her mother.

Upon her mother’s departure by a helicopter, a missile attack was launched from somewhere. That helicopter was destroyed into pieces, and Komari finally screams.

The dream has ended, and Komari finally wakes up from her sleep. And then, she was lying down on a bed, in a room which is familiar to her before.

And then, Komari has saw somebody whom she has known for a long time. And asked, “Maya Ellen? Where am I, and what are you doing here?”

“Thank goodness, you are alive!” replied Maya to her.

“And then, what happened to my friends?”

“And about your friends… We do not know what has happened. What happened last is that we found you somewhere in the fields lying down. I think you got separated from your friends, don’t you?”

“Now that’s a problem. They do even have Lierre… No, they do even have Chiharu and the others being held captive!”

“Right now, we are planning for a rescue strategy! Just stay here and rest.”

“Let me join with you on your rescue strategy! I just need to save —“

Komari feels the hurt of her left shoulder, and was struggling in pain. Then Maya told her, and said, “For this moment, please rest for a while. And while resting, let me tell you something before we leave on a mission.”

“Alright. But what stuff did you want to talk about for me then?”

“Komari, this is about your mother, who was dead from a helicopter explosion.”

Komari was then surprised on Maya’s statement.

“I will be giving you permission to access those confidential files. The case number is IDR-169.”

“Thank you for that information.”

“You are welcome. That’s an exchange for letting yourself to stay for a while.”

Maya gave Komari the card key leading to a room containing most of the IDPMD’s confidential case files. Finally, Maya has left from the room.

Just few minutes later, Komari has finally found the room that Maya has mentioned to her. And by using the access key given to her, Komari finally enters the room.

Komari did remember the case ID given to her by Maya when they were talking. And finally, she has found those files, with the label “Confidential” in it.

“The case is IDR-169,” said Komari. “And the date when is this registered was… June 13, 2020.”

And so, she continued to open those confidential files.

Finally, she saw the profile of her own mother. And then, she began whispering those details in herself.

“So, my mother was a School Idol after all. No doubt about it.”

And then, she flipped a few more pages.

“When she departed from her home via a flying helicopter, it was then destroyed by an explosion caused by a missile attack.”

Komari finally cries in tears, as she knew that it was the exact happening that happened when she has dreamt earlier.

But then, Komari has flipped an another page in the confidential case file. And there, she saw something within that page. She finally remembered the time when somebody has talked to her about it.

“The Mari Ohara in our world is just a copy from the original. Your mother was just also a copy,” said that person whom she has talked into. “Therefore, the real one is just alive, somewhere.”

When Komari has realized those words, she finally knows that her mother was just a clone.

“And then, who is the Mari that I had talked to before?” asked she.

The people in the Missions Department has finally entered inside the room. When Komari has finally saw an opening at the entrance, she uses that opportunity to escape from the room, while hiding and bringing the confidential files with her.

And so, this is where Komari used her chance to exit out from the Interdimensional Police Missions Department, or IDPMD. That’s the name of her secret base, at the time when she was still working as an Interdimensional Policewoman.

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SAKI: It’s about time to move on to the next stage, guys.
SHO: I love Yohane-sama…
AIKA: So then, there are some things happened though this week!
MAMI: If you continue reading this, then you might find out what could be are those!

LIERRE: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Happy Birthday, Riko and Ruby!

LIERRE: Are you ready to give out your birthday greetings for these two girls, Saki and Gen?
SAKI: Of course, we are!
GEN: Well, I am ready for this.
LIERRE: Here it goes!

GEN: Happy birthday, my shadow. Um… Riko Sakurauchi. You had taught me a lot of things. And then, let your own light shine upon me in the darkness. ‘Cause I am gonna walk this path along with you until the end. Once again, Happy Birthday!

LIERRE: Hmm… That’s a nice message! How about for Saki this time?
SAKI: Ruby Kurosawa! You can be weak and inferior, but you are still a nice and adorable sister. No matter what, you should really be the one who could guide your big sister into a right direction whenever she is lost. And remember that all smiles shall be on you! Happy birthday, dear Ruby!

LIERRE: Well, that’s it for their birthday messages for Riko and Ruby!

Yohane the Parhelion – Season Finale
White Feather of Destiny.

TAKAYOSHI: And this ends the season of Yohane’s journeys. I think this is just the beginning.
GEN: There are some plot holes. But yeah, I think a potential sequel can be possible here.
SHO: ….
TAKAYOSHI: You look so hypnotized today, Sho.
GEN: That’s normal for some Anime watchers though!

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Liella! Updates

Birthday Greetings Next Week: Sumire Heanna

SAKI: Next week shall be Sumire Heanna’s birthday! And she is from the Team Liella! faction.
MAMI: Her birthday shall be celebrated every 28th of September! She is voiced by Naomi Payton.
AIKA: What could be your birthday messages for her this time? Make sure to send her some at her birthday!
LIERRE: Galaxyyyy~ —- is that how it goes? Also, tune-in to their feeds for some of her birthday campaigns on SIF2, such as her upcoming “birthday UR scouting” in the game!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Half-Anniversary Event Campaigns

SHO: Looks so intense! Look at that new SR card!
TAKAYOSHI: It seems. There are so lot of things to expect in this half-anniversary campaign, where you will expect limited scoutings, and some others…
GEN: Like that 10-day login streak for 3,000 Love Gems!
SHO: You can likewise follow their feeds for more info about this!
TAKAYOSHI: Seemingly exciting. But I am not when there could be a paid scouting where you will get a guaranteed UR.
GEN: So far, there is no news that the Global Version to be released in this year.
SHO: More likely… The Global Version of this game is more likely to be delayed until 2024!?

First Nijigasaki Side MASTER Song!

GEN: It’s about time to get a MASTER difficulty on a Nijigasaki Side!
TAKAYOSHI: They had released some before, during on a last national tournament, before the SIF2 was released.
SHO: It seems. But then, we are about to get one starting on October 4th, 2023, at 2:00 pm JST!
GEN: Their first MASTER song on their side is Fly with You!!, and it shall be released on the time that Sho has mentioned.
TAKAYOSHI: So guys, are you ready for this new arc of MASTER song challenge?

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!


Lyrics: Junko Miyajima
Composition: Motokiyo
Arrangement: Yosuke Yamashita

TAKAYOSHI: WE WILL!! is a theme song for the TV Anime series, LoveLive! Superstar SEASON TWO.
SHO: Sung by the members of Team Liella!, they were now upgraded when they were joined by the other members, Kinako Sakurakoji, Mei Yoneme, Shiki Wakana, and Natsumi Onitsuka!
GEN: This song is somehow related when they were lost in the LoveLive! Finals last season. And now, they were powered up with some new members in the party, will they get their revenge and win back?

TAKAYOSHI: Darn… I can’t still land an FC finish to its MASTER difficulty beatmap! Still missing at the end part of the song!
GEN: Not really the time for you to give up, don’t you? Remember what Master Kougi has taught you?
SHO: It’s time for the Revenge Live! Let’s do this, Taka-Bro!

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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When she has arrived at the place in Akihabara, she realized that she was now standing on the present Human World. When she arrived at the place where the maid cafe was, it was nothing, but distorted from sight.

“What should I do?” asked Komari to herself. “How could I save Chiharu and others from Mikako Kira?”

Komari thought of something. She then decided to go to Rika Kamiya’s place, where Lierre used to hang out when she needs help.

At the time that Rika and Takayoshi are talking, Rika said, “I think there is no other way for you to get an exact copy of that Charm Item that has already darkened.”

“Did you mean that there is no hope after all?” asked Takayoshi in disappointment.

When a door knock was heard, Takayoshi finally stands up and he opens the door.

And this is where Takayoshi has finally meet up with Komari.

“Takayoshi?” asked Komari in surprise. “You are back!”

“Komari!” said the surprised Takayoshi. “It’s been a while!”

“We got some major problems while you are out from the team. Would you let me join on your ongoing conversation, please?”

This is where Komari, Takayoshi, and Rika has talked about some major problems.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane just returned to Numazu, after failing a live audition. She has finally met with her giant dog companion, named as Lailaps.

Upon her return, something is strangely happening in the town that she ain’t really used into.

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV and Crunchyroll, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

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