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Next Episode to be aired on June 7.

Official OSHI NO KO Website, and its related SNS accounts confirmed that the next Episode of Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari’s drama Anime series shall be moved to June 7. The next Episode will be aired as a “Special Episode” (SP), which would feature Takeo Otsuka (voice of Aquamarine Hoshino) and Yurie Igoma (voice of Ruby Hoshino). They shall be retelling the previous Episodes through various Episode compilations, while making their interview and making. This special Episode will air on May 31, in place of the delayed Episode 8.

Meanwhile, ANN also posted an article when OSHI NO KO is also having controversial issues, with regards to the references of the deceased female professional wrestler.

Akane Kurokawa represents people who are suffering severe depression, which has spawn later some controversy with the relation to the deceased female Japanese professional wrestler.

Shuukan Josei Prime magazine interviewed with the mother of the deceased wrestler, named as Kyoko Kimura. Kyoko Kimura didn’t like the scene which is depicted in the Episode 6 of the Anime, enraging her.

“The words that the character was exposed to are exactly the words that Hana was exposed to. We have talked about these things publicly through interviews and the like. How could those exact same words be used? I can’t overlook the fact that Hana’s death is being used like free source material.” Kimura said in an interview.

At the end of Episode 6 “Ego Surfing (Ego Search)”, a message was shown, showing the hotlines to the specific Suicide Prevention Helpline centers. This was seen in some streaming websites, like HIDIVE, at the end of that Episode.

This notice was seen at the end of OSHI NO KO Episode 6 “Ego Search”. Namely, some streaming sites, like HIDIVE, can have this message.

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