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Yohane’s Resonance (Part 2)

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“The world is a song itself.”

The destructive calamity has fully grown, and has totally covered Numazu, letting no other people to escape. What can Yohane do in order to save Numazu from total ruination?

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Review time! As usual, it’s the Saishuhen! The Season Finale!

Basing from the overview above that I had written, it’s just short. And yet, there are a lot of things that happened in this Episode!

And then, I do believe that “violence” is not always an answer to solve out problems in crisis. Basically, I do really expect that they could literally finish off the Final Boss with just one song and MV, and I do really like that in action! Was there really an Anime show before that can really fight enemies by just using music as their weapon? Educate me with this, if there’s anything that you can find, whether it’s Anime or a video game!

Of course, I really like their song MV, when these Aqours girls do really grouped together for an another time here. And then, they had really integrated the School Idol elements here, in which it was really the foundation of this Anime. Add up some sound effects (SFX), like explosions, during at the duration of their song MV. Overall, I love them so much.

The Finale is basically 50-50, when it comes to plot. While the first half is mostly musical, in terms of their musical special attacks and moves (singing and dancing), the other half is just the resolving, denouement part, where Yohane has ended up with a bulk of her friends. Yep, and my question part from the first Episode is right. The cold opening of the first Episode is just the scene for the final Episode. Basically, some previous Anime that I had watched has that kind of plot before.

Overall, this Episode is enjoyable and very good, especially with the MV that has become their “finishing weapon” against the calamity boss. So far, the only “plot hole” here is the foreshadowing of one of the Saint Snow members here. I had took a screenshot of that, but was never included here in this review post. This Anime got a potential sequel when that plot hole was used.

So far with this Yohane Anime, which is enjoyable and adorable. Might not be the best, but this was really a part of the LoveLive! Series, wherein the approach and setting is different from a usual School Idol plot and story. Of course, this Anime is not for you, if you keep saying that “Why only Yohane and Lailaps blah blah”, or something that people would even ask that where is the action here, where Dia’s sword can’t even cut enemy critters?

And for the thing to learn here in one sentence, “Violence is not always an answer.”

My Rating: BEST (4.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – As said earlier, there is a plot hole that appeared at the end of this Finale, that would eventually become a “potential sequel”. Overall, I like the execution of some plots and scenes here, until it has reached its denouement.
Animation: (5/5) – The song MV looks fantastic, making me replay somehow some frames, and has SFX along with it. Everyone of Aqours had done it once again, as original School Idols from the Aqours Anime.
Insights: (5/5) – I have learned that violence is not always an answer to win. Basically, only words that we convey can really change someone. Sometimes, our words can really either hurt or heal others’ feelings.

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Series Info
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE)

This series can be streamed on Crunchyroll (Worldwide, excluding Asia).

This Anime series premiered on ABEMA TV earlier by a week since June 25, 2023, with a Japan TV broadcast on July 2, 2023.

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