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Infiltrate the Demons’ Frontline Base!

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“Infiltration complete!”

Touka’s party is ready, after they had everything repaired and prepared, as well as the other people gathering some reinforcements. They are all heading straight to Elbania in order to fight the demons there. They got only about less than a day before the humans who are infected turn into demons.

In order to infiltrate the base, Touka must gain the trust of the demons, as well as disguising as one using Anri’s necromancy!

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“We demons are perverts!” Yep, all of them. Review time!

That quote above is something that I have learned today! Well, demons can be anything — whether a beast, devil, or even… tentacles!

So much to say that it is well-blended with mischievous comedy, and the serious story is just flowing where it should be.

But then, the wierdness of the likes of Touka Scott… Of course, he was able to see the naked Yuna spirit because he is a guy. But then, I was reminded about an Anime, where the main male character was able to see these girls floating around. Something like “charger girls” that appear and float when you are happy, and then they are out of sight when you are depressed, perhaps? Yep, and that is an example.

It seems that they are able to lessen the nudity censorship here, whether you are watching from Crunchyroll or MUSE Asia (That nudity is quite straight!).

It seems that I am never surprised that Touka as Sion was backstabbed from behind. Yep, and they had planned that from the beginning.

Diego Valentine is really cunning and dangerous here, making the villain who is indeed dangerous for Touka to encounter. If he was invulnerable from attacks, what else could kill him? Basically, the subtitle of the original Manga counterpart could be one of my clues here! Yep, and heroes like Touka or Sion could never kill a villain — But a trap does! Whoops. Contextual spoiler.

It seems that Anri becomes overly-attached to Touka at the mid-part here. Basically, she can be a girl with a snot on her nose, just like her “counterpart” brother does. I don’t even think that Anri might be posing a betrayal, especially if she was a necromancer, just like the likes of Diego.

Something to learn again? Yep, and betrayal is the only way in order to gain trust, and to fool your enemies whenever great crisis comes. There is no way for us to defeat an army with a weaker squad or force from the outside! As like that old strategy or plot has said, “Their weak spot is inside!” And then, betrayal can be a tool in turning the tables between the opposing forces. At the same time, it can have some horrible consequences when not used in a timely manner, so be careful!

And overall, this Episode can be boring from the start. But when you reached at the middle to the end, it becomes exciting. The first half is bit boring, since it is like more of a “briefing” before heading to the climatic battle. And of course, that “naked bodies in high socks” scene has totally fazed me, while I am hearing the “Whoa” noises from everywhere! So far, I do really like that scene — just for referential purposes!

My Rating: BAD (2/5)

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Series Info
The Legendary Hero is Dead! (Yuusha ga Shinda!)
© Subaruichi・Shogakukan / The Legendary Hero is Dead! Production Committee

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