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To go casual or go competitive?

LLSIF offers a type of Event where you could play in a group of four, and to achieve common missions at the same time. Also, it allows you to invite the players whom you know by letting them join you by means of inputting a room ID! This type of Event is called as the Companion Match.

What is Companion Match in LLSIF?

Companion Match was a type of Event mode in LLSIF, which is a semi-competitive Score Match. You can choose to play alone, or even you can choose to play with your friends privately! In this Guides and Tips post, I am going to show you some details, as well as some tips on how to grind efficiently in this Event!


In this Event, there are at least two kinds of matchmaking. First is by entering a public room by yourself, encountering various rivals! And then, what’s the other? Read more below to find out!


Public is your usual, general choice when playing or grinding solo in this Event. Upon choosing it, you can play up to five (5) different difficulties. While EXPERT and MASTER difficulties use the same LP usage consumption, the MASTER difficulty can give you a LOT more Event Points when you successfully completed it. Experienced players like me would recommend new players to play on EXPERT difficulty in order to practice themselves for harder songs.

A random song shall be given to you when you have confirmed. And then, you have to choose your team to begin the live show! And after that, you shall be matchmaked against other three (3) companions or rivals in a public room!


Basically, Private Matchmaking is the seldomly used feature in Companion Match. But not unless if you really aiming for higher score, just to look for some of your friends or rivals with higher Mic Powers than you (You can read about this later).

In Private Matchmaking, you can either choose to create your own Private Room (By just choosing your difficulty), or by entering somebody’s room (By inputting a Private Room ID). If you are going to create your own private room, a random 6-digit Room ID shall be generated at your screen. Take note that you cannot enter a private room once it is full, or if the game has been started. Afterwards, a random song shall be given to you (You cannot have an option to choose your song here, sorry).

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Mic Power

Mic Power is a feature in Companion Match where it acts as “Boosters” to your Scoring capabilities. Higher Mics can drastically increase your Tap Scores by a certain percentage. Meanwhile, your other friends or rivals can have either lower or higher mics, and they can add up to the room’s current Tap Scoring Power (This shall apply to all of the players within the room). And also, the total amount of Mics are equal to the amount of Perfect Support Notes, where it can protect you from breaking your Combo Chains, if it happens that you tapped some Good or Bad notes.

How to get higher Mic Power?

Simple. The amount of Mics that shall appear next to your Player Name is relative to your current URs’ Skill Levels. If you have a team filled with URs, and most of your Skill Levels are at most Level 6 or 8, you can more likely to have at least 9 Mic Power. And you can have a Full 10 Mic Power, if your URs in a team are having all of their Skill Levels to 8.

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Companion Match Missions

In Companion Match, there are at least two different types of missions for players to take on during the play. They were randomly appearing per match per song.

Score Mission

Four players should achieve the required Score in order to successfully clear it. Clearing it can give you a Score Rank S, and clearing it for about 300% Score can give you a Triple S Score, which is the highest that you can achieve. Corresponding item rewards are based on the Score Missions Clearing Rate (i.e. You can even get a Scouting Ticket on a fixed chance by just landing a finishing Triple S Rank).

Combo Mission (Obsolete)

In the previous version of Companion Match, this type of Mission is present. You just have to land a higher Combo Count in order to achieve the mission.

Basically, landing an FC finish can allow you to immediately get a Triple S Rank finish, and that was easy that time, isn’t it, when there’s no MASTER difficulty yet?

In the present, this was no longer available, and it was already obsolete, as of today.

Perfects Mission

This is the type of Companion Match Mission which replaced the Combo Mission above. Players must need to land as higher Perfect notes as they can. This is considered to be the toughest, yet competitive type of mission in this Event, because it is all or nothing. In order to land a perfect Triple S finish, all of you must land a close to ALL PERFECT Finish. Otherwise, you would get a generic Double S Finish, if you can’t do it.

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Event Points Acquisition

After your Companion Match play, you shall be awarded with items based on your performance. While you can get almost the same item rewards when you finish a Companion Match mission, your acquisition of Event Points shall be distributed differently. It shall be based on your Score and Combo Ranks, and as well as on how you are placed higher or lower in the position (Same as Score Match, 1st to 4th place). And finally, your Companion Match Mission Rank completion shall also determine on how higher the Event Points that you can get afterward.

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When grinding solo in Companion Matches, you can use at least five (5) tips of mine! While some of them can be useful, you can use them as reference, somehow!

Group Total Score Mission in Companion Match (See Tip No. 5)
  1. Always use the highest LP consumption multiplier before playing.

    Give your LP consumption multiplier set to times four (X4) at all times before playing. Especially, if you are playing on higher difficulties, they can give you more Event Points when you have completed them.

    Make sure that you have a suitable amount of LP (at least 200 Max LP or more), as well as some substantial amount of LP recovery items with you in order to grind properly. And do not use your Love Gems in recovering your LP (You may use them, given if you don’t have any LP-recovering items left, but not recommended).
  2. Always go for MASTER difficulty!

    For experienced and professional players, you can always go into this difficulty!

    While EXPERT and MASTER can only use the same amount of LP, playing on MASTER can still give you more Event Points than in any of the four difficulties!

    Just remember to watch out for your Stamina, if you are running a team without any Healers, given if you are still inexperienced in playing some harder and tricky MASTER song maps!
  3. Max-out any unused members during Perfects Mission!

    If you are hunting some Love Gems, and you decide to play casual, you can use this strategy or tip!

    Simply, put any member, whose Bond Points aren’t maxed out for the first time, in your team! And then, during Perfects Mission, you can choose this team!

    Don’t mind about losing in the contribution position! But then, mind in landing higher Combo Counts on that song, since the distribution of your gained Bond Points is dependent on your individual Total Combo Count made. Remember!
  4. Use Mic Power as advantage to score higher!

    In order to score higher, and as well to survive in the Score Rankings, you just need more Mic Power! As stated, your Mic Powers are determined on how higher the Skill Levels of your URs in the team! And that is, your Tap Scoring Power shall increase, as well as receiving some Perfect Supports from it!

    If you are facing your meta song in the Event (Any song that has very high Total Combo Counts), and if it is a Score Mission, you just have to give it all your team’s power got! Make sure that your companions or rivals do have almost the same Mic Power as yours (Or higher than yours), for best results!

    PRO-TIP: If you want to be competitive in Score Rankings, you just have to do this extra tip! Have a friend of yours whose team is stronger than yours (Having 9 or 10 Mics Power), and invite him or her into a Private Room! You can always start a game, even if you are just two are playing. The two remaining slots shall be occupied with computer-controlled players, and they shall be also having the same Mics Power as yours! With this advantage, you can able to Score Higher, and to place higher in the Score Rankings!
  5. Don’t forget the Companion Match Group Rewards!

    So then, as seen from the picture above in this tips, don’t forget to play for at least once in order to get them! Basically, it contains at least one Love Gem per Group Score Mission (Not the one that you are usually when you do your Public or Private Companion Match plays).

    The Group Score Mission is the total amount of Score made by the entire players of the LLSIF game.That Score shall be increased gradually when they play on that Event. And when that Group Score objective is reached, you can win and get those rewards!

    The completion of a Group Score Reward can be more difficult, if the people are too lazy to grind for more Score! So then, in order to help them out, you just have to play harder, too!

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The End

And this ends my Guides and Tips in LLSIF about Companion Match! I hope that you have learned something!

Thank you very much for reading this! See you next time and cheers~!

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