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The Lonely Dragon

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Overview (Story)
“The only parent I need is you!”

A dragon has infiltrated the academy. When Blade comes in front and defeated it, it has turned into a young girl. That girl easily looks at Blade as her new parent.

It seems that the young girl, who was named as Cu Chulainn, is very lonely and was always looking at people who are even weaker than her, making her to not accept them as friends. Blade must find out on how he could help Cu Chulainn to make some friends, though that he knows that she was able to know their names from the start.

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“Dammit! You pervert!”

An Episode which is looking serious, but funny. Especially, when it is centered on Cu Chulainn, who is a bratty girl. Let’s review!

Cu Chulainn is really a dragon girl, who is looking strong, but is really a brat when she turned into a human form. She is young, and she can do everything in order to get Blade’s attention. She doesn’t like spicy food, as seen when Blade was able to feed her with some spicy curry in her mouth when she was in her dragon form. And finally, aside from being a strong dragon to defeat with, she is lonely and she doesn’t have any friends who are stronger than her. Yep, and that’s it for Cu Chulainn.

Story is really slow-paced to normal. It is just really showing that how did Cu Chulainn able to join within the classroom filled with aspiring heroes, as well as fighting or playing with them.

Time for some thoughts in this Episode! No more excessive Ecchiservice this time! But that scene where Blade is taking bath with Cu Chulainn… Well, that’s showing a loli incest factor! And then, the first parts of the Episode are filled with comedy and laughter (With bit Ecchiservice). But at the later part, it has become a bit serious when dealing with some drama, where Blade was able to see Cu Chulainn playing with some plush toys. And also, don’t imitate the scene where Blade is bashing his head against a wall, and you are not a person with autism or something.

It is really understandable that making friends are difficult. While some are able to make a lot of friends because they are weak, there are some who can’t make some at all because they are stronger than them. That’s what I have learned and got insight from this Episode.

Overall, when I pay attention to the dialogues, it is not boring at all. But in terms of linear storyline, it is pretty plain. In other words, this Episode is just an average. While the serious parts are getting serious as it is, there are times that they are broken when a comedy skit cuts in through, breaking out laughter.

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.6/5)

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Series Info
Eiyuu Kyoushitsu - Classroom for Heroes

Can be streamed on Bilibili Asia and on Crunchyroll.

This Anime premiered since from July 9, 2023 with its first Episode.

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