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Classroom for Heroes

Eiyuu Kyoushitsu (Classroom for Heroes) is a light novel series created by Shin Araki, and art designs were done by Haruyuki Morisawa. It was adapted into a TV Anime series, which did appear in July 2023, and it was animated by Studio Actas.

Series Info
TitleEiyuu Kyoushitsu
Classroom for Heroes
GenreAction, Fantasy
CreatorShin Araki (Story)
Haruyuki Morisawa (Art)
Based FromEiyuu Kyoushitsu
Published Under Shueisha
DirectorKeiichiro Kawaguchi
MusicKotaro Nakagawa
Animation StudioActas
Original Airing Date (First Episode)July 9, 2023
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A guy has entered a school for anyone who is aspiring to become heroes to save the world. That guy’s name is Blade, and he is trying to befriend anyone who is there. And then, he meets a girl named Earnest Flaming.

And when Blade entered it, he is just wanting more friends. He is then pitted finally into a test to prove himself that he is not a rookie hero.

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3Cú Chulainn
4Rosewood Academy Training Session
5The Demon King’s Daughter
6The General and the Sacred Bird
7Springtime of Life at Rosewood Academy
8Lower than Human
9The Superorganism Suppression Team
10I’m Looking for Something Tastier than Me
11Sophie Series (Part 1)
12Sophie Series (Part 2)
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BladeReiji Kawashima
Arnest FlamingMisuzu Yamada
SophieNao Toyama
Cú ChulainnHina Kino
Maria / MaoSarah Emi Bridcutt
IonaAya Uchida
ClaireEri Yukimura
YessicaHaruka Shiraishi
ClayShuichi Uchida
CassimTomohiro Ono
LeonardTomohito Takatsuka
ElizaKonomi Kohara
Emperor (Gilgamesh)Rikiya Koyama
AsmodeusTetsu Inada

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