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Unite, Fight, Save the World!

One day, you just woke up from your sleep. You are just living normal with your life, with no whatsoever bad things that are coming in your way. Things are peaceful as it is. Until, some crisis did really come to distract your peaceful life. That is the time for you to take your action to save the day. Will you become a hero? Or a zero?

In this One Shot Review post, we talk about Digimon Xros Wars, an Anime series that talks about “team”, “friendship”, and “communication”. Those can be the themes of this Digimon Series.

Digimon Xros Wars

Taiki has once dreamt of a Digimon War where everything is on the line in Digital World. He uses his Digimon not only to evolve and fight! He then uses the X Loader Digivice as his medium to do the fusion of two or more Digimons on his side! With those Digimons combine, they form into one powerful Digimon to fight the enemies!

And then, his dream becomes a reality, when the evil Digimon forces have finally attacked their peaceful Human World. Taiki was finally chosen by the voice that he has heard. And after that, along with his two friends, they were transported into the Digital World, where the mysterious creatures, known as Digimon, are living there.

And so, this is where Taiki’s adventure begins in the Digital World. With Shoutmon being his Digimon Partner, and the core member of the heroic squad force, called as the Xros Heart, they must fight and stop the evil Bagra Empire from further wrecking chaos and havoc to the once peaceful Digital World.

Review and Impressions
“I will become Digimon King! I will bring back peace to this world!”

To note, Digimon Xros Wars has introduced a new way or method on how Digimons will grow and evolve. There are lots of methods. And to name some few, it’s Fusion Evolution, Armor Evolution, Spirit Evolution, and some others like integrating your human DNA into your Digivice in order to send them to your partner Digimon to evolve further. Those are the examples. And in this series, it introduces the “Xros Wars” (called also as X-Wars) Evolution, where it requires two or more Digimons to combine, and to form a new and powerful Digimon to fight.

Let’s go for the characters first. I really loved Digimon those days, and I had watched some of its Episodes on my local TV. Notably, I had watched some random Episodes of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 previously on my local TV at around many years ago in my younger age. It really shows that these characters are indeed many, which were voiced by many popular VAs from the other popular Anime series. So then, Taiki Kudo is really the brave and hard-nosed here, and notably the only one that got character development throughout the entire duration of this Anime series. But then, his spotlight was no longer at him, when Season 3 was premiered, and Tagiru Akashi was their new leader. Also, the villain Bagramon is literally the cool, yet badass villain here. While Bagramon is just being cool, DarkKnightmon is just the opposite. DarkKnightmon is inevitably powerful, yet an arrogant villain here. And his total arrogance can literally psyche everyone out who’s watching. But in the end, he is the one who’s screwing up, until Bagramon told him that “it’s enough”.

Shoutmon is really the center and the “superstar” of the Digimon Xros Wars, until Tagiru and Gumdramon replaces them on the third season. Shoutmon is cool, badass, and can even beat the crap out of a bad Digimon which is two or three levels higher than him. Shoutmon is aiming for the Digimon King title, and the only way for him to achieve it is by saving the Digital World, which is under attack by the Bagra Army villains. He can even fuse with his other Digimon allies, namely Ballistamon, Dorulumon, and a group of Starmons to form Shoutmon X4.

Also, I am quite impressed with some character developments, like Nene Amano, in the story. Nene is just actually a calm girl who is mysteriously appearing at Taiki and his bulk of friends. When Taiki finally gets Nene’s feelings and thoughts, she finally joins them, after DarkKnightmon has finally dumped her, also telling her that she is no longer a use to his evil plans.

And for Kiriha Aonuma… His hair color has changed since at the beginning of Season 2. From being a solid yellow, it becomes a faded yellow which is covered with dust.

There are lots of characters to be discussed with their awesome character development throughout this series. But I can’t detail them here anymore, since you just need to watch this Anime in order to find out, and to know more about the other characters.

For the animation. Well, the drawings are just the usual child-like proportions, as literally seen from the previous Digimon Series, except Digimon Savers. Though childlike, there are some who are like adults. Namely, some voluptuous Digimons, like Mervamon and Lilithmon, can really tell that this Digimon Series is for old people, too, not just kids. And then, there is some bit of inconsistencies here, such as the Digi Xros scenes and other sequences. Such as that, there is a part where the animation sequences, where Shoutmon and the other Digimons are making their pose animations, are having some inconsistencies. Do you want to know the inconsistency? That one is the use of the Digimon Cards, wherein it is just used in some initial Episodes. And then, after that, these cards are no longer appearing, nor used in some future Episodes. So far, those are the only ones that I had observed.

Music is definitely the type where the harmony is “cinematic” approach. In the sense that when there is a clashing war, or even a conflict rising, those kinds of music will play in background. The execution of some music is definitely good, in some areas. And for the opening music, it was sung by Sonar Pocket (Season 1), and Twill (for both Seasons 2 and 3). Overall, those music, including with the insert music by Koji Wada (sad), are definitely great and legendary.

Story is about communication, friendship, unity, and teamwork. Those qualities are really needed in order to win harder battles, and to overcome challenges. Without them, it is really impossible to win a fight. No other people can use your team in order to win by themselves for greed and selfishness. And it is really important that we should work together, and to help each other out. We need some “strategy” and wits in order to break borders, and to pass harder challenges!

Speaking of the storyline, it all gets excited and very good when it comes to Season 1 and 2. But in the Season 3, it is just falling somewhere in the middle, wherein it is just in a one-Episode arc format. But then, you can skip some of them. However, there are some Episodes in which it can connect to the other Episode. So try considering to refrain from skipping them, in order to avoid confusion. And also, I saw some inconsistencies in the scene, where Taiki is facing off against Ryouma and Ren in a two-on-one Digimon fight. And Taiki let Tagiru to go and after for the kidnapped Cutemon (Episode 5, Season 3). After that, I didn’t get to know what has happened to Taiki and Shoutmon, when they are facing Ryouma and Ren and with their Digimons on the field.

And finally, for the lifespan. I know this is an another Digimon Series which got a lot of Episodes count. But then, will they be enough for you to absorb everything that has happened? And then, it has lasted for at least two years, which in fact, it got a higher lifespan. But then, will it be higher enough when you still remember them? Of course, not all Anime series, that has the greater Episode count, has a higher lifespan rating.

Digimon Xros Wars offers some Digimon featuring, wherein they were able to get new Digimon characters that were done through member submissions, through with their local online events and campaigns, and their contests as well. And that Pillowmon was able to be used in some other future Digimon Series, like Digimon Ghost Game.

Overall, Digimon Xros Wars is a very good Digimon show to watch, despite with its higher Episode counts. Every or some other Episodes around, it teaches the viewers about the importance of friendship, bonds, and teamwork! Also, count in “communication” here, in which it is an important aspect of every group or team who wishes to win harder battles! So far, it is very good when it was on its Season 1 and 2 days. However, things had gone sunk when it has arrived at the Season 3. You can skip watching the third season. However, that third season is somehow linking to the previous two seasons — somehow showing the flashbacks that has happened previously in the Seasons 1 and 2. But for me, Digimon Xros Wars is an awesome, Digimon show, that teaches the viewers about “teamwork”, moral lessons, and other values!


For Digimon Xros Wars, the ratings are as follows:

Animation: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Characters: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Music: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Story: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Lifespan: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

RATING: 7/10

Final Remarks

Digimon Xros Wars is an awesome Digimon show, for me. Though that there are lots of characters to just put them into one picture, some of them do really stand out on the spotlight! Of course, there are some twists that an ally may turn into a villain, or vice-versa! Yep, and turning enemies and rivals into friends are a thing in friendship!

This Anime is really good for fans who are continuing to follow the Digimon Series. And if you want to know and name that Digimon who appeared on that series, could you tell me on who’s that Digimon? And that’s it for the One Shot Review post!

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