EPISODE 05: School Idol Exercise

In my Digitariel, it contains the adventures of the Idol Chasers, and a School Idol who is in her way to stardom, named as Chiharu Umiboshi.

Chiharu and her newly-formed group has made a live performance at the middle of the maid cafe at the front of the girl, who is named as Mami Murahoshi.

And after that time, Chiharu is talking to Mami.

“Tell me. What are your dreams?”

“My dreams?”

“Every girls become School Idols because they have a dream. They have a dream because they wanted it to make come true!”

“My dreams… I have a dream, and that is…”

It looks like we had jumped right to the latest story in the previous Episode 4, and I am sorry for that. But anyway, this Episode would eventually continue on what it has left before.

So then, this is Lierre, the School Idol Oracle, who is speaking to you, reader. Have fun reading!

“I want to establish a school where only School Idols wanted to be there!” said Mami.

“A school… For School Idols?” said and replied Chiharu.

“That’s right! The girls and aspirants wanted to go to school, and they learn more about School Idols! And that is, they are going to become School Idols there in order to make their dreams come true!”

“Okay… So that was your dream?”

“Of course! Every girls wanted to be School Idols because they have a dream to make it come true!”

Now that Chiharu knows about Mami’s own dreams.

“By the way, I have to go home now! See you again, someday!”

“Bye, Mami! See you next time!”

And so, they had parted ways.

“Mami, you got potential to be a School Idol, and to reach out for your dreams!” Chiharu said.

And then, a new morning has come.

“1, 2, 3, 4!”

“5, 6, 7, 8!”

That time, it was already weekends in the morning. Counting and claps were heard. Chiharu, Aika, Lierre, and Komari are following the beats, and they execute their moves along. Honoka is their coach, and she was giving them some clap counts, while she is observing them at the same time.

Honoka then gives some assessment to the four girls, when their practice is almost ending.

“Chiharu, your execution of moves are doing great! I do really love it! But then, you should really need some proper lung training to keep your voices up when you dance!”

“Thank you, Honoka!” said Chiharu. “I will be training my lungs this time!”

“Aika,” said Honoka. “You are also doing great, too! Just remember to always project your appeal and smile!”

“Thanks, Senpai!” replied Aika.

“And Komari,” said Honoka to her. “You looked so fantastic! Even your shape can even attract your fans! What kind of training did you do?”

“Um…” replied Komari. “You know that undercover-something training? Basically, I just only do something like weight-lifting, sprinting, and so on. I got no problem when it comes to stretching and endurance!”

“And how about you, Lierre? I mean, you disguised yourself as Honma Murasaki, right? I can tell that you can still improve your dance moves!”

“Yes, my dear Honoka,” said Lierre to her. “I am not used very much to sing and dance, but as time passes, I could eventually master it!”

“That’s the spirit, Lierre! You know everything about School Idols, so you must do everything to prove yourself!”

As Honoka is about to end their training, she saw someone who passed by. It was none other than the girl from Shinonome Academy who came to visit their training grounds.

“Mami!” Chiharu has said.

“Did you know her, Chiharu?” asked Honoka.

“Yeah! This is the girl whom I had met yesterday last night after our maid cafe shift!”

“I see. It looks like she wanted to say something!”

“Just let me talk to her!”

Chiharu gets closer to Mami, and they talk.

“You told me about your dreams, right?”

“Yeah. I had also seen your hard School Idol Exercise and training.”

“Tell me. Are you interested in joining us in our group-“

“This is going to be fun! Was that your next line?”

“Oh… You’re right.”

“I wanted to explore more of the World of School Idols.”

And so, the four girls have introduced themselves.

“My name is Chiharu Umiboshi! And I am stepping into the world of School Idols for the first time this season!”

“I am Aika Tenkuji, and I am a transfer student who is going to make people smile around!”

“I am Komari Ohara! Well, I may be boyish in appearance when I wear those usual clothes. But you see, I am curvy, right? Well, I wanted to enter the world of School Idols because it is worth even trying right?”

“And I am Honma Murasaki. You did actually remember me when I introduced myself to the classroom, right?”

And so, this is where Chiharu finally invited Mami to be a School Idol.

“Please tell me your name, and if you are interested in joining us! We are going to help you to achieve that dream!”

Finally, Mami speaks out.

“My name is Mami Murahoshi! I wanted to become a School Idol because I have a dream! I have a dream because… I want to have something where only School Idols wanted to group together, while reaching for their dreams!”

And so, Honoka came closer to her, and said, “It is been decided! Mami shall be joining with us in our next succeeding School Idol Exercises from now on! Mami, do your best, okay?”

“Okay!” replied Mami.

And then, this is the time where Mami Murahoshi finally joins Chiharu and the girls in their School Idol Exercises and training, and officially now a part of their School Idol group.

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ALL: Welcome to the new edition of the Headlines!

AIKA: Though that there are some good news have happened, there are some bad news that have happened at the same time!
MAMI: The bad news is in the Game Updates, which shall be talked by Takayoshi and others later!
SAKI: What are some good news that were encountered this week on this Episode?
LIERRE: Unless you read them, you can’t really find out on what are those!

Aqours Updates

Aqours 8th Anniv. Project & Aqours Club CD Set 2023

These stuff were already announced in a couple of weeks ago, just before they were included here as headlines!

Anyway, speaking of this headline, Team Aqours shall be celebrating their 8th year stay in the School Idol Universe, through with their upcoming release of Aqours Club CD Set 2023 on June 30, 2023!

This CD set shall include with the Aqours Club membership subscription, a code that you can enter to win a ticket leading to their upcoming Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023 Event on October 2023, and their “newer song” to be released soon within that Aqours Club CD Set!

Look forward into the other stuff by Team Aqours within their 8th Anniv. Project! They might announce some more newer stuff soon through with their future online livestreams!

SAKI: 8 years… And still, growing strong.
MAMI: No wonder what’s coming up next after their concluded EXTRA LoveLive! Event…
SAKI: Yeah, and they were being silent since the past days and weeks out there.
MAMI: Team Nijigasaki and Team Liella! are in full force now, it seems.
SAKI: And also, we are really expecting the songs from Mari and Yohane to come out in the future succeeding days or weeks… Really soon! Just tune in to their feeds!
MAMI: The last two songs from their Third Solo Concert Album Series… I wonder what are those?

Nijigasaki Updates

TODAY: NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series – TOKYO

Today is the start of an another fanmeet tour in a series. The second NIJITABI! event shall be taking place at Tokyo LINE CUBE SHIBUYA today on 6:00 pm JST, and tomorrow at 1:00 pm (Day) and 5:00 pm (Night) JST. This shall be hosted by Hinaki Yano (Yu), Aguri Onishi (Ayumu), Coco Hayashi (Setsuna), Kaori Maeda (Shizuku), and Maria Sashide (Emma).

Remember that there is also a paid live streaming service available, if in case you are interested to watch!

SAKI: Heard of the “Legend of Nijigaku” spinoff, Aika?
AIKA: I haven’t… But I saw it at the middle of their live and fanmeet event last time.
SAKI: Somehow, this is an another universe that the girls in Nijigasaki is offering to its fans.
AIKA: Adventure RPG-based storyline? Like those “isekai” light novel and Manga titles that I had seen or heard of…
SAKI: At least, if this becomes a successful hit, I might having predictions that this might become either a video game or an another Anime.

The next NIJITABI! Event shall take place at Aichi next week! Look forward into it!

Liella! Updates

The Liella! 4th LoveLive! Event Series

And following the reveal of the two new members who would join the current Liella! members stable is the announcement of their fourth LoveLive! Event Series!

Their event is called and subtitled as Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour ~brand new Sparkle~.

Their live event series shall be happening on at least three (3) venues across Japan, around August to September 2023, at weekends, in a series! And they shall be happening around Chiba, Aichi, and Tokyo!

Somehow, this could be a “Prologue”, or the road leading to their most awaited “TV Anime 3rd Season“!

Home page ga kensaku shiyo! (Search for the home page!)


SAKI: This is it! Another LoveLive! Event!
LIERRE: It seems that Team Liella! aren’t even resting this time around, huh?
SAKI: No doubt about it. They are indeed preparing for their “next step”.
LIERRE: Next step?
SAKI: Who knows that their upcoming livestream soon on June 2023 shall be their answers to our questions?
LIERRE: Just say they were busy in making their fans happy.

Happy Birthday, Kanon Shibuya!

LIERRE: Last May 1, it was her birthday! Happy birthday!
SAKI: Let’s read the birthday messages which was posted by our SNS friends!
MAMI: Did we mention last Episode that we are going to feature some birthday messages for Kanon Shibuya, posted by other people?
AIKA: Alright, let’s read them and have them featured in this Episode!

ALL: Happy birthday, Kanon Shibuya from Team Liella!

The first one was taken from the Facebook Side!

Merleen Grace wrote:

It’s my oshi’s birthday! Mahal na mahal kita Kanon-chan! Aaaaa you are one of my inspirations to see life in the sunny side and pursue singing even in the most challenging situations! Thank you Kanon-chan and Sayuri Date-san for inspiring me and being able to exist along with me >\\<

The next one shall be from the Twitter Side! Let’s have this!

RisingSon (@R192114) wrote:

Happy Birthday, Kanon! I hope you and your fellow superstars will continue to shine brightly and overcome whatever stands in your way next

And finally, we got this! The thing is… It’s written in Japanese!

So, the last one shall be from Sayuri Date! The voice behind Kanon herself!

Alright, let’s say her birthday messages in English!

Sayuri Date (@SayuriDate) wrote:

Happy birthday!
I hope that Kanon-chan should be able to love her songs, and to sing them from this time on!!!
Thank you very much!

LIERRE: Those messages are great and touching! I hope that these would eventually reach her!
SAKI: And that’s it for the birthday greetings for Kanon Shibuya!
AIKA: I hope that my birthday greetings can even reach her heart and feelings.
MAMI: She got a lot more way to go, and she has a lot more to learn as a School Idol.
LIERRE: Happy birthday, Kanon Shibuya!

ALL: And that’s it for the birthday greetings! Thank you for participating!

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TAKAYOSHI: Thank you, Aika, Lierre, Saki, and Mami for the Headlines!
SHO: Now, we had known that there are some good news out there.
GEN: But what could be the bad news to talk about today?
TAKAYOSHI: The bad news is that… LoveLive! ALL STARS had announced its shutdown date.
SHO: What?!? Even the LLAS game that I am playing for so long is also following the LLSIF’s footsteps now. (Sigh)
GEN: But then, it’s reality. Video games like LLAS are just like humans who are aging in their old age, and they must retire when they can never work anymore.
TAKAYOSHI: Speaking of the Games Updates, what are the things encountered today?
SHO: (Sob) Well… I just need to accept the fate of that game…
GEN: Also, we got some lots of stuff to do on the SIF2 game when LLAS gets shutdown!

ALL: This is the Games Updates! What are the things encountered this week on the LoveLive! games? Stage Start!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 4

Previously, we had talked about the Soloyolo Scouting draws, which is considered to be the toughest Scouting draw method in the game that tests your luck. And that one is all or nothing. You can basically draw a UR by just a single scout draw from the Scouting Banner!

Mini-Episode 4: URs Versus Limiteds

Did you know that there are about over 500 different colorful URs that you can scout and own to your members stable? Though that they possess different and unique skills, in order to score higher and efficient in live shows, some of them are really powerful and exclusive because they can only appear on a certain event or campaign, in which they can never appear again in the future! And there are some that are very rare, in which you can only obtain them via a serial code function, in which these such codes can only appear on certain vouchers, promo codes and other CDs, magazines, etc.

So what is the difference between with a normal UR and the other one, in which I called it as “Limiteds”?

UR Hanayo Koizumi can be obtained from either Honor Scouting or Dream Festival Scouting, whether signed or not. She is categorized as a general or Normal UR.

A normal UR is a kind of UR that is usually obtained from general Honor Scouting, whether an exclusive or not. These kinds of URs possess some either common or unique skills that can help you to gain higher and tremendous scores after you complete live show plays. Some of these URs can have powerful scoring capabilities, while there are some that are weak and useless, especially when they were used in competitive Events, such as “Score Match” Events. Some normal URs can produce a U Seal (Sticker) when removed or practiced away from your members stable.

This UR Kanon Shibuya (Little Devil) is considered to be categorized as a “Limited”.

A “Limited” is a kind of UR that can be scouted from a certain scouting banner. Limiteds can have the same characteristics as in a typical normal UR that is drawn from a scouting banner. But in terms of their skills, these Limiteds are indeed more powerful and better than a typical normal UR! And also, their appeal stats and Center Skills are indeed better and buffed than a normal UR. And what’s more of its feature? They can be used when you compose your own meta score team in order to crush your rivals in competitive events, like Score Match! Finally, they give out UF Seals (Stickers) when they were removed or practiced away from your members stable.

You must know your URs, when it comes to their scoring capability. And now, you know about Limiteds! They are more powerful and efficient than a typical UR!

TAKAYOSHI: They were introduced a long time ago, ever since with the game’s 9th Anniversary Campaign Event.
SHO: It’s quite fearsome that these Limiteds are also serving as “Final Boss Ultimate Weapons”! Whew!
GEN: That might be a sign when a game is nearing its end, right? They are releasing more stuff than before.
TAKAYOSHI: But then, my mission was totally complete at this one. I was able to get my very best metascore with just only my Limiteds and other URs.
SHO: That’s nice, Taka-Bro!
GEN: Right now, this isn’t the usual LLSIF grinding that you usually do. Right Takayoshi?
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah. And now, back to square one.

In the next Episode, we talk about “MASTER Songs Full Combo Finish“. See you next time!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

The Miracle Collection Event

Now that we had identified on what type of Event that we had previously played last month, and in today!

Basically, this is just having the same mechanics as in the original LLSIF’s Icon Collection Event! Therefore, it was just renamed as “Miracle Collection”!

Miracle Collection: Taking Pictures of Our Town

In Miracle Collection, you just need to play any song in order to obtain token items, called as the “Miracle Stars”. These Miracle Stars are used to play a chosen Event Song which is featured on the Miracle Collection Event.

Basically, you can gain more Event Points when you play the featured Event Song using with your Miracle Stars. And higher Event Points gain when you play on higher difficulties! And also, your Event Points additional gain is influenced with the featured UR and SR members that are acquired from the limited Event Scouting banners! Make sure to put them into your team when you are playing or skipping a live show play, especially on the featured Event Song!

TAKAYOSHI: Grinding and playing gets harder when you are just playing with your regular songs.
SHO: That’s why you need to play some random songs, or repeat some of them in order to gain Miracle Stars faster!
GEN: Just remember to get a steady live show result in order to gain a higher and consistent Event Points to maintain your rankings.
TAKAYOSHI: But then, I doubt that my device won’t last much longer anymore.
SHO: And the recent patch update… It has consumed my storage memory greatly!
GEN: Just remember to play and grind in this Event until it ends its duration!


The Road to Game Shutdown Begins!

And last April 30th, after the Story Event, Bushiroad announced the service termination date for LoveLive! ALL STARS.

Read more: LoveLive! ALL STARS Finally Closes Its Doors to Fans Soon

SHO: Quite unfortunate that this game is following the fallen LLSIF, after all.
TAKAYOSHI: And that is, in order to give time for the developers to invest and to improve the newly-made SIF2.
GEN: It’s quite a fact that the IAPs of this game is poor, compared from the previous years.
SHO: And not to mention that Bushiroad acquired it from KLab Games last year, who is the original developer of this game.
TAKAYOSHI: There’s nothing we can do, and we can’t just grief on a game which is fated to die next month.
GEN: What we can do is to enjoy its “endgame Events” that the game is offering before it shuts down completely from the public.

ALL: Please do read the next highlight for some info about these endgame Events! These are just the “first part” of them!

Round 34 SBL and Exchange Event

The Round 34 SBL Event is taking place now, and it is ending later afternoon! Please do play in this one, if you can still catch up!

Featured SBL songs are:

  • Wonderful Rush
  • Dream with You

SBL Awards are: Voltage, SP Skill, and Recoveries

All members will receive an increase in their stats!

Meanwhile, the Exchange Event: Sweet Dreaming shall be starting tomorrow at 3:00pm Japan time! And this is one of the endgame Events that this game is offering before its shutdown!

May 7, 2023, 3:00pm JST ~ May 14, 2023, 2:59pm JST
Event Items Exchange Period until May 22, 2023, 2:59pm JST

Refer to your in-game notifs and rules on how to play with this Event.
Same time and contents as in the JP Side.
Event Points Gain Increasing School Idols
Rarity/School IdolAcquisition RateObtained From
UR Nico Yazawa (Featured)+30% (+50% Maximum)Event Item Exchange
Points Rankings
SR Rin Hoshizora & Shizuku Osaka+15% each (+30% Maximum)Event Item Exchange
Points Rankings
UR Kanata Konoe & You Watanabe+100% eachScouting
SR Lanzhu Zhong+50%Scouting
Voltage Score Ranking Songs
  • Wake up, Challenger!
  • Eien no Isshun

Featured pre-release song: OUR P13CES!!!

Enjoy with your fullest fun with these endgame Events!

SHO: What I can do is to spend all of my hard-earned Star Gems to get powerful and exquisite URs.
TAKAYOSHI: While your free UR Scouting Tickets can.
GEN: We just play until it shuts down. And this could be our final battle, isn’t it?

Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?
JP #109
GL/EN #96

Let’s have the male Idol Chasers to comment for the results!

SHO: Wow! Shizuku, Setsuna, and Umi had made their top three in both JP and EN Sides, and their rankings are synchronized!
TAKAYOSHI: And now, it is closing in to its finale.
GEN: And the numbers and digits are showing declination here…
SHO: Let’s just fight until the end with our best girls here!
TAKAYOSHI: Great! I just got Rank 1 within my best girl’s channel!
GEN: Good job.
SHO: Who knows what’s gonna happen next? Find out next week!

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The next day, everyone has gathered in the Idol Chasers HQ, within the maid cafe in Tokyo.

“I shall be also including Mami to be a part of our Idol Chasers group as well,” Takayoshi said.

“Welcome, young School Idol,” said Gen to her.

“It looks like she is pretty and cute for a third-year student!” said Saki. “Good job in making her join, Chiharu!”

“Thanks!” replied Chiharu. “She joined us because she got dreams to make them come true!”

Honoka adds in, and said, “Alright, it is now time to schedule our next training! And that is, we are going to-“

Sho Ukiya finally entered the room, while pantng on his breath, and said, “Guys! The upcoming next Fan Thanksgiving Festival Event date has been confirmed! Also, the next SIF National Tournament has been decided!”

Everybody got surprised because of that.

“Well, another chance that Black Lace Ribbons might be participating on that Event!” said Saki. “Time to buckle ourselves!”

And now that Takayoshi knows that he has experienced defeat in the last National Tournament Finals, Takayoshi said, “Finally, it is time to score back against Hyoshiro Kiriyama, who is the reigning champion until now!”

This is going to be a roller coaster ride. What is going to happen next? Will Takayoshi’s conflict be finally resolved soon?

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theatres! Blu-Ray release announced!

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