EPISODE 21: The Crimson Sword War

Let’s have a background where Takayoshi and Thara are right now. The strange realm that they are in right now is known as the Ars Realm.

The Ars Realm is a strange realm, where it is also dubbed as the “Prison of Eternal Age”. It is so called because once you got stuck into that realm, you cannot get out there alive for many years. Unless you got something that can get you out from that world by chance, you cannot go out there for eternity.

But, did you know that going into the Ars Realm can make you eternal, and you won’t age or get old? And to mention as my final note, the time span of the Ars Realm, when you are being stuck there, from the Human World is indeed very long. The equivalent time of the Ars Realm is just 365 years, which is equal to 1 year to the Human World. And when you are stuck into the Ars Realm for at least one year, it is just indeed equivalent to at least 1 day to the Human World! So which means, time progression is indeed slowing down once you are there! And it takes eternal ages to progress into one year to the Human World. So I repeat, it takes a year to complete one day in the Human World, when you are stuck into the Ars Realm! And now, you had understood about the Ars Realm, don’t you?

And going back from the previous Episode, Takayoshi and Thara finally met their father and mother, who are Scarl and Frey, from the fallen world, Planet Crims. What a great reunion here, and Takayoshi has finally met his true parents for the first time.

So then, what is this about the Crimson Sword that I never heard of? Was it having a relation to the forces of darkness, just before the Black Lace Ribbons were formed? This is something to find out.

And this is Lierre, the School Idol Oracle, speaking to you, reader. And that intro part is really long!

With nothing left to talk about, Takayoshi and everyone else were hopeless and clueless on how they could get out from the Ars Realm.

And then, suddenly, Scarl told them about the mystery on why their homeworld got destroyed and crumbled to pieces.

“It is because of the Crimson Sword. That’s why they are aftering it!”

“Crimson Sword?” asked Takayoshi. “I know it’s a legendary weapon or something. But what does the Crimson Sword has to do with the destruction of our homeworld?”

Frey did told Takayoshi and Thara about it, and said, “The Crimson Sword is a weapon that rules over evil and good.”

“And why the enemies are aftering for the Crimson Sword?” asked Thara.

Scarl did brief to Takayoshi and Thara about the Crimson Sword.

“Long centuries ago, this legendary Crimson Sword is the ruler above good and evil. And whoever wields it can gain total superiority over everything. Then, it can able to destroy any single powerful being, including a demi-god. And in order to obtain and grab for that Crimson Sword, all planets and nations must wage war against each other. And so, they must fight and destroy, until the Crimson Sword has finally chosen for the victor! And this known war is called as the Crimson Sword War.”

“Why the planets in the entire galaxy must fight each other?” asked Takayoshi, “Is it because of the greed for that one legendary sword!?”

“Planet Crims did not join in the Crimson Sword War, after all,” said Frey. “And yet, other planets tried to attack and destroy our homeworld which is powerless.”

“How cruel…” said Thara. “I thought violence can really solve everything.”

“So far, the only planets who are involved in the war for the Crimson Sword are… Planet Thalos, Planet Arkad, Planet Skadi, and… Planet Eidos,” said Scarl.

Takayoshi was surprised when he heard about Planet Eidos, and said, “Planet Eidos… That homeworld planet is…”

“That’s right,” said Scarl to him. “Planet Eidos is notorious for having only women as tribespeople. And any people who is not an Eidonian, and a woman, shall be thrown into the endless space, called as the Interdimensional Space.”

“I see… Maybe Lierre knows about these Eidonians!”

“Did you know them, my son?”

“Maybe. She does even know about them. I might find a clue.”

“And going back to the topic,” said Thara. “Is the Crimson Sword War ongoing in the present time?”

Then, Scarl briefs to them once more.

“So far, as long as I could remember, only two planets have prevailed in the Crimson Sword War. This would only remain Planet Arkad and Planet Eidos. Meanwhile, the beings in Planet Arkad are where the strongest forces are.”

“Who are those strongest forces, father?” asked Takayoshi.

“Those forces… They were lead by a man, named as Rhadamanthus. He is arrogant and superior as ever. He has formed his own group in order to obliterate planets on his own.”

“This is kind of cruel…”

“But then, I had remembered that when I faced him in front, this Crimson Sword has appeared. He was too greedy enough to desire for absolute power. So then, he went to grab for the Crimson Sword.”

“And then, what happens after?”

“When he grabbed it, the Crimson Sword just rejected him, and his body was burned alive. And then, a dimension portal has appeared, and his burning body was eaten up by the dimension gate. Afterwards, the Crimson Sword has finally disappeared from sight.”

“Having Rhadamanthus burned his body alive… And so, how did our homeworld planet got destroyed?”

“I believe that these so-called evil forces has destroyed our homeworld. Maybe it is just having a relation to the Crimson Sword War, after all.”

“I see now. That’s why every being, whether Humans or other race, are desiring for absolute power.”

“And after that Crimson Sword War, planets lived peacefully in harmony. But not until this evil force has attacked our homeworld planet suddenly.”

“Well, that’s it for the Crimson Sword War between the planets in the galaxy,” said the mother, Frey.

Takayoshi was sad about the past explained by his father, Scarl. He then talks.

“Why do they have to fight and to resort to violence? Why do they need to do it because of absolute power? This is definitely a greed!”

“You just need to forget about it, my son,” said Scarl. “It has already happened.”

“I will never forgive them for destroying our homeworld, Planet Crims!”

“You know, my son? No matter how many times they hurt you, we just simply don’t hurt them back. That’s how a fight or war will just escalate more if we just endlessly giving and taking back the pain in us.”

“When you started the war or fight,” said Frey. “You are the first one to become evil to the eyes of everybody.”

“I see… That’s right,” said Thara. “So, I become an evil when I challenge my brother to a duel. Of what that girl said, I can’t just settle nor solve everything with just violence.”

The time passes, and their long conversation has ended. But still, Takayoshi absolutely got no hope in going out from the Ars Realm.

“Talking about hope,” said Takayoshi. “We can’t get out here, forever.”

“If that’s the case,” said Thara. “Why won’t we start a family, then?”

“A brother and a sister forming a family?” said Scarl.

“That might be a choice now,” said Frey. “It is because you are the only ones that remain.”

At some point of time, Takayoshi feels the warmth within his pocket. And so, his Charm Item is glowing with orange-colored light.

“Talking about hope…” said Takayoshi as he is looking at his Charm Item. “Chika didn’t forget about me, didn’t she?”

“Huh? Who’s Chika?” asked Thara.

“She is just a friend of mine… A School Idol. Maybe I can try to punch this field to create a hole in the wall?”

And so, Takayoshi attempted to do a straight punch on his front while grasping the Charm Item on his fist. Upon punching, a small orange warp portal has opened in front of him.

“An exit?” asked Thara. “That’s means we can get out?”

“I don’t know about it,” replied Takayoshi. “But this portal can only carry one person.”

“But then, if you leave… We are…”

“Don’t worry, big-sis Thara. I am going to tell Lierre and others that you are here in this Ars Realm! I will be back… Soon.”

Then, their parents talk to Takayoshi.

“I think your friends need you now,” said Scarl. “Don’t worry about us, because you had finally met us, your parents!”

“Come on, my dear Teron!” said Frey. “Whatever the trouble you are facing, you must step forward! Go now, and help your friends! They needed you most!”

“Go on now, my dear brother!” said Thara. “You promise that you will be back to rescue us, right?”

“I promise. I WILL be back,” replied Takayoshi to them.

Thara is now crying in tears. Finally, Takayoshi enters the orange warp portal alone, and it finally closes. This is where Takayoshi finally escaped from the Ars Realm by himself.

“Of course, my son!” said Scarl. “You have somebody to love and protect, don’t you?”

“My dear,” said Frey. “You have to protect the people whom you love and adore!”

“School Idols, huh?” said Thara. “Then, I guess you really got a home to return to, my dear brother Teron. Nope… Takayoshi Kitagawa.”

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TAKAYOSHI: I am really missing you guys here…
CHIHARU: Of course, you are not alone! You are here with us!
CHIHARU: It’s about time to share everything that we have found here…

SAKI: Speaking of the Headlines, I had been hearing some info that the Genjitsu no Yohane, or Yohane the Parhelion, is heading towards the season finale soon.
MAMI: That’s right. And the Aqours Jimo-Ai Matsuri event is just getting closer in a hunch.
AIKA: So far for those! I think Team Liella! is yet to announce something big right after their 4th Live event soon!
LIERRE: Let’s just hope that there would be an additional live tour, which would feature all of them at once!

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 10
Yohane bread drawing is so darn cute.

SHO: I had heard that they had made out a merchandise item out of that!
GEN: Well, we just need to find out what is going to happen next time.
TAKAYOSHI: And it is just only few Episodes away to its season finale! Hang on, guys!

Review | Streaming Guide

Yohane’s Livestream (September 6, 2023)

AIKA: New info from the Team Aqours… I mean, from the Yohane Anime!
SHO: Eh? What’s that new info? Could it be some merch? Figures? Or some others, like their upcoming live events?
AIKA: Possibly! Like that upcoming Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri on October!
SAKI: Speaking of their new info, their livestream shall be held on September 6, 2023 at 8:00 pm JST, on their LoveLive! Series Official YouTube channel.
LIERRE: It shall be hosted by Aika Kobayashi (Yohane), Shuka Saito (You), and Rikako Aida (Riko)! You know already what’s gonna appear on the livestream, don’t you? My Digitariel says otherwise!
AIKA: It seems that Yohane the Parhelion is almost heading to its “season finale”, really soon.
SHO: I hope it’s not yet the end. And I am really excited about this!

Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki OVA Next Sky Home Blu-ray Released

AIKA: This is great! Their Home Blu-Ray is finally released, after two months!
MAMI: Now, we are going to find out on what has really happened after the Events in the last Episode.
AIKA: And speaking of the OVA, it’s quite short!
MAMI: But then, we just only cut the tail of a lizard.
AIKA: What did you mean, Mami-chan?
MAMI: I mean, that OVA is just the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s beginning.
AIKA: Eh? Stop spoiling me!
MAMI: I think Senpai has already released a review about this OVA. Better check that one out!
AIKA: Senpai who?

Nijigaku NEXT SKY OVA Review

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign: Image Girl Winners

TAKAYOSHI: The team has released the winners of the image girl contest!
SHO: This poll was done since a couple of months ago! I wondered on who are the School Idols who made it to the big four?
GEN: Let’s find out in this Episode! The School Idols who are representing the Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign Event go to…

TAKAYOSHI: Umi Sonoda, You Watanabe, Setsuna Yuki, and Chisato Arashi!

SHO: Congratulations! These girls shall be representing as the Image Girls for the upcoming Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign Event of this game!
GEN: Stay tuned at their feeds for more updates about this! They are more likely to appear in some limited scouting banners, or some equivalent!

Miracle Collection: The Silver Moon Shimmers Down On the Hills

GEN: Are your LP Recovery Items and Skip Tickets still up and loaded, Takayoshi?
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, Gen! I may be not getting a lot of URs lately, but I am really strong when it comes to gaining more ranks in Events!
SHO: This ongoing Miracle Collection Event features You Watanabe as a UR Reward that can be obtained when you get more Event Points! Taka-Bro, I heard that some previous Event URs that were acquired can more likely influence the acquisition of some Login Bonus items here!
TAKAYOSHI: More likely. And at least, I just need to save my Penlights when I had acquired this Event UR for more sensational Event Points gain increase!
GEN: Also, the new URs from the scouting banner are more likely helping you a lot. But then, it’s not necessary anymore to get them, since you can not even get them when your luck is too low.
SHO: And the Event song to be used? I think it’s an another difficult MASTER song, as usual.
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah, and it’s an Aqours Anime Season 2 insert song. But then, I am ready for this!
GEN: This Event is now ongoing, and would last up until September 10th, which is fairly far from this Episode, especially the next one!
TAKAYOSHI: So, there is always a lot of time to grind higher ranks… If that’s the case, I’m on.

Nijigasaki 12 Love Songs and Story Diary Episode 1 Coming Up!

SHO: And to remind some people here… The 12 Nijigasaki Love Songs shall be released and are playable next week, on September 6, 2023, at 2:00 pm JST!
TAKAYOSHI: Also, their Story Diary Episode 1 shall be released also on the same date! Please do note!
GEN: More songs, more challenge. As usual, what could be those 12 romantic love songs from Team Nijigasaki, huh?
SHO: So then, we shall be finding them out once they were released! Are you ready, Gen? Taka-Bro?
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, we are.

Other Updates

Ijigen Fes Theme Song Title Revealed

SAKI: So then, they had revealed finally the Event’s theme song at last!
LIERRE: This is for their upcoming Ijigen Fes Uta Gassen event, which would feature LoveLive! Series, and an another idol-themed series, The Idolmaster, on mid-December 2023!
SAKI: The title of their collab song is Ijigen★❤BIGBANG! Release date is on December 6th!
LIERRE: The vocals would be featuring half from The Idolmaster Series and LoveLive! Series! Please refer to their official Japanese page for more info and details.

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And now, Takayoshi is floating into the Interdimensional Space. His Charm Item is glowing again, so he wields it once more. Until, he has arrived at the door-shaped portal, and he opens it like a door. And finally, he has made his way out to the present Human World time.

When he has stepped out, he saw his surroundings. Those surroundings are the familiar landmarks that are surrounding the maid cafe, where the Idol Chasers are. When he has turned back, Takayoshi was finally surprised that the maid cafe was invisible and was distorted.

“The maid cafe…” said Takayoshi. “I wondered what has happened to Chiharu and others?”

Then, Rika Kamiya, wearing her white laboratory gown, has rushed into the scene, and said, “Oh no! It looks like it’s too late for me to stop it!”

“What did you mean it’s too late?”

“I think her modified Digitariel has caused this problem. And the maid cafe that is distorted right now in your front is now travelling between Parallel Worlds!”

“Now that is a problem.”

“For the meantime, will you come along with me to the Shinonome Lab? My name is Rika Kamiya.”

“And I am Takayoshi Kitagawa. Let’s go!”

And so, Rika and Takayoshi went to the laboratory for this time being for a discussion about the maid cafe being disappeared and distorted from the present Human World.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane just returned to Numazu, after failing a live audition. She has finally met with her giant dog companion, named as Lailaps.

Upon her return, something is strangely happening in the town that she ain’t really used into.

Yohane the Parhelion -SUNSHINE in the MIRROR-

Premiering on ABEMA TV and Crunchyroll, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

Official Website | Series Info

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