EPISODE 17: White Feather

Right now, the Idol Chasers are in the another Parallel World where they must need to find the Prism Card in order to get to the next Parallel World. They are now doing it in order to reach the world where the Black Lace Ribbons are in.

For now, I am currently sleeping within my other self’s body. And this is Lierre, who is speaking to you. And I hope that Chiharu might find a way on how to wake me up, and to take over with my other self’s body!

“I can’t. I am sorry,” replied Minalinsky to Aika. “This item is very important to me.”

“But we need it in order to…” said Aika to her.

“I know. But then, it has totally reminded me that I must continue to move on with my own sea of dreams.”

“But then, you quitted being a School Idol, right?”

“Maybe. But still, I haven’t reached for my one dream.”

Aika talks about her own dreams to Minalinsky. She told her everything that she wanted to achieve something that nobody has did it before.

Meanwhile, Chiharu, Sho, Gen, and Inverse Lierre are returning to the city area.

Suddenly, Inverse Lierre felt something in her hair. Then, she said, “Seemingly, the Prism Card has the ability to transport someone back to that live stage platform!”

“I haven’t heard of that in the rules!” said Chiharu.

“Well, we can’t argue more,” said Sho. “I think she’s right!”

“So then, let’s hurry back,” said Gen. “I think that you are just fooling us this time around, don’t you?”

“I am not even joking nor fooling you! In fact, it’s the truth that the Prism Cards can instantly teleport someone back to the live stage platform! Let’s go now!”

And so, they immediately head back to the live stage platform that they had visited moments ago.

And back at the familiar maid cafe, Minalinsky finally understands Aika’s feelings on how she wanted to achieve her dreams by herself along with her friends.

“That’s why, I always keep on my pace in order to reach for that light!” said Aika.

“Thank you. Your words has finally enlightened me,” said Minalinsky.

“I got one last wish… Will you sing and dance together with me?”

“Doing a live performance… with you?”

“And this is my own wish! To perform a live show along with you!”

Minalinsky finally holds Aika’s hand. And then, the Prism Card did self-activation, instantly teleporting Aika and Minalinsky to the live stage platform.

With their clothes being converted to their stage costume, mixed with white and pink colors, the two are standing on the stage platform. From their area, they saw Chiharu, Inverse Lierre, Sho, and Gen on the distance.

Finally, Chiharu, Inverse Lierre, Sho, and Gen saw Aika and Minalinsky on the stage platform.

“Aika! But then, who’s that girl standing along with her?”

“No doubt about it. It’s Minalinsky of this Parallel World!”

“Quite expected that this Minalinsky is quite different from the one that I had saw!”

“Here it goes, they are beginning to perform!”

Aside from Chiharu and others, they saw other people who are gathering also at the front of the live stage platform. They are looking at Aika and Minalinsky.

It seems that Aika and Minalinsky are ready. Then, they said, “Please listen to our song! Mirai Flashing!”

And they are beginning to sing and dance on the stage.

Aika and Minalinsky are very good in synchronization with the song, as well as their voices blending together.

Meanwhile, Chiharu, Inverse Lierre, Sho, and Gen are keeping up their cheers to them. Also, the people around them are keeping up their loud cheers to them, while waving their penlights.

Along the crowd, there goes Eru and Aru from the Black Lace Ribbons.

“Seemingly, these School Idols are realy rocking like rocks!”

“Does this really prove that School Idols aren’t really bad?”

As the live show and music are continuing to play, Aika and Minalinsky’s feelings are beginning to connect. And then, they talk via deep thoughts.

“Because of you, I had finally realized my own dream!” said Minalinsky.

“Thanks to you, too!” said Aika. “I had finally known that I got a dream to achieve, too!”

“Let’s finish this live show… Together, Aika!”

“Me too, Minalinsky! Let’s finish it together!”

With the last line of their song lyric, they had finished the live show.

And so, the audiences are beginning to cheer for them louder. Chiharu and the others are well cheering for Aika and Minalinsky.

On the other hand, Eru and Aru saw the concluded live performance. Then, they talk.

“Come on, there is nothing left for us to explore here,” said Eru.

“School Idols… They aren’t bad after all,” said Aru.

After that, they had left.

“Thank you very much!” They said it when their live performance is over. Then, they went down from the stage platform, and they went to the back part of it.

At the back part of the stage platform, they saw Chiharu, Inverse Lierre, Sho, and Gen there.

“Everyone! We did it!” said Aika.

“Your live performance with her…” said Chiharu. “That’s amazing!”

“What can I say?” said Inverse Lierre. “All is well done.”

“Woo-hoo!!” said Sho with satisfaction. “That live performance is so amazing!! And I am in infatuation!”

“So then, you are really Minalinsky, don’t you?” said Gen. “You aren’t Kotori that was known once by millions.”

Minalinsky finally speaks to everyone, the Idol Chasers.

“At least, you had made me all happy! Thank you! Because of them, I had finally realized my own dream. And then, as a prize, I shall be giving this to you. This is something that me and Aika had agreed upon with!”

“That’s the Prism Card!” said Chiharu. “Go get it, Aika!”

“But if I take this away from you,” said Aika. “You will…”

“Don’t worry about it, my dear fan,” said Minalinsky. “I had finally realized my own dreams, as a School Idol. And that is… I wanted to make my fans smile at me! And that includes you, everyone!”

Minalinsky finally gives the Prism Card to Aika. And then, she finally takes it.

“Thank you, Minalinsky!” Aika said.

But then, after Minalinsky gives up the Prism Card to Aika, her body is beginning to dissolve.

“That’s why Aika is hesitating to take the Prism Card from her!” said Gen.

“Minalinsky will…” said Chiharu.

Aika finally hugs Minalinsky, who is ready to disappear.

“Just follow your own path. Just go where the white feather leads you,” said Minalinsky.

“Will you ever come back again?” asked Aika.

“Definitely! Somewhere! I will always remember you, Aika!”

After that, Minalinsky finally disappears along with the white feathers that are fluttering around.

And so, the flashing ball of light has finally went into Aika’s Charm Item that Kotori has given to her. And she finally said, “Thank you, Minalinsky!”

Chiharu, Inverse Lierre, Sho, and Gen are also carrying the white feathers that Minalinsky left upon her disappearance.

“I have learned something about being a School Idol,” Chiharu said, “Let us catch for our dreams, and aim for victory in the LoveLive! Finals!”

“We shall be backing you up until the end!” said Sho.

“For now, we just need to achieve our objective for this time being!” said Gen.

And so, everybody else went back to the maid cafe where the remaining Idol Chasers are there.

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SAKI: Is everybody ready? Here goes the month of August!
LIERRE: New month means new headlines to highlight!
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, the Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series is just around the corner!
AIKA: I wonder on how will it turn out…
MAMI: For this time being, we need to find out some other news and highlights that happened during this week on LoveLive! Series!
SHO: Taka-Bro, they are poisoning us with their new and luxurious merchandise and figures!
GEN: And then, things are getting hard or difficult in the SIF2 rhythm game. In fact, they shall be introducing some new kind of feature that will help us to find that song that we are looking for in the music library!
TAKAYOSHI: We just hope that they introduce a new kind of Event in the game, soon!
SHO: And then… SIF2 is almost reaching its half-anniversary soon in the next 2 months! Be better to get ready ourselves for their upcoming pre-celebration campaigns, if there’s any!

ALL: This is the Headlines! What are the things to expect soon on the LoveLive! Series? Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Happy Birthday, Chika!

TAKAYOSHI: I just have to try again… in 12 months.
SHO: Taka-Bro, what happened?
TAKAYOSHI: I failed to get Chika’s Birthday UR on time. And my Exchange Points are still not enough.
SHO: That was really frustrating. Well, that goes to me the same when I can’t even get Yohane’s UR on her birthday.
TAKAYOSHI: But then, history is history in SIF2. I just need an another year to try again.
SAKI: Don’t get disheartened, my dear! I know that Chika still loves you! All you have to do is to do effort in gathering more Love Gems to scout!
LIERRE: Saki is right, indeed. Remember that this ain’t the LLSIF that you used to play anymore in the past.
SAKI: For the meantime, let’s celebrate Chika Takami’s birthday, which was celebrated last August 1 this week!
LIERRE: Setting your doubts aside, Takayoshi, are you ready to give your birthday message to her?

TAKAYOSHI: Dear Chika, Happy birthday! Because of you, I have learned a lot of things. So does as you have learned from me, and that’s why you are on the top right now. Once again, happy birthday, Chika! Nope… My sister.

SHO & LIERRE: Eh…? Sister?!?
SAKI: (Smiles) Not even a surprise.
SHO: Taka-Bro called Chika a sister? His sister!?
LIERRE: Definitely not a literal sister in a family-related blood. A “sister” means someone who could even guide Takayoshi into a right direction.
SAKI: That’s right. And Takayoshi said this before. School Idols are just like your little sisters.
LIERRE: And once again, Happy Birthday to our dear Chika Takami from Aqours! This ends the highlight!

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 6
The return of Guilty Kiss, a Riko, Yohane, and Mari trio unit of Aqours.

Episode 6 Review | Streaming Guide

Yohane Anime Opening and Ending Themes Released

MAMI: Looks like they had released their respective opening and ending theme songs for this Anime!
SAKI: Genjitsu Mysterium and Kimino Tame Bokuno Tame has been released as physical CDs, together with their respective B-Side songs!
MAMI: And they can be also streamed online via music streaming platforms, like Spotify!
SAKI: Also, these physical CDs can give you an opportunity to attend their upcoming “live event” on December, if you live in Japan! Read on their official website in Japanese for more details.
LIERRE: And not to mention, that both of these songs can be played on the SIF2 rhythm game!

Nijigasaki Updates

Birthday: Setsuna Yuki

SAKI: Setsuna Yuki’s birthday incoming! While her being voiced by Coco Hayashi, her birthday is celebrated every 8th of August!
GEN: Such a beauty…
AIKA: Huh? What did you just said, Gen?
GEN: I said, such a beauty.
AIKA: Whoa… It looks like Gen has a new favorite School Idol!
GEN: It’s not that I like her or something…
AIKA: But Riko is your School Idol Sign! But then, yeah!! (chuckles)
SAKI: Because of that, Gen Sakurauchi shall be delivering his birthday message to Setsuna Yuki on the next Episode, at this headline! Mark those words, Gen! Be prepared for that!
GEN: Alright. It does seem that I got no other choice.
SAKI: And also, check out her upcoming birthday campaigns in the SIF2 rhythm game!

Liella! Updates

Birthday: Natsumi Onitsuka

LIERRE: It’s time! Natsumi Onitsuka’s birthday is just around the corner!
SHO: Yeah! Oninuts! Did you know that she is also an vlogger before entering the School Idol Universe?
LIERRE: Her birthday is celebrated every August 7th, and she was voiced by Aya Emori. Sho, I want you to give her a birthday message!
SHO: !!
LIERRE: I know that you like Yohane that much. But sometimes, you just need to befriend other School Idols, just like her!
SHO: If that’s so… Then I am gonna give her a birthday message next week! Here we go, Oninuts! There goes nothing!
LIERRE: Finally, Sho got an another favorite School Idol, it seems.
SHO: And there is… Her birthday campaigns on SIF2!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Miracle Collection: Who Holds the Flag of Victory

SHO: Taka-Bro. All seems lost when you fail to get Chika’s featured UR, but we must still fight on.
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah. In fact, I need to get more serious enough to play hard in this Event in the μ’s Side as revenge!
GEN: Event UR to be acquired at 100,000 Event Points is Umi Sonoda! What else can you get from the Event Points Rewards when you play?
SHO: Also, using your previously-acquired UR from the previous Event can more likely increase your Event Points acquisition rate even more! But then, the new URs from the new Scouting Banner shall be doing the same likewise! Finally, don’t forget to put them into your team before playing or skipping any song!
TAKAYOSHI: Event Song to be used is Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump! Play on MASTER difficulty to place higher in the Score Rankings!
GEN: So then, expect another burning of at least 15,000 Love Gems, if you don’t stock up with your LP recovery items properly.
SHO: That’s it, guys! Let’s get going! Taka-Bro, you have to forget about your failed scouting for the Chika UR, sorry.
TAKAYOSHI: This is an another Miracle Collection Event where I have to prove myself worth! And this Event shall last until August 10 (Thu), 2023, which is five days left from this Episode!

Login Bonus Campaigns and Liella! Solo Songs Coming Soon

SHO: We got an intel about the upcoming Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series Campaigns soon! And some solo songs from Team Liella! to be released soon!
TAKAYOSHI: Sho, let’s have those info!
SHO: First, we have these new Liella! Solo Songs to be released starting on August 14 (Mon) JST! And then, we have these incoming Login Bonus items to be received during their campaign! Yeah, and this is for their LoveLive! Tour Series to be made in next two weeks from this Episode!
GEN: Looks so interesting. I wondered on what are those?
SHO: We just need to stand by on our in-game notifications on what kind of these campaigns are, whether a countdown login bonus, or some sort!
TAKAYOSHI: Well, this settles it. And that’s it for the highlights in this part! Be sure to check them out!

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And back finally at the maid cafe, Aika finally swipes and activates the Prism Card to the Digitariel which is stuck to the wall.

When it was activated, it finally gives out screenshots and memories of that Parallel World. It was then called as “Akiba Tokyo” as the name of the Parallel World.

“So, Minalinsky is actually Kotori, after all, from the past,” said Aika.

“What we are seeing right now is the memories of that world,” said Saki. “Though the fact that this maid cafe is just the parallel to that familiar maid cafe.”

“So then, our journey is not yet ending here, perhaps? Definitely, the next Parallel World awaits us,” said Mami.

“No wonder that our next Parallel World to explore is…” said Komari.

And then, the earthquake did occur again, and has subsided afterwards in a few seconds. In just few seconds later, the Digitariel shows something on the screen. It shows the next Parallel World for them to explore.

“What is this next Parallel World?” asked Honoka. “I had never heard this before in my younger years!”

“This Parallel World… No doubt about it,” said Komari. “The name of this world is known as…”

Meanwhile, outside, Inverse Lierre saw the school which was in ruins, and was filled with plants and other vines.

“This Parallel World… Ain’t no different world, either,” said Inverse Lierre. “This world is known as…”

And then, this mysterious girl is donning within her purple and jet-black dress with cape. She was along with her gray giant dog standing. And finally, this dog has howled in the surroundings.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV and Crunchyroll, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

Follow your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

SIF2 Weekly Login Bonus Campaign now on-going!

Official Website | Series Info

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