EPISODE 11: Runaway Rival

In my Digitariel, it contains the adventures of the Idol Chasers, and a School Idol who is in her way to stardom, named as Chiharu Umiboshi.

Takayoshi became the champion, and has ended Hyoshiro’s reigning championship streak in the previous SIF National Tournament in the Fan Thanksgiving Festival event. And so, they are celebrating his victory.

Takayoshi’s goal isn’t just ending here, as his two friends, Mitsu and Seiba, has run away after their defeat. And Hyoshiro was in his big sister’s care, for now.

This is an Episode, which is somehow parallel to the previous Episode, where Chiharu is being encouraged, and has decided their own School Idol Group Name. This time, what could be Takayoshi’s scene in this part? I can’t reveal everything here, unless you read!

And this is the School Idol Oracle, Lierre, who is now speaking to you, reader.

At the time of the night when the Fan Thanksgiving Festival event in Nijigasaki is finally over, the Idol Chasers are all inside the room.

Takayoshi, Sho, and Gen are playing the Scouting Draws in the rhythm game.

“Alright, I got a UR member in a solo draw!” said Takayoshi.

“How lucky of you. In fact, I got at least two of them in my Scout 11 draw,” said Gen and Takayoshi can’t even believe it.

“Huhu…” cries and said Sho. “I didn’t get any UR, and all of my 200 Love Gems are used up!”

When Takayoshi noticed that there are not much in-game events that are occurring lately, he opened up the notifications announcements on the menu. Surprisingly, Takayoshi can’t believe on what he saw.

“This game is closing soon,” Takayoshi has said.

“Quite unfortunate that I had just started playing this game for at least a year,” said Gen.

“What??” said Sho. “I had spent so much money in getting some exquisite URs! And then, it is finally shutting down…”

“But then, I had finally achieved my goal now. I had become a champion, and defeated Hyoshiro’s winning streak.”

“You got point. And that was lucky, Takayoshi!”

“Oh well, I ain’t spending my money to these kinds of games anymore!”

And then, Takayoshi was looking on his championship trophy. And so, he then looks at the home screen of his game, with Chika Takami set as his partner.

“Chika, I had finally fulfilled my dreams and goals,” said Takayoshi. “I had become a champion of this game!”

The new morning came, and it was the usual, busy weekdays. Chiharu and the other girls are in the school, while Takayoshi and the other boys are taking their shift in the maid cafe.

And it is quite a surprise that the fans of Takayoshi has came, and they wanted autograph signs from him. And so, Takayoshi can’t even deny them, so he has given his work shift time to Gen and Sho.

Meanwhile, Honoka and Saki are watching from a distance on how the boys are working in the maid cafe.

“Surely, Takayoshi is so popular with girls!” said Honoka. “And… My heart is also pounding, and I don’t know why…”

“It’s natural for girls to fall into infatuation,” replied Saki. “Don’t worry, and it will just momentarily infect you, and then it will go away!”

Later on, Honoka receives a phone call. It was Komari Ohara who was calling her on the line.

And then, she talked to Komari on the phone and said, “Okay, I understand. I will go there once her classes are over.”

Saki asked, “Did something happen?”

“Well, just leave it to Honoka, me!” replied Honoka, and then she left.

When Takayoshi is almost done signing autographs for his fans, he has finally saw Hyoshiro who was sitting down nearby. When Hyoshiro saw him, he stands up, and he runs away.

And then, Takayoshi finally runs in a pursuit for Hyoshiro.

“Hey, wait!” said Sho loudly as he was seeing the running Takayoshi from the maid cafe.

“Wait,” said Gen and he holds Sho back. “Just let him do his own thing. We shall be following him after later.”

And then, the afternoon came. In the park, where the setting sun can be seen, Hyoshiro was standing alone in the center square. And finally, Takayoshi arrived at the scene where Hyoshiro was.

“I had really expected this!” said Hyoshiro. “A time that I had finally fallen from the higher heights!”

“Hyoshiro!” said Takayoshi. “I had played fair and square, and our championship match is amazing!”

“Amazing?” Hyoshiro turns to Takayoshi and said, “You had just destroyed my reputation and respect. And all of it… It’s gone in my hands!”

“Those fans and friends of yours… They turned away because —“

“My fans… They turned away… No, you took them away from me!!”

“They turned away because… You are no longer the person that they used to know anymore.”

“A person that I used to be… It does not matter!”

“You had taken my friends away from me, too. Mitsu and Seiba are my circle friends. And they just joined you because they believed in you. But then, they backed out because you had shown on what you call arrogance!”

“SHUT UP! You don’t know everything about me! I will play to become a champion, again! I will get my champion title back!”

“Even if you said that you wanted to become champion again, then what are you fighting for!?”

Hyoshiro was struck by his own flashback. And then, he was brought into a time when he was about to start playing the rhythm game.

And then, this School Idol has talked with Hyoshiro and said, “Make your dreams come true! Let’s win the championship!”

“Let’s do this, Yumeko!” Hyoshiro replied to her.

“And I am going to win the LoveLive! contest! Please, support for me, also!”

Both of them entered two separate contests. The SIF National Tournament was entered by Hyoshiro, and the LoveLive! Regionals was entered by Yumeko, as a School Idol herself.

But in the end, both of them lost in the respective contests. Hyoshiro did not qualify for the final round, and Yumeko didn’t manage to get a spot for the LoveLive! regional finals.

“I had failed, but at least I had tried and experienced,” said Hyoshiro.

“Me too,” said Yumeko to him. “I just need to try my best harder!”

“We can win together next time!”

“Of course! Let’s just make our dreams come true together, Hyoshiro!”

And so, both of them hold hands together, and they smiled at each other.

And then, a season had passed. Hyoshiro was finally looking on his friend’s grave. The name was encarved, “Yumeko Aida”, on the tombstone. This School Idol that Hyoshiro is following for so long has died because of an accident. It was actually a plane crash that caused her death.

Hyoshiro was done crying and said, “Yumeko, this is the time that I have to fight alone… For you. I am going to make my own dreams come true with you!”

And then, this is the time that Hyoshiro wants to train himself with his own big sister, Jun, who is known to be a champion of the rhythm game.

Finally, back at the present, Takayoshi finally finds out Hyoshiro’s truth about the past. And he said, “I felt sorry for what had become your fate.”

“Yumeko was my favorite School Idol that I used to follow, and I became her greatest fan,” replied Hyoshiro to him.

“And it is quite a shocking truth for me that Saki isn’t my mother either.”

“What? But you are carrying her last name!”

“I was only adopted. And I just need to find out on who really I am, and where I came from.”

“Well, the higher that I go, the harder that I will fall. In fact, Yumeko will be just sad for me.”

“That’s not true! Yumeko just only told you that you should stop—“

“I know. And then, after all, I will just quit and runaway.”

“Yumeko doesn’t even like her rivals running away from battle, and I know that!”

Jun finally arrives at the scene, and said, “This is enough! What has been done yesterday cannot be undone! And that’s reality.”

Jun is interrupting the two. And then, they talk.

“Now I know your true reason why did you want to become a champion, Hyoshiro,” said Jun.

“Big sis…” said Hyoshiro, “I am just making her dreams come true, so as do I.”

“So then, you had won many times, while keeping your streak up because of her,” asked Takayoshi. “It now makes sense.”

And so, Gen and Sho finally walks into the scene while saying these words respectively.

“You keep believing with your favorite School Idol, while keeping your championship reigning streak high.”

“So then, with your crazy desire of winning for yourself to her is just really greedy, isn’t it? I am sure Yumeko won’t be happy for you anymore if it happens that you continue reigning, despite the booing from your fans on the audience side!”

“Nothing really lasts forever. In fact, just passing the baton can really continue the legacy.”

“Taka-Bro can really fight and continue. But then, sometimes we can really get into the point that we should really step down because we had done it!”

Hyoshiro was being surrounded by them, and was terrified. Finally, a voice has creeped into his mind.

It was none other than Yumeko, and she said to him, “Hyoshiro! I am so happy that you had fulfilled my promise!”

Hyoshiro begins to shed tears in his eyes.

“It’s okay! You had finally reached your dreams! You had stopped because it has finally came true.”

And then, Yumeko finally disappears from sight. And so, Hyoshiro shed more tears in his eyes.

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AIKA: When you are a School Idol, you have so much to learn because you are still young!
MAMI: There are still more things for us to explore.
LIERRE: That’s right indeed. The world of School Idols are full of mysteries.
SAKI: Speaking of the Headlines, what are the things encountered in the past days?

ALL: Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

It’s Here! Yohane the Parhelion Livestream

LIERRE: Actually, we are just a week away before the premiere. Sho Ukiya, be prepared for this!
AIKA: The next Yohane the Parhelion Livestream shall be occurring next weekend, on June 25, 2023, at 8:00pm JST!
LIERRE: Somehow, this should be a livestream, in which the Anime shall be premiered also on the same day as the livestream!
AIKA: It shall be hosted by the Guilty Kiss members, or a sub-unit of Aqours! You already knew their voice actresses counterparts, don’t you?
LIERRE: Yohane the Parhelion. Premiering on June 25th on ABEMA TV, and other Japanese TV networks on July 2nd! Follow your local Anime licensors for the time and availability in your region!

Happy Birthday, Mari!

SAKI: So, right now, let’s have somebody who would join us in celebrating Mari Ohara’s birthday.
LIERRE: Komari Ohara shall be giving first her birthday message. Then, followed by us later!

KOMARI: Happy birthday, Mom! In these days, I had really followed my own path and dreams, since when you are no longer with me. But I believe that you might be still alive… Somewhere. Thank you for everything, and I know that scolding me to become womanly is really a way that you show your love to me! I promise… I will join Chiharu and my friends, and we will compete and win for the LoveLive! Happy birthday, my dear mother, Mari Ohara. Thank you very much, and I love you.

SAKI: Thank you very much for your birthday message to Mari, Komari. And now, let’s give out our birthday messages from us!
LIERRE: Happy birthday, Mari Ohara! Do you have some awesome, luxurious party that you have? If it happens that you invited us, can we join for a party, please?
AIKA: Happy birthday, Mari! Or, shall I call you as Maria as a nick? I don’t usually do jokes. But when I do, it is basically I love you from the inside!
MAMI: Happy birthday, Mari Ohara! I wanna ride on your helicopter, someday! I wanna see the scenary from above!
SAKI: Mari Ohara, happy birthday! I hope that you could help your daugther to solve out her problems and mysteries about you. And then, we hope that we could see each other again… In the other Parallel World, someday!

ALL: Happy birthday, Mari Ohara from Aqours! We Idol Chasers love you!

Aqours Club 2023 CD Set Theme Song!

SAKI: Hmm… If I could remember, purchasing this CD album set could eventually lead you to their upcoming Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023 Event on October!
AIKA: At least, they had revealed the title and the preview of their song via their radio show recently!
MAMI: This song shall be available soon at the end of June 2023, together with the Aqours CLUB CD Set 2023!
LIERRE: And heads up to people who are playing in the SIF2 rhythm game, that chances that the new song will appear and be playable is quite high!

ALL: The Aqours Journeys still continues.

Nijigasaki Updates

TODAY: NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series (Fukuoka)

SAKI: Coming up later and tomorrow is the Fukuoka part of the NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series! This is their fourth round in the series!
LIERRE: The Day 1 shall be occurring later at 6:00 pm JST! Meanwhile, there is Day 2, and it shall be occurring tomorrow at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm JST!
SAKI: Haven’t watched it yet? Of course, you might be needing to watch it, since the previous tours have different casts and hosts. This time, it shall be hosted by Coco Hayashi (Setsuna), Mayu Sagara (Kasumi), Chiemi Tanaka (Rina), and Shu Uchida (Mia)!
LIERRE: And people outside of Japan could able to watch this paid live stream! Be sure to watch it at the very end, since they might release some new announcements, especially on the Day 2!
SAKI: And then, the next NIJITABI! tour shall be occurring on Osaka, on July 1-2, 2023 JST! Look forward into it!

Official Page: https://www.lovelive-anime.jp/nijigasaki/live/live_detail.php?p=fanmeeting2023

Liella! Updates

Developing Updates (from Liella! Livestream)
Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka were previously revealed as the 10th and 11th members of Liella!, as seen from the previous LoveLive! Days Magazine issue.

Here are some of the important developing updates from Team Liella!, based from their last Liella! Livestream last Sunday:

  1. Voice actress playing Tomari Onitsuka was revealed, and her name is Sakura Sakakura.
  2. Three Liella! Unit Names were finally decided. They are named, in no particular order, as CatChu!, KALEIDOSCORE, and 5yncri5e!.
  3. Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series ~brand new Sparkle~ additional details were added and updated on their official page. Others to follow on the next Episode.

MAMI: Ugh….
AIKA: What’s wrong, Mami-shi?
MAMI: I am feeling uncomfortable with their sub-unit names!
AIKA: I see… But then, we just need to accept them.
MAMI: Yeah, and Team Liella! will never be the same again.
AIKA: And then, previously, they only have 5 members. And then, they become nine. Finally, they are eleven!
MAMI: They are now even growing stronger. Will they ever be surpassing Aqours next?
AIKA: Maybe… Someday, in the future.

Happy Birthday, Shiki Wakana!

SAKI: And as promised, we shall be featuring birthday messages from other people! Let’s go check it out!
LIERRE: Let’s check out this message first!

[Twitter] megu__u_u wrote:

Happy birthday, Shiki-chan!!!
She works hard at anything, and above all,
I love Mei-chan and Shiki!!

I will always support you from now on!
It was really nice to meet Shiki-chan!

(Was too weak to make an altar)

AIKA: Ohh… How sweet! I hope that Shiki-hakase will like it!
MAMI: Alright, let’s read the second one!

[Twitter] yuu_takasaki129 wrote:

Today’s Shiki Wakana’s birthday! Happy birthday!

She got lots of cool words and deeds. But my heart flutters when I see the gap between her deep love for Mei and her passion for winning Love Live ♪

I hope that there would be a lot of Episodes in the 3rd Season that will bring out her charm♪

LIERRE: Finally, let us read the third one!
MAMI: I hope that Shiki will like this one.

[FB] OneKotori from Love Live Memes wrote:


Thank you for being Liella’s deadpan mad scientist idol, the deadpan inventor who wouldn’t hesitate to use Kinako as a guinea pig for her inventions, the calm presence in the madcap 5yncri5e and the least gayest Mei-simp of all times!

We look forward to see you again in the upcoming third season and for now, Mei you have a happy birthday today!

AIKA: For those people who had participated! Thank you very much! We hope that your birthday messages would even reach her, irregardless of language!
SAKI: And that’s it for Shiki Wakana’s birthday messages! And to wrap it up…

ALL: Happy birthday, Shiki Wakana! We Idol Chasers love you!

Other Updates

NEXT WEEK: SIF Series Thanksgiving 2023
Happening next weekend is the SIF Series Thanksgiving 2023! Follow their social media accounts, or visit their homepage for more details.

LIERRE: So this annual Event is coming up next week after this Episode!
SAKI: There are at least two parts of the Event, where it shall be held on at least two days!
LIERRE: Day 1 is more of the contestants’ participation in both LLSIF and LLAS games! They shall be tested by means of quizzes, and other competitive plays, like that mini-tournament!
SAKI: For Day 2, it shall be the main highlight of the Event itself! In fact, expect at least three (3) series of livestreams to be announced soon once available!
LIERRE: Basically, tuning to their livestream series within the SIFSK2023 Event allows you to find out what are the things to encounter soon… And LLAS game’s final farewell!?
SAKI: So then, there are still more to expect, aside from their exciting new in-game contents!
LIERRE: Okay, this is definitely the LoveLive! Event which is never meant to be missed! See you all there!

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SHO: If I tell her this, I know that she would be embarrassed!
GEN: Haha… You had fallen in love with her totally, perhaps?
TAKAYOSHI: While it is mostly focused on more URs and other new Events, there are not much that we can spot, except the fact that this game is ready to receive some updates, soon!
SHO: We are getting closer in wrapping up the Memories of LLSIF Mini-Episodes, huh?
GEN: That’s right. For now, we need to find out what are the things to expect soon on SIF2 and ALL STARS!

ALL: S.I.F. !!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 10

In the previous Episode, we had talked about the meta team, which is used in common Events like Score Match! This time, we are going to talk about my favorite Event, which always lasts for at least a month!

Mini-Episode 10: Live Arena
Round 21 Live Arena that has run since from June 30, 2022 until July 25, 2022.

In Live Arena, you will have to play and dominate in order to get better rewards! You can get a UR reward at the end of its period, when you are able to finish it on at least EXPERT or ROYAL EXPERT Category or Class!

Live Arena, during the Persona Series Collab Event

Your objective was to defeat at least a number of rivals in the Special Session in order to increase your ranking category. Before you could even touch a Special Session, you must need to clear the Live Session by challenging other players, and to max out your Tension Gauge in order to trigger it!

To know more about the details on how you could survive and win the Live Arena, you can refer to my old Guides and Tips here! Basically, everything’s almost detailed there!

TAKAYOSHI: Yeah! I had successfully defeated the 100th Session opponent! Live Arena clear!
SHO: Also, your Live Arena SIS items are your keys in winning here. (Sho fails the 91th Session opponent)
GEN: But then, these powerful Live Arena SIS items can only be acquired when you do Scouting on the certain banners, like Box Scouting!
TAKAYOSHI: Those are the days when I am able to play when there is no active Event!
SHO: And now, it is totally gone…
GEN: Maybe in the future, they might implement that mode in SIF2? I doubt.
TAKAYOSHI: Yep, and I will be totally missing Live Arena, along with LLSIF.

In the penultimate Mini-Episode, let’s talk about the mediocre play mode in LLSIF, where it is occurring usually on weekends!

Next time, “Rhythmic Carnival“! Look forward into it!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

NEXT EVENT: Co-op Live!?

TAKAYOSHI: At last, they had taken their next move! The next Event is similar to LLSIF’s Companion Match!
SHO: !!
GEN: It’s really the time to upgrade our characters’ Skill Levels!
TAKAYOSHI: And judging by the name of the Event, this would be a semi-competitive Event, where we should fight for our best Scores!
SHO: Taka-Bro, I am ready to play along!
GEN: So, as do I.
TAKAYOSHI: This Event shall be commencing soon, right after the Free Tour Pre-Event on June 18th!


Channel Weekly Bulletin
Find out on who are the girls who topped in their spots this week!
JP #115
GL/EN #102

TAKAYOSHI: Alright, time for the final showdown! We got two weeks left!
SHO: If they announced that this Channel Ranking feature will be over, then that’s it!
GEN: Next girl here would be Karin Asaka, when Mari Ohara gets her win.
TAKAYOSHI: Be sure to tune-in next time for the next edition of the Channel Weekly Bulletin!

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Takayoshi comes near to Hyoshiro just in order to encourage him.

“Hyoshiro, we can make those dreams possible again! Are you going to join us, Idol Chasers?”

Hyoshiro seems to delay his reply for some few seconds. And finally, he replied to him and said, “For now, let me think about it. I just wanted to rest myself from troubles.”

Jun talks to Takayoshi and said, “For the meantime, just leave Hyoshiro alone. I am just going to talk to him, and as well as to give him encouragement.”

Takayoshi finally replies back to Jun, and said, “Thank you. Please, I am going to leave Hyoshiro to your hands now.”

“Sure thing. We can still see each other on the other time around.”

And so, finally, Jun and Hyoshiro have left them behind.

“Well, this ain’t over for this runaway rival who had lost his respect for his fans,” said Sho.

“This can still be fixed, somehow,” said Gen. “Just let him have his space, and he must start cleaning up his mind and soul.”

“Hyoshiro,” said Takayoshi as he talks silently to the departing Hyoshiro, “We can meet at anytime whenever you are ready. I will be waiting.”

And this ends the chapter of Hyoshiro Kiriyama. But then, will they meet again, soon? … Someday?

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theaters! Blu-Ray release announced!

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